One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 2

What Are You Willing to Lose

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on The CW

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  • I still wish Lucas and Peyton were around, but so far this season is going pretty good.

    So, this episode was definitely better than the first. Even though it's only the second episode I think it is building up to be a great season. So first off, Jamie, Skills, and Lauren at the beach was so funny. I love that he still has the walkie-talkie and the line about the leash was so cute. I totally loved Haley's scene where she was practicing discussing the issue with the record label with Lucas and Peyton. It was cute and it made me miss them a little less. Mia was awesome by the way. Kate totally kicked ass in that scene.

    I loved the way Brooke stood up to Julian's dad. It was so like her to defend someone else like that. And Alex is hilarious. She is going to be a great character to have around. I so knew her speech about the dress was an act, but I never expected it to be lines from the movie Brooke was watching.

    Now for the biggies from this episode: Dan and Rachel---Eww!! Deb and Skills was one thing, but Dan and Rachel. I put my hand in front of my face every time they kissed. This is just gross. Rachel needs to find some new DNA to go after. (Lucas, Nathan, Cooper, Dan). This is ridiculous and does anyone believe for a minute that Dan would seriously marry someone that Cooper hooked up with. Dan hates Cooper so why would he want to have sex with someone Cooper was with too. There is totally something else going on their for both of them. Even though her family has money I think all Rachel saw with Dan were dollar signs and a short life expectancy. And I think Dan just saw arm candy.

    Now as for Nathan's situation. I hate this story line. Nathan and Haley have both been tempted to stray from their relationship and really it's tired. Mark needs to come up with something new to do with them. But, since this story line is there I will say that I think this Renee woman is full of it. She may really be pregnant but it's not Nathan's. He has been tempted to stray from Haley, but he never has so why would he start now. I bet this woman had sex with some random guy at that party and she doesn't remember who it was, but remembers that it was a party for Nathan and figures he has money so she'll say it's his baby. Let me be the first to say it, but I will bet you anything that this baby is Clay's. That's just my thought. I've got this feeling that Renee and Clay hooked up at that party and since Clay doesn't remember Renee is taking it out on Nathan because she knows it will affect more people that way.