One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 2

What Are You Willing to Lose

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Dan and Rachel are engaged. Dan's "Revelations" talk show narrates the episode. After his show, Rachel sits down next to a homeless man and hands him Dan's book. She says it was publicity but Dan insists it was an act of kindness.
After watching clips from Julian's new film, Brooke decides that the actress, Alex, would make a great new face for Clothes Over Bros. But Alex is not exactly what Brooke and Millie bargained for. She likes to drink behind the scenes and is a little crazy but in the end, she gets the job.
Julian and Brooke have just finished moving in together when Julian's dad comes to town. He is upset that Julian would leave a great producing job for a girl and comes to change his mind. Brooke is upset that Julian denies wanting to get married to his father, Paul, but she tells his dad that he hung up the The Thin Red Line poster in the house to remind him of the one good day he spent with his dad.
Paul decides to leave, admitting that he regrets not forming a good relationship with Julian and focusing on his work too much.
Haley's label is being canceled but Mia comes into town and gives the woman shutting down the operation an ultimatum: either she keeps Red Bedroom Records running or they will lose their best selling artist. It seems to work! She just has to finish her new album within the next six months.
Quinn is upset about separating from her husband but after talking to Haley she finds that she really wasn't happy and didn't want to end up like that and wishes that she would have made a change earlier.
Nathan is getting more upset at Clay for saying that he slept with Renee. Renee's second meeting with Clay involves her talking about the night that Nathan scored 35 points in the game three months ago and she hands over an envelope. Clay finds Nathan and pulls out the contents - a sonogram - showing that Renee is three months pregnant.
Nathan approaches Haley and says, "I have something I need to tell you..."
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