One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 2

What Are You Willing to Lose

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on The CW

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  • Don't like the direction some storylines are taking...

    What Are You Willing to Lose? was a bit of mixed bag really.

    Haley stood out in her fight to keep Red Bedroom Records open - her impressions of Lucas and Peyton were genius. And I quite liked seeing Mia again. For once I also warmed to Brooke and Julian's relationship when the roles were reversed and Brooke told his father to ma up and care for his son.

    BUT it's the rest of the episode I have problems with. Renee claiming that she slept with Nathan is good drama but just feels quite thin. And as a character she's dull and lifeless. The same goes for Miranda who wants to close the label. It seems that the writers are just adding all these half-assed villain into the mix to spice things up. Even take new character Alex. She was quite funny but overly bitchy to the point where it's too much.

    Quinn's speech about her husband and how they grew apart was all a bit soppy for me as well. The ending was strong though with Nathan about to make Haley's day even worse. And don't get me started on the awful Dan storyline. Married to Rachel? WHAT? And helping a homeless guy? Give me a break.

    It was enjoyable, but I don't like the direction of most of the storylines. Not a good thing.

  • For the first time in a long time, this show was fun...

    Haley is in danger of losing her recording company. Nathan is accused of sleeping with another woman, who's about to go public. Brooke has picked the new face clothes over bros, and she's unusal. Mia and Dan return, and so does a very surprising guest. Quinn dosen't know what she wants.

    The episode ends with surprising developments. It's hilarious! It really had it's OMG moments, and the touching speeches One Tree Hill is famous for were included beautifully but, it really felt light, and colorful and entertaining. Something we hadn't had for a while now.

    My favorite part was when Brooke stood up to Julian's dad. So touching!

    Alot better than the first episode. In many ways, this should have been the season premiere.
  • Another good episode.

    Before I get any further into the review I need to point out how awesome Haley's impressions of Peyton and Lucas were. Easily the best little gag on One Tree Hill in a long time and more proof why Bethany Joy Galeotti is the best actress on The CW (I know, that doesn't really say much, but she's great).

    And in classic Mark Schwahn fashion we have another cliffhanger ending that leaves us counting the days until Monday (I think we're six days away right now). Even though they already did a very similar storyline with Nathan and Carrie, this should be a great argument with Haley come episode 703.

    Speaking of great actors on The CW (Galeotti, no, no not James Lafferty) Paul Johannson is doing an excellent job with his ever changing Dan Scott character. His scenes with the homeless man were great television and I think we were all shocked when Rachel was revealed to be his wife and not Deb.

    The little comic relief stuff between Skills, Jamie and Allison I could do without, but I think it is clear that for the most part One Tree Hill has gotten its groove back after I considered giving up on it last year.
  • Season 7, Episode 2

    Brooke and Millicent meet the new face of Clothes over Bros and are a little shocked at her behavior. Dan is now a motivational speaker and shows off his new wife, which is surprisingly Rachel Qatina, which I am so happy that shes back and I hope we see more of her and that she has more interactions with Brooke, Haley, Nathan, Mouth, and Skills. Pretty much the One Tree Hill original cast. Haley tries to save Red Bedroom Records with the help of Mia. When Haley imitated Lucas and Peyton was amazing, she did really good and it was hilarious. Nathan's scandal gets worse. Clayton meets with her and gets a envelope from her and tells Nathan that three months ago they got really wasted and Nathan slept with her and now shes three months pregnant, the envelope had an ultrasound picture. Nathan then comes home and tells Haley he has to tell her something. Can't wait till next week.
  • I still wish Lucas and Peyton were around, but so far this season is going pretty good.

    So, this episode was definitely better than the first. Even though it's only the second episode I think it is building up to be a great season. So first off, Jamie, Skills, and Lauren at the beach was so funny. I love that he still has the walkie-talkie and the line about the leash was so cute. I totally loved Haley's scene where she was practicing discussing the issue with the record label with Lucas and Peyton. It was cute and it made me miss them a little less. Mia was awesome by the way. Kate totally kicked ass in that scene.

    I loved the way Brooke stood up to Julian's dad. It was so like her to defend someone else like that. And Alex is hilarious. She is going to be a great character to have around. I so knew her speech about the dress was an act, but I never expected it to be lines from the movie Brooke was watching.

    Now for the biggies from this episode: Dan and Rachel---Eww!! Deb and Skills was one thing, but Dan and Rachel. I put my hand in front of my face every time they kissed. This is just gross. Rachel needs to find some new DNA to go after. (Lucas, Nathan, Cooper, Dan). This is ridiculous and does anyone believe for a minute that Dan would seriously marry someone that Cooper hooked up with. Dan hates Cooper so why would he want to have sex with someone Cooper was with too. There is totally something else going on their for both of them. Even though her family has money I think all Rachel saw with Dan were dollar signs and a short life expectancy. And I think Dan just saw arm candy.

    Now as for Nathan's situation. I hate this story line. Nathan and Haley have both been tempted to stray from their relationship and really it's tired. Mark needs to come up with something new to do with them. But, since this story line is there I will say that I think this Renee woman is full of it. She may really be pregnant but it's not Nathan's. He has been tempted to stray from Haley, but he never has so why would he start now. I bet this woman had sex with some random guy at that party and she doesn't remember who it was, but remembers that it was a party for Nathan and figures he has money so she'll say it's his baby. Let me be the first to say it, but I will bet you anything that this baby is Clay's. That's just my thought. I've got this feeling that Renee and Clay hooked up at that party and since Clay doesn't remember Renee is taking it out on Nathan because she knows it will affect more people that way.
  • Better than the premier but still not great.

    Yes this was better than the 7th season premier but it still has big flaws. For instance Quinn seems like she could be a good and interesting character but nothing more was done with her here. Yes we heard more about David but I want a proper storyline. The Julian/His dad/Brooke storyline was a bit too like Brooke and her mom. I guess they were aiming for this but it was a bit weird...I'm not too fond of Julian either.

    Jamie, Skills and Lauren are fairly pointless characters. However I did enjoy Haley trying to keep Red Bedroom Records was really funny when she pretended to be both Lucas and Peyton. That Melinda woman was one big cliché though...Nathan's storyline with Clay is quite interesting but I'd actually prefer if he did sleep with her. That'd be some good drama.

    The Dan storyline was just strange really. The Rachel/Dan pairing is pretty odd to say the least and his talks with the homeless guy were hardly entertaining. The model/actress Alex was fairly amusing. It was a good twist that she just copied the speech she made to Brooke from the film. I liked the last scene with Nathan about to tell Haley about everything. I'm just hoping we get more development on Quinn and some drama too. Still not good enough.
  • A new Dan has come...

    In the last episode, I was afraid that they were going to make a Dan out of Nathan, and with the "3 months pregnancy" card, well, seems like just like Lucas, Jamie is going to have a little brother. I'm still wondering if Renée really slept with him, and if the baby is really Nathan's. If it is, I can't wait to see what's going to happen between Nathan and Haley. As I said, I thought last season was a bit soft on them. A little turbulences can do them good, or at least make their storyline more interesting.
    Now, about Dan and Rachel : I screeched when I saw her. I didn't read the spoilers so I was really surprised when my brain registered that she's Dan's bride!!! And I think this year, she's going to the vilain and Dan the victim. Though I don't think he'll reamain a victim. I mean, once he realises that she doesn't really love him and she doesn't really believe in all the crap he's saying, she's going to eat dirt. We all know that Dan is not the forgive and forget type.
    On Julian and Brooke : boring. And I love Brooke. But the Alex part was funny. I can't wait to see what Brooke is going to do to her when she pulls some Victoria ish stunt on Brooke.
    Nonetheless, I love this show...and there were some really good part.
  • Loved this episode, thought it was halarious. Julian's dad comes into town and brooke stands up for Julian in stating how horrible of a dad he was, and meets her stupid, horrible model. Haley stands up for the record label and Nathan may have a child.

    i thought this episode was soo much better then last weeks, it was sooo fuuny! especially when haley was pretending to be her, peyton and lucas. Brooke and Julian are the sweetest little couple, i love them! Julian shares a touching story about him and his father and Brooke makes sure his father knows what a horrible dad he was. I honestly can't imagine Nathan doing that to Haley and if it's true i'm going to be soo mad! first, the Crazy Nannie now this?! Nathan has to learn to be grateful for what he has. but, i don't think nathan did it. Haley is just getting more and more funny every season she just cracked me up! Glad to see kate was back and defending Red Bedroom Records. Brooke hires a horrible, mean, stupid ass model and regrets it right away, i found it soo funny when she started speaking spanish to her :P Dan and Rachel?! random couple there and she's just gold digging but its interesting too see. all in all wonderful episode, i think i'm going to like season 7 if alot of the episodes aree like thiss :)
  • Well hell of alot better than last week.. Dan is apparently married to freaken Rachel of all people lol first it's Nathan, then it's Cooper now its Dan! lol Brooke stands up to Julian's dad just like Julian did for her to her mother last season aesome

    WOW thats all i can say... sooo much better than last week ok yeah, knowing Rachel yes she does have an ulteria motive but come on... DAN!!!! does it always have to be a Scott man with her lol let me just remind everyone Rachel went after Nathan in season 3, and Cooper as well in season 3... just a little to weird, Mia comes to the rescue we hope to Red Bedroom Record which was great! good job Mia welcome back Kate! true diva lol =) Nathan and this mistress hmmmm I honestly dont know what to think about this... I really don't think he would do that to be honest with you i don't think he would really do that to Haley again.. maybe this will moviate Mark Shawarn to bring back Lucas to defend his brother at a press confrence to that would be awesome! only a fan can dream right haha =) I dont know what to say about Quinn... shes kinda hard to figure out right now.. lol that was funny with Lauren and Skillz haha that sucked that she got sunburned like that OUCH! lol poor Jamie lol anyways great episode Mark great episode.. keep up the good work =)
  • Brooke confronts Julian's father about his troubled childhood, Dan's new bride is someone you'd least expect--Rachel, and Haley is desperate to save Red Bedroom Records, while Nathan could lose it all with just one tabloid.

    This episode was top-notch. Mark Schwahn hit the spot with this one tonight. Some storylines were boring, like Haley's. Some, like Brooke's, or Nathan's, were great.

    I love how Brooke stood up for Julian after he told her about his father neglecting him as a child. Brooke was funny with Alex tonight at C|B and how she was all like, "Let's speak Spanish to get Alex confused so she'll just leave." When Brooke said, "Buenos dias!" I lost it. Haley's impressions of Lucas and Nathan were pretty funny as well. I also enjoy Ran or Dachel, whichever it is. I think Dan has a trick up his sleeve with his clean-cut style and his redemption. I think Rachel doesn't really love Dan, either.

    Overall, great episode. Season 7 is really heating up fast. Looking forward to next week.
  • "That's what she said."

    What are you willing to lose wasn't a bad episode. I was a lot of comedy until about 15 minutes to go and it all of a sudden got dramatic. Brooke told Julians dad how it is, and he and Julian had closure (reminded me of a certain Mother/Daughter relationship that was resolved 2 episodes prior.) Nathans "supposed" dirty mistress claims she's 3 months pregnant, and Nathan tells Haley. Quinn also tells Haley that her and her husband just grew apart. Millie pretty much just assisted Brooke with Alex, the b!tchy new face of Clothes over Bros, but then again, I didn't like Rachel at first, and she is now one of my favorites. Speaking of Rachel, She came back, as Dans bride. Yeah, I know, a little weird. But I think there's more than meets the eyes with those two. I gave this episode a 10. Even though I miss LP, it was still pretty good.