One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 18

What Comes After The Blues

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2008 on The CW

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  • Good finale!

    I actually really enjoyed What Comes After the Blues as a finale. We had closure, set up and an interesting set of cliffhangers.

    Lucas going on that bender was funny. BUT it was quite lever how the episode showed him talking to Brooke, Lindsey and Peyton...making the cliffhanger ending when he invites one of them to New York a lot more plausible. I thought it was lame when I first watched it but actually quite liked it here. I know who it is and glad it's them because that is the one that makes sense. Haley was great at advising Luke in this one too. And her song 'Feel This' was a wonderful ending.

    Jamie and Nathan both faced their fears - the latter is going to try and make a basketball comeback. This is where that's actually drags a bit. Brooke saying goodbye to Angie was so sad, she was a great mom. And Peyton may know her father? Interesting...and then Dan gets hit by a car. And his heart transplant buzzer goes off. Bang, karma!

    Season fie was mostly great...a few misses here and there but I can't wait to rewatch six.

  • Waiting for something more.

    The first 12 episodes of the season 5 were just stunning. I really liked the storylines, the pace of every episode.

    The other 6 were very average. Looks like it was not planned to shoot another 6 episodes.
    Nothing really happened, not a lot of action and it was always the same thing...

    Everything is so slow... Lukas who wants Lindsay back but does nothing.
    Peyton who wants Lukas but does nothing - she's so annoying BTW. I don't understand how Hilary Burton can enjoy playing such a part. Her character is so boring.

    Owen is gone and we don't why. His storyline with Brooke ends with a phone call...
    Karen and Andy leave but we don't see them leaving.

    The non-wedding episode would have been a nice season finale.

    Instead, all the characters got lost then.

    Yes, the story with baby Angie is cute but not credible at all ; not to mention Mouth's journalistic career.

    The love affaire between Skills and Deb kind of sparkles the show.

    Dan finally has a quite good storyline. On the way to redemption... he dies!

    There is also a lack of imagination. The end of the episode is so similar to the season 3 finale. We don't know who Lukas is calling just like we didn't know who was pregnant then.

    Maybe season 6 will be the unecessary extra season...
  • It was a very boring finale.

    Brooke finally gave back that daughter of hers and as much as I find the story charming, it was very boring. I mean, fine, if she had hooked up with the doctor, I wold have been angry because they just keep tossing random guys to her, but without that or anything else, she just became a very boring character throughout this season finale.

    Lucas still remained to annoy me with his drama over Lindsey and Peyton. Fine, maybe at least Haley shed some light over how dramatic he was being, but still, if the show knew he was being dramatic, why don't they just make him not dramatic?

    Haley and Nathan were pretty good in this episode, Nathan was being a big cheesy, but it didn't surpass the point of cheesiness in which I would have hated it. Bethany Joy Galeotti's new song is pretty good, I'll definitely be downloading it.
  • i was exciting season 5 to be a big deal and it started out strong with the first four episodes but well it fell hard from there.

    season 5 especially some of the last episodes werent what i wanted it to be....they missed suspense, excitement and real raw emotion... they missed some of the ingredients that made all the other seasons work especially season 1,2 and 3...something wasnt right..and i could feel it... from one tree hill being a show i would watch wide eyed waiting impatiently for the next episode hell even the next scene its now become my background music while doing something else... the story seem pointless, nothing would happen most episodes and i got a feeling the writers were just dragging it out....maybe i was missing seeing them in highschool, or maybe the adult roles weren't developed the right way...!! although i remember seeing the first four episodes and i loved it especially where peyton and lucas meet and he asks her to marry her that was such a classic episode but from there it went downhill..coming to the season finale not bad but what it could and should be….it cannot even be compared to the other finales it wasn't as good….it was just average you know…very disappointing stuff…dan gets hit by a car boohoo lucas calls someone up to get married but come on where is the originality writers ..maybe i'ave lost interest in one tree hill or maybe it has made me lose interest...i dont know! but they need to bring the magic back...
  • Very average for a season finale...

    I didnt want to put nothing happened but nothing actually happened until the last 7 minutes if that! While it was nice seeing the Scott's in the pool messing around, for the other sections of the show - nothing significant and mind-blowing occured and this would be fine as an ordinary episode but not to end a season. And there wasnt enough Deb. (Btw when did she become so slutty? Compare her to Season 1 Deb to Season 5 Deb...Dan messed her up!!) This episode was nothing compared to the other finales this show has produced but Dan being run over was shocking and wondering who Lucas chose will be interesting. I just hope to God its Peyton cuz I cant stand anymore moping.
  • Season 5 finale.

    The fifth season finale - This episode was good, but not the best. Not much happened until the end. And it still wasn't the best.

    A good epsiode. Brooke has to give up her temporary foster baby, Angie, even though she doesn't want to. Haley and Nathan. Well they didn't really have a have a huge storyline at the end of this finale. Could of been better.

    Deb and Skills. wow. I wonder where thats going to go.

    At the end of the fifth season finale Lucas is at the airport ready to go to Las Vegas with two tickets. He calls someone.

    Brooke. Peyton. Lindsey. all answer their phones.

    "Hey it's me. Im at the airport and I have two tickets to Vegas. Do you want to get married tonight?".......

  • This episode didn't leave me at all in suspense the way a finale should.

    I knew Luke would choose Peyton because that was the only choice that really made sense. As for Dan getting hit by the car, that seemed so random at the time. It was also a pretty cheesy scene. He helps the older couple, tells them to be safe and that someone could get hurt out there, and then gets hit by a car. It was so cheesy that it had me laughing out loud. It was sad that Brooke had to say goodbye to Angie but I had never gotten into that storyline. It showed us that Brooke had matured but it kind of seemed like a filler storyline.
  • Season 5, Episode 18.

    This episode started off a little sad. Brooke's baby Angie is going home soon. :( She has eight days left, but they want her to go back home today. Jaime thinks Nathan will play in the NBA. I don't like Haley with the dark hair. The old hair looks so great. Lucas was wasted and he tells Peyton he hates her. :( Sophia Bush's voice seems a little raspy lately. Deb's been getting her groove on lately. Jaime is such a cute kid, no homo This episode is kinda eh. The Jaime being scared storyline is way too soapy. I think Lucas called Peyton, though.
  • I know most people don't like this episode, and I am almost inclined to agree, except for one detail: Dan

    This episodes had few trully exciting moments for my taste.
    - So Brooke had to say goodbye to baby angie, which doesn't mean much too me 'cuz I never even cared for that storyline anyway...
    - Lindsay is all mushy for Lucas again but that was not surprising to anyone, right? Who really believed she started dating again?
    - Nathan finally gets to play again, but I already knew that would eventually happen, so I didn't really care for it...
    - Naley grow closer again after a bumpy season but that's been done quite a few times already, so no surprises there either...
    - Peyton paints the court for Lucas... Been there, done that (anyone remembers a heart she drew back in season one?)
    - Skills and Deb was fun to watch but I don't really think it is going anywhere anyway (can you picture Nathan calling him "dad"?)
    - Lucas is brooding over Peyton... AGAIN!!!

    And then we get the character development: DAN

    After 5 entire seasons trying to do the right thing through the wrong means, Dan finally gets a clue and, for his grandson, takes the right path... And as a reward he gets hit by a car!!! That's Karma for you!!!
  • My classification is filler episode. Yes, I am aware that it was the season finale.

    There is a reason why the overall rating on this episode is lower than the rest of the episodes in this season: it's because this episode was too boring! Most of it was filler. Seriously, watch it again, and look at how many insignificant slow motion scenes there are - a lot! The very end of the episode, with Lucas's call, was stupid. Who wrote this? It's like a 14 year old girl wrote that final scene. I found it to be completely frivolous!

    The only reason why I am giving this episode a decent rating is because of one scene near the end. I won't spoil it but you will definitely know it when you see it. It was pretty predictable but it was awesome! It made me get off of my couch and scream "YES!" - not because of what happened but because it FINALLY ended my boredom from (almost) this whole season.
  • I really liked this episode. At nice ending to Season 5.

    I loved the opening of this episode :) Little Jaime is so cute and we had a live show from Davin DeGraw. That was nice.

    I guess Lucas was liking the fact that he was going to drink everday.

    This were not going well for Mouth.

    Waking up to a rabbit - How sweet hehe. I think Haley liked that.

    Who is throwing balloons?

    Oh my God! Look at Lucas's Hair. Jaime liked it lol. Lucas was suspended 10 games after the fight of last week. And we see some advice from Nathan. It's nice to see him give advice it seems he is getting better.

    Brooke's little girl is going home. She is healthy and she is going to be very missed.

    Look at little Jaime like his uncle hehe. How sweet. Lucas looks a lot better with shaved hair. Who is throwing balloons? It was Peyton tyring to feel better. It was not fair for Lucas to say those words to her after he did all those mistakes himself. :Lucas has got some really mixed emotions at the moment.. He needs to sort himself out.

    Dan keeps visitng the Reverend. Dan is really annoying - He does not have a heart that why he does not need a new one. Quinn really stresses Nathan out. He tries to help by being tough on him. Jaime brings up his courage and tells his father that he is afraid of the pool. I think Nathan knows what being scared is as he is having a difficult time in Basketball.

    Lindsay visits Lucas - The Book is done and it was perfect. She wanted to tell him goodbye in person. Jaime tries to go to swim and stop being afraid. And he did it!

    Dan is being a jerk to the Reverend. And as per suaul we are seeing Dan doing something bad. At least he did not kill him.

    And we see Angie leave and that left Brooke heartbroken and Lucas was there fro Brooke.

    Wow, Peyton really did a good job on the Court! Let's see what Lucas thinks.

    Nathan is going back to the Gym to give it another try.

    Lucas and Haley meets at the Court. Haley tried to help Lucas out all the time and she keeps giving him advice for him to open his eyes. I guess Lucas is kind of stuck. What will he do next?

    Lucas said some really nice words to Brooke. And she thanks him for what he has done and gives himthe purple moneky and tells him she loves him.

    Mouth saves his bosses. He did a fantastic job after the shout that he got from his boss and then he quit.

    Lucas visits Peyton and says that he does not hate her. In this part we see how much Peyton is so she said no to Lucas. Cool song! I like Haley's song :) and the words are awesome.

    The Reverend passed away. I guess Dan is happy now. Dan tried to be nice and he got hit by a car.

    Nathan scoresss!!!! At long last :) Who is Lucas going to call? Oh no! That's so not fair leaving us like that!!!!!
  • Lucas - We can see his character quickly changes - he becomes bitter each and every day he misses Lindsay. Brooke - Deals with the baby Angie's operation. We get to see how close she is with Lucas, as both 'lost' their beloved. Haley - having 2nd t

    Whats not to love about this episode? This is 'exactly why i watch this series" - a lot of suspense, drama (love triangle between Lucas, Peyton and Lindsay),plus a whole lot more, a bit of sugar and spice!

    The soundtracks? what can i say? THEY were great.Personally, i think One tree hill has the best soundtrack! Great great songs.In the beginning of the episode,we get to see little Jamey Scott, singing "I dont wanna be" with Gavin De Graw - adorable. In addition to that, we get to hear Haley sings again. What i also love about this episode is the father-relationship between Nathan and James Scott. Both try to help each other with their fear and goals. Its amazing how the director and writer portray the love and bond between those two - we cant get enough of them. Little Jamey Scott is precious!

    The ending? Great ending for the season finale - Who did Lucas propose? Was it Lindsay? Brooke? or Peyton? I cant wait for season 6!
  • i love one tree hill!

    oh my goodness i love this show so fricking much the ending was a tipical oth ending of every season. It ended with exciting cliffhangers. I wonder who lucas is going to choose i hope its peyton and omg is dan dead...probs not ahahaha oh and i love naley i hope thaT next season they have some good times with naley... in this episode the whole family thing with jamie nathan and haley was so cute! im worried about brooke tho because she just lost angie. so pretty much this episode was great and i cant wait for next season or for this season to come out on dvd yay!
  • The finale of Season Five.

    When watching this episode I didn't think that it was too bad, but upon reflection I guess it was pretty much like most of Season Five- nothing really happened, and it didn't seem to go anywhere, though obviously some changes and decisions were made. There were a couple of scenes that I really enjoyed in this episode- good one-to-one dialogue between certain members of the main five. These scenes include Hayley reading Peyton Lucas' old school predictions to show her how much Lucas does not hate her, Brooke and Lucas at the end of the episode after Angie had left, Lucas and Hayley on the rivercourt (I didn't like their earlier scene when they went to to the top of C/B b/c I've no idea why Hayley even mentioned Brooke's name as a possible romantic option) and I really did love the scene between Lucas and Peyton- it was sweet and they both seemed to be being honest with each other in this scene. None of Nathan's scenes really did anything for me to be honest, though its good that he's continuing his non-comeback- it alludes to the fact that he might actually continue with a storyline that doesn't involve his family. Also, didn't really like Lindsey returning, cause that's never going to be good, or Lucas' insane drinking spree. The Mouth-Milicent scenes were ok, but nothing special.

    And due to reading numerous spoilers I wasn't too annoyed with the ending with 'who does Lucas call' cause from the sounds of it, it is going to be Peyton! Yay!
  • I don't think it was as bad as the rating implies, it was good enough, as always until the end not a great deal happened! Sometimes boring, sometimes soppy but better than a few of the previous episodes.

    This was good enough, not bad .... definitely as low as the rating on here implies. I just wish things could be done less soppy, a lot of the things characters so is just unrealistic and is strange. All this about, my heart there, your heart, blah, blah! And I hate how they can't just use first names.

    As for the stories themselves, good enough. By far nothing great, Lucas still annoys me and I wish he'd just choose already, he kind of had a love scene with all three girls. I suppose the end was good, leaving us wonder who he called and asked to marry, I'm hoping it was Peyton. Lindsey is now annoying and I think he and Brooke should just be left alone.

    Brooke leaving the baby was alright, fairly sad but I didn't really care great deal. I found it weird how again she handed Angie back without a weird - a bit unbelievable.
    Peyton wasn't in the episode much, I do wonder about this person that knows Ellie, no doubt that they'll be a story for her next season.

    I'm glad Lucas apologised but he's just being stupid, a good enough scene when he told her he didn't hate her. Nathan and Jamie, good father/son bonding, not exactly engrossing but was fairly enjoyable. I did find the opening scene with Gavin DeGraw and Jamie very weird and not needed. Mouth was alright, still not a fan.

    Now Dan, I think it's a bit weird as I think they probably won't kill him off, maybe it was done to teach him a lesson. The pager going off was a bit over the top, I do however get the 'too late to be good' thing that's going on.
    So I will watch next season, but it's not my favourite show, by far. But I'll tune in for series six (Final season?).
  • Wow!

    I loved it!
    I hated Dan though.
    He got what he deserved.

    And Lindsey annoyed me, Saying she lied to Lucas, and that she still missed him.
    I felt sorry for him, being lied to.
    And that leyton scene,
    Where he told her he didn't hate her.
    And she said about her dream, where she says yes in that hotel room.
    I loved it.
    I also cried at it, it was really sad.

    The ending.
    I can't wait for season 6,
    Just to find out who is on the other end of the phone...
    I was so shocked when he said 'Want to get married tonight?'
    I also want to know what the answer is.

    It was one of the best season finales i think.
    Loved it lots!
  • I was suprised and...not! But one tree hill, is always amazing to watch and this episode was a real one tree hill episode.

    This seasonsfinale was like every seasonfinale of One tree hill a good one. Starting with Gavin degraw and Jamie singing but I really had no idea why Gavin was there, but it always fun when he is on the show. Some one is throwing waterballons on the ground, Lucas is depressed and drinks all the time, Naley goes after their dreams, and Brokes heart is breaking.
    Peyton is sad and truely in love with Lukas and is throwing waterballons on the ground, ( it vas really fun when she almost hit dan with one) I can understand her, he sade that he hated her and we all know thats not true ( but she don`t), hope they sometime is going to work that out and become what we love them for.. Leyton!
    I am really glad everything is going fine with Nathan and Haley, they are made for each other, and some one in this show should have easy love for on once and a while. They are faceing their fears and dreams and I loved that pool scene.Jamie is too cute, but I think Naley needs to be 22 sometimes to, young parents can still have fun and be cool,( just look at Loralei on Gilmore girls)
    Lucas is depressed after his crashed wedding with Lindsay.
    So he drinks and he drinks and he drinks until he one morning wakes up with a mohawk, I usually thinks that is cool and hot but on Lucas, NO! Jamie on the other hand thinks he`s unkle is really cool and get`s one himself( a fake on do).
    the story with Brooke is to sad, she just needs love and my heart was broken to when little Angi went away.
    Hope she finds love and gets a family that stays. Because people dont always leave.
    Dan... I hate him, OMG ...but he got what he deserved, I´ll hope they dont bring him back, there´s to much drama in this show without him anyway.
    so like every season finale of One tree hill it`s drama and big time, but what do not surprise me is Dan geting hit by a car because it feels like in every seasonfinale of OTH someones in some kind of car accident. But what was a a surprise was the phonecalls, didn´t see them comming.
    I dont think he called Brooke, they are just friends and it should be too weird, right? but either Peyton or Lindsay. I`m hoping for Peyton but I think sadley its Linsay. This fall we get the answer. It was a good episode but not my favorite but in the top 10.
  • This episode left us all wondering what will happen in Season 6. After buying 2 tickets to Vegas, Lucas asks someone to marry him, but who? Lindsay,Brooke,or Peyton? Will Dan survive after being hit by a car after doing something nice for once in his life

    We all knew that the whole four years into the future thing was risky, but in the end it sure did pay off. Skillz and Deb both use an online dating site and end up going on a date and eventually sleeping together.They are one couple I NEVER imagined. Haley takes Peyton up to her and Lucas' rooftop and talks to her about Lucas. Lucas' book dedication was beautiful, but Peyton's words on the river court were even better. This seasons cliffhanger's were brilliant. Who will Lucas choose, Peyton, Lindsay, or Brooke? Will we finally get Leyton back, will Lindsay get what she wants, or will we see Brucas come back to life once again? We will just have to wait and see. Only 80 more days til Season 6 premieres!
  • Everyone in Tree Hill has to make a huge decision... Dan finally gets his new heart but his hit by a car.... We are left on the edge of our seats wondering who Luke calls to go to Vegas to marry him.

    Once Again Someone In Tree Hill Gets Hit By A Car...... Cant They Come Up With Some Other Way To Injure People! Besides That Awesome Episode Can't Wait To See Who Luke Chooses... I Kinda Like Dan, Hate How Every Time He Gets Ahead Something Bad Happens..... Classic Payton, Finally I Was Beginning To Miss Her..... Hope Luke Chooses Brooke Tho Something About Those Two Gets Makes Me Happy,Both There Lives Just Keep Going Wrong They Need Each Other.... And Plus I Mean They Were Great Together Before.... I Just Hope He Didn't Call Lyndsey She To Stiff, Not Really Exciting At All.
  • Would the promo (which I have watched over 300 times) be misleading? Well.......

    This episode opens with the cutest scene ever of One Tree Hill, Jamie and Gavin DeGraw singing the original theme song. We see Broke counting down the days until Angie has to go home. We can She isn't happy about it but knows it has to happen. Brooke gets phone call to say that Angie is going home today. Nathan offers Jamie to go swimming and he says no. Later on Jamie admits to Nathan that is scared to go into the pool. Haley is having trouble writing music and Lindsay is back in Tree Hill. She tells Lucas that the book is done its perfect, she hands it to him and says goodbye. As she leaves he asks her is she ever misses him and she simply says that she should go. Naley watch as Jaime jumps back into the pool. Dan tries to convince a man in a coma to stop fighting and die so that he can have the heart instead of him. Brooke takes Angie to the airport. As Brooke hands her over Angie cries and so does Brooke. Naley also jump into the pool. As Brooke turns Lucas is there waiting for her. Millie and Mouth agree to move to where the job he was offered is. Lucas goes to the riverside court and sees that Peyton has painted I will always love you on the court. He rings Haley and she goes to met him at the courtside. The promoter for the new sport anchor*which is the job Mouth blew in the last episode) is stuck and so Mouth speaks to him over the ear piece and talks him through it. Everyone claps for Mouth after he saves the day and then he says thank you and I quit and walks out. Haley is recording again and when Dan goes back to visit the coma man, it is learned that he has died. Dan helps an old couple and when he walks backwards gets hit by a car, just as his pager goes off for his new heart. Is this the last we've seen of him? We see Lucas in the airport, ringing someone on his cell phone. All three girls (Lindsay, Peyton & Brooke) answer phone at same time, Lucas says simply says "I'm at airport 2 tickets to law Vegas you want to get married tonight?" But the question is who did he ring?
  • In this episode, the people of tree hill are left struggling with their lives. Brooke tries to cope with angie's departure and Nathan struggles with basketball training. Hayley tries to comfort both Lucas and Peyton as the woes of love take their toll.


    The return to the roof top where Lucas and Hayley hung out in the first series is genius, giving hope to the nostalgic fans who witnessed the start of school year predictions back in the day. Skills and Deb in the throws of passion is hilarious, both characters always manage to bring comedy and sassyness and this episode is no different. Lucas' book dedication and Peyton's words on the river court are beautiful. The classic season finale cliff hanger is perfect. Peyton, Brooke or Lindsay? Will the new girl get her way or will all of us rooting for Leyton have our prayers answered? It has to have been Peyton, I mean she's the only one who it would have made sense to call because Lindsy already said no, unless of course the words of the book dedication changed her mind. The perfect end to the risky "4 years in the future" series that kept us all guessing.
  • Lucas faces the fall out from recent mistakes. Jamie, Nathan, and Haley make progress in their own right. Brooke must say goodbye to Angie. Mouth makes a big career move. Peyton expresses her feelings. Dan comes close to being saved.

    As far as season finales go, this was a great one for One Tree Hill, while their finales usally leave you guessing what will happen next, this one left you asking one question; Who exactly did Lucas call? Or even more importantly; Who called the other two ladies?

    If Lucas called Lindsay, which to be honest would make the most sense, then who called Brooke and Peyton? If he called Peyton, then who called Brooke and Lindsey? And if he called Brooke, then who called Lindsey and Peyton? I do, however stand by the fact that none of them would say yes to his proposal. It is not what either of them really want, Lindsey would believe it is too rushed, Brooke has closed the book on Lucas already, and Peyton does not want it either. I believe that ifit was not Lucas on the line, then here is who called each lady;
    Lindsey - Just some coworker, or that guy she is not dating.
    Peyton - The guy that Mia met who knows Ellie, or Jake. (Come on that would be a great twist.)
    Brooke - Owen, Rachel (Cause I hear Daneel is back), or the adoption agency.

    I was really excited for the Scott's, Nathan was finally able to sink a basket, Jamie went swimming, and Haley is making some great musical progress. Mouth was great, and he filled in exactly where Nathan went after that first year at a D II school. I hope though that this is not the end for Mouth in Tree Hill.

    Deb and Skills, the bext hook up ever.

    And then there is Dan, did anyone see that coming, he finally does something kind and he is hit by a car, does it mean that the universe saw through his plan.

    I cannot wait until season six starts, only three months to go.
  • nathan regains his confidence in basketball, lucas asks one of the three girls he is in love with to marry him & haley writes a song & wonders if she should get back into a music career .

    great episode but it dosn't really seem like a season finale & what's up with the length of the season why only 18 episodes.I've noticed that the wb havn't been making very long seasons this year.

    I thought that Nathan getting his confidence back was great his character has come a long way since the start of the season but could progress more.

    haleys song was great & lucas is yet again in love with more than one woman .

    all in all a good 5th season but a season finale that isn't quite as gripping as previous season finales.

    I hope next season is longer.
  • Quite interesting, but not as good as I expected

    I liked Gavin DeGraw singing with Jamie, and the baloons! The episode was a bit funny, interesting, but not as shocking as I imagined. I really like Jamie, he's so little and such a great actor! I don't like Lucas and Lindsay thing, their relationship is...weird! I hope their real feelings reveal soon. I can't stand this 'playing with fire' thing, cause it's not really playing with fire, but playing with looker-ons. Nathan and Jamie got over their fear, Brooke lost 'her' baby, Mouth quit his job, he's hapy with Millicent, Peyton tells Luke about her dream,... Interesting thing- Dan did not kill the rabbi! But I see repetition - again Luke is running, and Dan gets hurt a.k.a hit by a car. The end is ok, but nothing more. We don't know who Lucas calls and invites to go with him to Las Vegas and get married, and there are 3 women that answered the phone. That's intriguing, but I suppose we can wait till the season 6. Like there's anything else we can do! I'd say it's not Peyton. Cause it would be too predictable. And Lindsay too. Could be Brooke!
  • Now offically over, Season 5 was the weakest season of all. The finale couldn't even save it.

    I made few comments back in Season 5 and unfortunately, my predictions did not wrong me. Season 5 started very good indeed but then what happened, I just do not know. I got lost somewhere in the mid-season when characters started to make the same mistakes all over again and suddenly all the fun was gone. Watching the finale, I felt the whole season was forced and transformed into something mawkish. Can somebody explain to me what happened to my fave OTH character Peyton? She was strong, original and a fighter once. This season she was all sulky, pathetic and irritatingly vulnerable. Nobody seemed to tell her that when someone insists on hurting you, you cut the ties and move on. What about Lucas? At times when he was not invisible, he was a total jerk. Oh and Brooke. She outscored everyone on this show when it comes to taking the concept of growing up too far. She was not fun anymore. Plus, the storylines of Skills, Deb and Mouth were all out of place. But in the midst of negativity, there are still positive things about Season 5. I enjoyed watching every story developing around Nathan-Haley and Jamie (actually Jamie by himself can be the star of the show). Owen, Millicent and Lindsay were great additions to the show (although Lindsay started to annoy me in the last few episodes). Plus the music was fab as always. The finale was not depressing or outstretched like the recent episodes. Shockingly, it added up some events. Dan's part was good indeed, the whole vacillation between doing what's right and what's wrong was told beautifully. I would be suprisingly delighted with the finale if it was not for the final scene. The whole four piece love dilemma was a bit overplayed. It would be okay (but still cliché) if it only included Lindsay-Peyton-Lucas but out of thin air, we have Brooke ended up there as well. We did not see any love level attraction between Lucas and Brooke this season, why all of a sudden she was included there remains as one of the million questions I would like to direct to Mark about this season. At least, I am happy it is over for now. I deeply anticipate a change for season 6.
  • Dissapointed in the episode but love the show so will definitely stay tuned next season. I hoping for more season 3 excitement and more meaningful storylines.

    Ok-Lucas wanting to marry Lindsay was like Peyton proposing to Jake. Of course he loved Lindsay and wanted to be with her but it wasn't his heart's utmost desire. He feels that he and Peyton are done forever even though he knows that his love for her is more immense than his love for anyone. It's just that to him and his heart break, that immensity also lead to almost an immensity of heart ache and it's like he's too scared to ever go back down that road again. When Lindsay walked out on marrying Lucas he tried like hell to get her back. But it seems when Peyton said just "not now" he couldn't handle it. Peyton didn't even want it to be over but his love for her was so strong that if he couldn't have all of her he couldn't live with any of her. He does NOT love Lindsay like he does Peyton. It's been what-3 years and he says that it stills hurts him. Therefore, I would bet that that Vegas/married call is NOT to Peyton. Obviously Lindsay's out b/c she's not on the show anymore. I think the call is to Brooke. Not to get back together, and not to Seriously be a married couple, but b/c they are both hurting and he probably feels they both need an escape. Just as friends. Besides, no matter how many times Peyton hurt Brooke in the past, Brooke would never seriously get with Lucas again. That's just not in her to do that. Well those are my thoughts about that situation. Also, I'm so dissapointed in the finale. I'm kinda annoyed that it ended that way. The Dan thing-classic OTH irony. But the Lucas thing- just annoying. Of course I'm intrigued, but I feel like I'm being strung along. Geese is the show gonna end with a love connection between Leyton-are they the next Ross and Rachel. I think that's too cliche. I think Mark Schwann is too creative and brilliant for that but that's were it seems like it's leading. I guess I'll have to tune in next season to find out. As for Naley, I adore them as usual! Their love transcends all. Hopefully there'll be better storylines next season. Oh-and who'se the guy from Ely's past...I guess I could talk all night...
  • Lucas seems to be in love with 3 people... Dan becomes good... and then hands on to his life for it.

    Dan decides that killing a man for his benefit is not the answer. The man then dies a natural death! Dan redeems himself and helps some old people out, only to be hit by a car in the process! I was yelling at Dan to look behind him. I had a feeling something was coming to hit him! And then, of course, the pager goes off that there is a heart for him to get transplanted... as he's lying on the asphalt, probably very near to death!

    Brooke vs Peyton vs Lindsey for Lucas? Or all three maybe? We don't know!

    Here's what I noticed about Brucas. Brooke shows signs of wanting Lucas when he's not around. But when he's around, she seems like his best friend. I feel that Lucas is showing more signs of interest when she's around. The way he looked at her and said "I love you too" was a tad on the romantic side if you ask me. Brooke has become amazing at hiding her feelings for Lucas. When you start watching season 1's end, season 2, and season 3's start, you will see it. When you see her decision in season 4 to let Lucas go because she loved him, but felt he belonged with Peyton, you will see how she hides her feelings. It becomes more evident towards the end of season 4. At times, it seems like she wants nothing to do with him, but that's to force him to stop chasing her and move on to Peyton. At times, it seems like she only cares for him as friends (especially season 2), and the same with him. But it turns out they're hiding things, Brooke in fear of getting her heart broken by Leyton again and because she feels she's in Leyton's way, and Lucas because he feels she's not interested.

    As for Lindsey, I got the impression that she was pregnant! The girl on the other line said "did you tell him" and Lindsey quickly said "no, bye" and hung up. And I thought her confession of "of course I miss you… it's all I do" was very sad and sweet.

    Peyton's dream about Lucas is also sad. If you notice a pattern in the season, she's always too late in her decision that she wants what Lucas wants. He's always already moved on by the time she realizes she wants him. But sadly, that doesn't stop her from going after him anyway. This is the root of my hatred for Leyton. No matter how "cute" or whatever they may be, I will never think they are meant to be or that they should be. I will never accept them.

    The BIG QUESTION! Who did Lucas call? My Answer – Lindsey. Asking Brooke for marriage would be too random right now, unless it's a joke with Brooke like :let's get married, because that always works out for me... just kidding... let's go to Vegas because we both gotta get out of here." However, I do see a buildup with Brucas again, and I would go so far as to say that their buried feelings may resurface soon, especially if Lucas gets back together with Peyton… Brooke may get nostalgic and may not hide her feelings as well. I don't see it as being Peyton. I think he thinks being with Peyton or being around Peyton brings him too great of heartache. And when he said "it's just a dream" and she said "it's my dream," it kind of felt like a goodbye to me more than a "let's get back together." Lindsey confessed on the phone that she wasn't over him and lied to him about seeing someone. The way Lucas made the phone call was more of a "this is your last chance" than a marriage proposal. And I don't think Lucas would say it that way to Peyton or Brooke. But since he's been recently fighting for Lindsey and she has been denying her feelings, but suddenly, she admits them, I guess this is his way of saying "you admitted it, and I have never denied it… this is your final chance. Let's do it now… it's now or never."

    I can't wait until the season 6 premier!
  • what the hell is Mark doing to OTH and espeacialy to Peyton's character. And why is Lindsay still on the show?

    Ok so first of I don't like what Mark is doing to the best character on OTH ... Peyton

    I do loved what she did on the river court but honestly if someone should do anything like that it's Lucas for Peyton.
    Why couldn't she just kick his a** he deserved it after the "I hate you" speach. What should happened next season is Lucas crawling back on his nees and back Peyton for forgivness. Or just gave her a boyfriend for god sake! But stop that whole triangel thing with Peyton/Lucas and Lindsay or Brook for that matter.

    And I hate that Lindsay is still around but than again if Lucas wants her so bad go for it **** and lose the best damn thing that ever happened to you. PEYTON!

    I really need Mark to bring back to old strong Peyton next season because right now he makes her look pathetic. She is like this lost girl how drools all over Lucas and he can still hurt her the worst way and she would still forgive him. That's just wrong.

    I really need Mark Swan to make OTH better next season this season was just crap. I really hoped that season would be awsome since they skiped 4 years but come on the whole Peyton/Lucas/Lindsay + Brooke think that is going on is so old and not funny. This season was like a compy of the last 4 years.

    So please Mark change Peytons character to what she once was and make her the stong person we feel in love with.
  • Brooke, Peyton or Lindsay???!!!

    this is one of the finest episodes ever. I like it! no, actually, I loved it and I can't wait to see the next ones. And the end of episode.... OMG, I can't stop thinking about Lucas' choice.. In fact, I hope it'll be Brooke. why? first of all Brooke and Lucas are my favorite characters, besides, they look together really great.. secondly, when I started to analyze this episode - it's Brooke (still hope so), because Lindsay wasn't at Tree Hill, when Lucas and Haley met in the court, so we can cross her out. Brooke or Peyton? Peyton said about that proposal thing that she had dream where she said 'yes' to Lucas and he got the best answer ever - 'it's just a dream', besides nearly all season they haven't really spoken, except, first two or three episodes of this season. Ok, Lucas once said "Most of the time, love doesn't really need words", but so what...??? Speaking about Brooke - he supports her every time she needs it, besides Lucas was the first person to whom Brooke said that she wanna have baby, he came to the airport... in fact, I think that Angie was only a reason to see Brooke.

    Ok, to sum up - he proposed to Peyton. she said 'no'. he nearly married Lindsay. she said 'no' at the alter. so why try again to marry one of them, if they could brake his heart again. So the solution is Brooke :)
  • This is a great episode. everyone faces their fears & maybe they don't know it yet but every consequence was very positive & will help each character in future time. the ending was very well thought cause it leaves us all intrigued & wanting to see more!

    Can't wait to see season 6!
    I'm so sad this is over! I looooove this series and this season finale made me remember why.
    I'm a little sad about Dan.. I just thought after these good actions everything would change between he and his sons. I hope he doesn't die because, I can't believe I'm saying this, he deserves one last oportunity.
    and what about the last scene? omfg! who the hell does Lucas call? does anyone here have at least a clue of who it might be? I'm desperate to figure that out!
    could somebody tell me how long will I have to wait to watch the next season? please let me know! I'm from Argentina and here this series is not aired so I only have this source. please, please, let me know asap!
    thank you so much, and thanks to Mark Schwahn for shearing this amazing story!
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