One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 18

What Comes After The Blues

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2008 on The CW
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The Tree Hill residents are forced to face their fears as Dan turns over on a new leaf and Brooke makes the hardest decision of her life. In the meantime, Haley's career takes a turn and Peyton is visited by somebody from her past. Lucas is still struggling to mend his heart after Lindsey left him at the alter. Meanwhile, Mouth and Millicent meet a new face.moreless

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  • Good finale!

    I actually really enjoyed What Comes After the Blues as a finale. We had closure, set up and an interesting set of cliffhangers.

    Lucas going on that bender was funny. BUT it was quite lever how the episode showed him talking to Brooke, Lindsey and Peyton...making the cliffhanger ending when he invites one of them to New York a lot more plausible. I thought it was lame when I first watched it but actually quite liked it here. I know who it is and glad it's them because that is the one that makes sense. Haley was great at advising Luke in this one too. And her song 'Feel This' was a wonderful ending.

    Jamie and Nathan both faced their fears - the latter is going to try and make a basketball comeback. This is where that's actually drags a bit. Brooke saying goodbye to Angie was so sad, she was a great mom. And Peyton may know her father? Interesting...and then Dan gets hit by a car. And his heart transplant buzzer goes off. Bang, karma!

    Season fie was mostly great...a few misses here and there but I can't wait to rewatch six.

  • Waiting for something more.

    The first 12 episodes of the season 5 were just stunning. I really liked the storylines, the pace of every episode.

    The other 6 were very average. Looks like it was not planned to shoot another 6 episodes.

    Nothing really happened, not a lot of action and it was always the same thing...

    Everything is so slow... Lukas who wants Lindsay back but does nothing.

    Peyton who wants Lukas but does nothing - she's so annoying BTW. I don't understand how Hilary Burton can enjoy playing such a part. Her character is so boring.

    Owen is gone and we don't why. His storyline with Brooke ends with a phone call...

    Karen and Andy leave but we don't see them leaving.

    The non-wedding episode would have been a nice season finale.

    Instead, all the characters got lost then.

    Yes, the story with baby Angie is cute but not credible at all ; not to mention Mouth's journalistic career.

    The love affaire between Skills and Deb kind of sparkles the show.

    Dan finally has a quite good storyline. On the way to redemption... he dies!

    There is also a lack of imagination. The end of the episode is so similar to the season 3 finale. We don't know who Lukas is calling just like we didn't know who was pregnant then.

    Maybe season 6 will be the unecessary extra season...moreless
  • It was a very boring finale.

    Brooke finally gave back that daughter of hers and as much as I find the story charming, it was very boring. I mean, fine, if she had hooked up with the doctor, I wold have been angry because they just keep tossing random guys to her, but without that or anything else, she just became a very boring character throughout this season finale.

    Lucas still remained to annoy me with his drama over Lindsey and Peyton. Fine, maybe at least Haley shed some light over how dramatic he was being, but still, if the show knew he was being dramatic, why don't they just make him not dramatic?

    Haley and Nathan were pretty good in this episode, Nathan was being a big cheesy, but it didn't surpass the point of cheesiness in which I would have hated it. Bethany Joy Galeotti's new song is pretty good, I'll definitely be downloading it.moreless
  • i was exciting season 5 to be a big deal and it started out strong with the first four episodes but well it fell hard from there.

    season 5 especially some of the last episodes werent what i wanted it to be....they missed suspense, excitement and real raw emotion... they missed some of the ingredients that made all the other seasons work especially season 1,2 and 3...something wasnt right..and i could feel it... from one tree hill being a show i would watch wide eyed waiting impatiently for the next episode hell even the next scene its now become my background music while doing something else... the story seem pointless, nothing would happen most episodes and i got a feeling the writers were just dragging it out....maybe i was missing seeing them in highschool, or maybe the adult roles weren't developed the right way...!! although i remember seeing the first four episodes and i loved it especially where peyton and lucas meet and he asks her to marry her that was such a classic episode but from there it went downhill..coming to the season finale not bad but what it could and should be….it cannot even be compared to the other finales it wasn't as good….it was just average you know…very disappointing stuff…dan gets hit by a car boohoo lucas calls someone up to get married but come on where is the originality writers ..maybe i'ave lost interest in one tree hill or maybe it has made me lose interest...i dont know! but they need to bring the magic back...moreless
  • Very average for a season finale...

    I didnt want to put nothing happened but nothing actually happened until the last 7 minutes if that! While it was nice seeing the Scott's in the pool messing around, for the other sections of the show - nothing significant and mind-blowing occured and this would be fine as an ordinary episode but not to end a season. And there wasnt enough Deb. (Btw when did she become so slutty? Compare her to Season 1 Deb to Season 5 Deb...Dan messed her up!!) This episode was nothing compared to the other finales this show has produced but Dan being run over was shocking and wondering who Lucas chose will be interesting. I just hope to God its Peyton cuz I cant stand anymore moping.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Featured Music:
      "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw
      "All Downhill From Here" by Amy Kuney and Tim Myers
      "Awoken" by Jim Salinger
      "Disappear" by The Gabe Dixon Band
      "Blindsided" by Bon Iver
      "End Of The Road" by Tyler Burkum
      "A Man I'll Never Be" by Boston
      "She Said" by Leopold
      "Flume" by Bon Iver
      "Baker Lake" by Sera Cahoone
      "Feel This" by Bethany Joy Galeotti

    • Spoiler alert!:
      When Dan is hit by the car you can tell that it's a doll as he rolls across the ground.

    • In the scene where Lucas is holding a water bottle, the top is facing down, then upward, and after Nathan walks out the camera angle switches and the bottle is facing downward.

    • Lucas changes his license plates wall. He turns it into a USA shape.

    • When Peyton drops the water balloon on Lucas' car, there is water everywhere and the empty balloon is just to the right of his wind-shield wipers. But when the camera angle changes his wind-shield is clear of water and you can see the empty balloon on the floor when Haley steps out of the car.

    • Lucas' book dedication:

      To all those lost souls who have forgotten to believe in the immensity of love

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Haley: (to Nathan) You know what? You still make my heart race. (he laughs) You do, I'm serious, feel this. (Haley puts his hand on her heart) My heart is full of pride, and love, and joy right now, because of you.

    • Lucas: All right we're sitting at a green light... now what?
      Haley: Just wait for it...
      Lucas: Haley, the light is green... wait for what?
      (Peyton throws a water balloon at Lucas' car and it explodes)
      Haley: Kinda like Peyton's heart don't ya think?

    • Lindsey: Hi, Luke. Just got your dedication, and I guess I'm one of those lost souls because I lied to you. I said I was seeing someone and I wasn't. The truth is, I was afraid of the immensity of your love and I thought... I just wanted you to know... You asked me if I miss you. Of course I miss you. It's all I do.

    • Lucas: You look good.
      Lindsey: You look hungover.
      Lucas: Yeah, well there's a girl I almost married, started dating again, and after that things just kind of went dark.

    • Haley: You know that romantic notion that all the garbage and the pain is actually really healing and beautiful... sort of poetic? It's not. It's just garbage and it's pain. You know what's better? Love. The day you start thinking love is overrated is the day that you're wrong. The only think wrong with love, and faith, and belief is not having it.

    • Nathan: The darkness doesn't have any answers, Luke.

    • Nathan: Holy crap.
      Lucas: What?
      Nathan: Have you seen your head?
      Lucas: Not lately.
      Nathan: You have a mohawk.
      Lucas: I do?

    • Jamie: I think you drank too much.
      Lucas: I think you're right.
      Nathan: Damn. You'd think somebody got thrown through a plate-glassed window.

    • Brooke: Hey, Luke. We've been through a lot, me and you. But I wouldn't have made it through today or a couple of other days without you. So thanks.
      Lucas: You're welcome.
      (Brooke hands Lucas a purple Monkey similar to the one she had for Angie)
      Brooke: This is for you.
      Brooke: I love you, Lucas Scott... you know that?
      Lucas: I love you too, Brooke Davis.

    • Lucas: You save people Brooke Davis. It's what you do.

    • Lucas: You told me not to come to the airport. Why?
      Brooke: I don't like you to see me like this... vulnerable...
      Lucas: That's how I always see you Brooke. I think it's kind of beautiful...

    • Brooke: Hello?
      Peyton: Hello?
      Lindsey: Hello?
      Lucas: Hey it's me. Look I'm at the airport and I've got two tickets to Las Vegas. Do you wanna get married tonight?

    • Lucas: I don't hate you. I remember the first time I ever saw you; all skinny arms and tangled messy hair. It was hard letting you go, Peyton. It was hard losing you, and it was hard seeing you again. It's still really hard.
      Peyton: I know. While I'm asleep I have this dream where we're back in that hotel room in L.A. and you propose to me. And every single time I say yes.
      Lucas: It's just a dream, right?
      Peyton: It's my dream.

    • Steve: Hi, I'm Steve the new sports guy.
      Millicent: Hi Steve! (points at Mouth) That's the better sports guy.

    • Haley: Sometimes people write the things that they can't say.

    • Haley: I'm gonna violate my friendship rule here because you're at like code red. 'Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott' that was like eighth grade. He got a little cocky sophomore year, 'Make out with Peyton Sawyer, or more.' 'This year I'll talk to Peyton Sawyer.' 'Try again with Broo- Brooke Davis' well that... but you know this is how much he doesn't hate you. It's a whole lifetime's worth.

    • Haley: Lucas and I, we used to write our predictions every year before the school year started, sort of what we hoped would happen.
      Peyton: Lame.
      Haley: You know you're jealous.
      Peyton: Kinda.

    • Peyton: How come you're dying?
      Haley: Er, because I'm having trouble writing lyrics for this melody that you like.
      Peyton: Okay, what do you got so far?
      Haley: So far I've got nothing.
      Peyton: All right. How about, "I hate you bitch. You ruined my life." Does that do anything for you?

    • Nathan: Hey, look, it's my mom doing the walk of shame. Maybe we should hire a nanny for you. Out with the guy you met on a porn site?
      Deb: Not porn. Erotica.

    • Haley: Now that you mention it. It was junior year, the boy toy auction, we had that water balloon fight up here and you saw my tattoo of Nathan's jersey number for the first time.
      Lucas: You mean your slutty little tramp stamp?
      Haley: I am so barely your friend right now.

    • Nathan: By the way, nobody's sporting the faux hawk anymore dude.
      Jamie: I'm bringing it back!

    • Haley: You and I are going for a drive, but first we're gonna fix the ferret above your face.
      Lucas: Why?!
      Haley: We're taking a drive because you're my best friend and you need me and we're fixing your very punk rock haircut because I have a five year old son who unfortunately wants to look just like his Uncle Lucas.

    • Nathan: Dude, it seriously smells like ass in here.
      Jamie: And rotten cheese.
      Lucas: Go away!
      Jamie: Ugh... and bad breath.

    • Brooke: You got my message? I told you not to come.
      Lucas: I know.
      Brooke: She's gone, Luke.
      Lucas: I know.

    • Jamie: It's kinda like he has a tail. Just on his head.

  • NOTES (5)


    • The writing on the rivercourt was the lyrics to the song "Lovesong" by The Cure:

      "Whenever I'm alone with you
      You make me feel like I am free again
      Whenever I'm alone with you
      You make me feel like I am clean again
      However far away
      I will always love you
      However long I stay
      I will always love you
      Whatever words I say
      I will always love you
      I will always love you"

    • The episode's title alludes the song by Magnolia Electric Co.