One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 14

What Do You Go Home To?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on The CW

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  • New direction for season.

    While What Do You Go Home To? changes the direction of the season quite a bit, it's a almost a relief from a more dramatic half earlier on.

    Haley and Peyton working together is awesome. I really liked their friendship. I loved when Peyton just threw all the others demo's away when she found out about Haley's. The nanny interviewing was also pretty funny with talk of swimming naked etc. And it was nice to see Deb at the end there. Lucas's return was interesting... especially the awkwardness with Peyton. Brooke being so excited about the baby was lovely to watch if not all a bit sudden. And Q was a dick to everyone. Mouth and Millie sure go fast don't they? Moving in already? Dan was just Dan really...

    All in all another enjoyable episode.

  • Nanny Deb

    I loved the opening of what everyone thinks about when they are waking up. Nathan and Haley's was so sweet. And Brooke's was just hilarious.

    Nathan and Haley interviewing nannies was really funny. I'm really glad with the choice they made in the end. Deb has been gone for so long. It was nice having her back. I wonder where she has been though.

    I love that Brooke is going to be taking care of a baby that needs surgery. It's a really great program and I'm glad she is doing it. It's going to be hard for her to let her go after the surgery, but at least now they will see she will be a good mother.

    I love that Peyton is going build a recording studio in the office. I also love that it's called Red Bedroom Records since she used to have a red bedroom.

    I feel bad for Q. He wants to play and wants his scholarship, but it's going to be tough when he has a cast and they aren't winning.

    Mouth and Millie were cute. I like that they are moving in together and that Mouth chose her over a job.
  • I kind of hoped "Hundred" to act as the catalyst to this rather dull season of my favourite TV show but I guess I rooted for much."What Do You Go Home To?" is nothing but a repetation of what we had already experienced.

    Season 5 started out really good, promising and fresh. After couple of episodes, it reduced in vigor but still it was fun to watch. "Hundred" was a special and at the same time a classic OTH episode before the break, kind of assuring not to lose faith in season 5 and promising the break might get the season back on track. Now, for the first time ever, I wonder why I bother to watch this show.

    Couple of things are wrong with the last two episodes. First, barely something happens in Tree Hill anymore. Yes, the first 4-minute openings are great with nicely exchanged words and a good background music but then the vibe is quickly consumed. Lucas is invisible, Peyton is shallow, Haley and Nathan are stuck and Brooke is, well not Brooke anymore. Other cast members come and go with no steady plot parts. Second, there is lack of originality and inspiration in the new episodes. OTH was once known as a show bold enough to experience new things and pulling interesting storylines. Instead, now we have episodes that are played out. After all, there is nothing new about Haley's revisited music career or Peyton's sullen expressions whenever Lucas shows up. It even takes an entire episode to make Milicent move in or to have Brooke welcome the baby. Oh and how can I forget Dan or Chase who appears for an irrelevant moment just to complete the show's 40 minute run cycle. I intentionally ignore to mention the unrealistic contents like ardency for adoption by a 22-year old or full-time mother/teacher/musician position in life that makes work and family conflict theory trippled in its effect.

    I do not know how and why it became such a torture to watch One Tree Hill. I still dig for the forthcoming episodes with a miracle of a change but most of the time I cannot wait for the season to end and the writers to take a break. Clearly, there is something wrong.
  • Season 2?

    I'm not feeling it for One Tree Hill recently. This episode was just very average and nothing much happened. Brooke is getting a baby (boring!), Haley is signing with Peyton's record label (boring!), Nathan is trying basketball again, (boring!), Millicent is moving in with Mouth (boring!), Q gets busted (boring!) and Lucas thinks he's trying to win back Lindsey (awkward!).

    This show is letting me down so much that I don't even plan to write a well thought of review for it. The only good thing with this show is Jamie because he is absolutely entertaining, but other than him, it is just a worn out show.
  • Season 5, Episode 14.

    Nathan and Haley interview nannies. Brooke is given a second chance to prove herself to the adopting agency. Mouth is given a chance to have a permanent sports spot in Omaha, which forces Mouth and Millicent to make a decision about their relationship. Meanwhile, Quentin is making trouble with the Ravens coaches. I liked the beginning of this episode. :) I liked "Ride" playing in the beginning of the episode. Sophia Bush is such a great actress! :) Her reaction to the call from the adoption agency was perfect. Nathan is also a horrible rapper. I liked that Peyton automatically said yes to Haley's demo. Peyton was also looking pretty good in this episode.
  • Amazing!!

    Mouth is offered a job, but he doesn't take it, so he can stay with Millicent. The Ravens are 4-8 and Lucas is disappointed upon his return. Quentin was lying about his hand, so Lucas, Skills, and Nathan make him get the cast. Haley wants to make a record with Peyton. Nathan tries basketball, but he isn't good. Dan seems to be following Nathan. Brooke has news! She is getting a baby, but only for a temporary time. Lucas still loves Lindsey. Mouth wants Millicent to move in, but she's afraid at first because she's a virgin. She does though. Haley and Nathan interview potential nannies, but none are good. Haley hires Deb! Chase visits Brooke to say goodbye. Brooke gets her baby!

    This episode was great! I loved the opening sequence with everyone waking up! Awesome!! I'm glad Brooke is getting a baby! I don't like Quentin as much as I did when I saw him last. Mouth and Millicent are cute together, but I don't think it's right for her to move in with 4 guys. It was so great seeing Deb again! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • This was good, a hundred times better than last weeks dross!

    Okay, so this was good, definitely not season fives best, but it was a start at getting good again. Jamie is a great character, like the whole Chester thing. Its cool to see how he bonds with everyone. Good to see Nathan and Haley together again. Nathan trying basketball was okay, not that exciting but alright. I much preferred Haley deciding to make an album with Peyton, really like there friendship, so this should be good.

    Lucas brooding, being honest, I couldn't care less. His character seems to get worse, by the episode. Get over it, Lindsey doesn't want you, get with the one you OBVIOUSLY want, Peyton. Brooke getting the baby was interesting, I thought Chase return again was a tad pointless and a bit soppy for my liking, but overall I enjoyed this story.

    Did anyone else see how stupid the end was? Brooke was just handed a baby at an airport ... no discussion, no information, that was it. Anyhow, I do look forward to see how this storyline works out. Wonder what Deb will be like, now that she's back?

    Mouth and Millicent, fairly annoying really, REALLY don't like Mouth so .... Dan was okay, as usual.

    Good episode, hope it improves though.
  • Brooke is getting a baby and guess who's back.................

    This episode starts off with everyone in bed (in their own beds might I add) and waking up. We learn from this that Jamie's first thought in the morning is about his rabbit, Chester. We also learn that both Nathan and Haley (Naley)'s first thought in the morning is Jamie and then each other. Dan's first thought in the morning is about his brother Keith. Nathan takes Jamie to practice. Lucas returns to school & Skills tells him that they have lost 8 games and only won 4.Brooke get a phone call from the adoption agency and she tells Millie, that they are giving her a baby and that she is going to be a mom. Jamie's asks if there is a missing jersey (in between the ones still there). Nathan explains to him that it is Dan's jersey and that it was taken down because he did some bad things. Peyton speaks to Mia on the phone and we learn that she has sold 40,000 albums so far.

    Haley asks Peyton for a favour. She gives her own demo. Skills tells Lucas about Quentin's (Q) hands and how one of them is bad but Q won't admit it. Lucas tells Q that they want a second opinion in his hand and that they will be going with him to the doctors. He throws a ball in his temper and walks out. We learn that Mouth has been offered a good job with another station in another state. Peyton listens to Haley demo and loves it and offers to record her next album. Broke phones to let them know her news about the baby. Q has to have another cast out on his arm. Nathan and Lucas are in a lift with Jamie (still in the hospital) and they stop to let someone in and it is Dan. Nathan pulls Jamie closer to him. As they leave Dan and Nathan exchange words. Lucas and Jamie talk about Dan in the stairwell of the hospital. Brooke is at home when Peyton and Haley arrive. We learn more about the baby such; she will be looking after a baby from another country. She (Angie) needs an operation and the doctors in the United States offer their services for free. Brooke also tells them that she doesn't know what's wrong with the baby. The adoption agency told her it would be a good training curve for her. Mouth passes on the job and wants to move in with Millie. She tells him not but is glad that he is staying. Brooke, Peyton & Haley go back to Naleys house to get some of Jamie's old things (like cribs car seats etc). When they are there Peyton learns that Lucas has returned.
    Lucas and Peyton go for a walk and have a chat. Chase goes over to Brooke to tell her about Owen and how Owen isn't coming over.

    Millie goes to Mouth's apartment and tells him that she is a virgin and that is why she doesn't want to move in with him. He says he doesn't mind and that they can even get 2 beds if that is what she wants.

    Naley interview for new nannies. Lucas goes to see Brooke after she calls him (not seen in the episode). Nathan goes back to the school hall and plays basketball. When he gets there he sees Q.but Nathan isn't playing like him old self since the accident. Q keeps beating him (in basketball). Nathan walks out and when he returns later he sees his father looking up where his jersey used to be. Haley sings whilst Jamie draws and colours in a picture. The new nanny that Haley has hired his Nathan's mother Deb. At the end we sees Q crying whilst holding his hand as he realises what may now never be. Dan does the voice over. Millie moves her stuff into Mouth's house.

    Peyton gets ready to go with Brooke to the airport but Brookes tells her that she wants to do it alone. Brooke goes to the airport and waits for the baby. We then see the baby being handed over to Brooke. Brooke's face lights up with happiness.
  • One tree hill

    Nathan and Haley have learned from the mistakes with the nanny, so they decide to interview potential nannies or mannies, but it goes in a completely different way. Meanwhile Brooke still wants to go ahead with adopting a baby. Mouth and Millicent take a new step in their relationship and Quentin must reconsider his intentions. This episode was pretty good. Brooke was dealing with the whole baby thing wanting to become a mother. Q was an @ss as always he has the biggest mouth i swear. Dan was horrible i hated him. Lucas sounds like he really loves Lindsey i mean this is his chance to get back with peyton but no all he thinks about is lindsey while peyton still loves lucas but decides that she should let lucas decide if he loves her or not. Mouth and Millicent sorry didnt really care about that. But i hated to see nathan suck and basketball so much i mean even Q played better than him with 1 hand. all in all alright episode
  • Nice beginning to the show where we know what's important to each of the characters..

    In a way, the series has come back to a full circle with the return of Deb to the series. After the first few episodes of the current season, I wondered what had happened to the 'senior' characters, and whether or not they would actually appear back on the show.. My answers were obviously given over the past few episodes.. I just hope they'll stay longer, and I think the drama from the past is going to blow right back to the present, where the characters started off from.. Except that they have their current affairs to deal with as well.. In conclusion, I think this season has just started getting interesting..
  • the best part of this episode is Deb's return. Haley and Nathan's sweet moments and their happy smiles were such a great part.

    this is a good episode. I still want Lucas and Peyton to be together.what i dont understand is if Lucas loves Peyton with all his heart why he is still talking about Lindsey when Peyton is out there waiting for him. Lucas knows that Peytons loves him and she wants him back. I think writer is taking such a long time to make it happen. I hate Lindsey. if she loved Lucas why did she ran away. Mouth has such a nice girlfriend. He always seemed to go after the wrong girl and now he is going after the right one.
    I think it is so cool that Haley is getting back to her music. And i am realy happy that Nathan and Haley could be more happier than ever and she could trust Nathan. its so great to see Deb. Specially as a nanny. So that she can spend some quality time with her grand son cute Jamie. I can't wait to see her and Dan come up against each other.
    I understand why Q is so upset but he seems acting like Dan. He knows how it can fall apart with and injury. Skills did the right thing by telling Luke.
    its another great part about Brooke. I am so happy she is going to help a little baby, but when the time comes to give her back she is not going to want to let her go.
  • Brooke finds out she is getting a baby, Nathan and Haley try to get back into their dreams, both basketball and Music. Millicent moves in with Mouth, and Deb returns to tree hill.

    I thought this episode was really good. For me, it was the total oposite of what the promo made it out to be. The promo for this episode made it seem like it wasn't going to be that great of an episode, but it turned out GREAT. Let me start off with...
    The beginning of the episode. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was very cute the way they started the episode with everyone's thoughts in the morning when they wake up. The best ones were when Jamie woke up, and said "Chester" and the other good one was when Brooke woke up, and said "Brooke". That was hilarious! I thought it was really cute by the way, when Nathan's thought when he woke up was "God, my girl is hot" haha. It was the cutest thing ever. That whole scene was adorable. Jamies feet just stick out When Nathan and Haley are about to kiss. Cutest thing ever. Haley.....Haley goes over to see Peyton because she wanted to record with Peyton. I am really happy for Haley. That is really what she should be doing. Music. Its in her blood, to be a musician. Even if it's not her full-time job, She is still taking the advice that the couselor gave her, and that is to focus on their dreams. Nathan.....He tries to play basketball for the first time since his accident. He failed. He really sucked at it. I really felt bad for him in that scene. Quentin was being a real ass to him in the gym. I just really hope Nathan gets back in the swing of things because he really belongs playing basketball. Brooke...She finally gets the baby she wanted. Its not an adoption, but its more of a foster mother thing. To be honest, i think that is much better for her right now. She is too young to get a child through adoption. Atleast not yet. I think she is too young for that much responsibility. I know that have the foster child is a big responsibility, its not a permanent thing.I am still happy for her. And finally....The Nathan/Haley scene with the nannies was awesome!! I still am laughing about it!!! It was sooooo funny, and with that Dude and his comment, that just made the scene even funnier. I am glad that Haley made the right choice to Bring Deb back to take care of Jamie for a little while. Since Deb doesn't like to be called Grandma, its like he has a nanny. Anywayyy....Great epidode. I can't wait until next weeks :)
  • Big news from Brooke, she get's a trial at being a mother, Peyton and Haley decide to make a record together, Nathan tries to play basketball again, Mouth and Millie move in together and Lucas is back to coaching.

    I love the beggining of this episode hearing the first thought's of everyone when they wake up. I must admit I predicted a lot of them before they said them. But I loved Brooke's 'Brooke....Oh my god. I have to pee'. I think it's really cute that Haley, Nathan and Jamie are like a family again. I loved the scene where they were spelling words so Jamie wouldn't understand and then he said ' I l-o-v-e you mum'. He is so cute. I also especially liked the interviewing of the potential Nannies and Haley saying no to all the pretty ones. But they picked the best Nanny of all, Deb. It's good to see her back. Haley and Peyton making a record together should be fun. I think Peyton was really nice in this episode saying all the stuff she did to Lucas. He frankly is annoying me with the whole Lindsey thing. I think the writers are drawing out the Lucas/Peyton storyline far too long. We all know what's going to happen in the end. The Brooke baby-storyline is cute. I love the purple monkey. Although I am very glad that the baby is just temporary. I wasn't too keen on the permanent thing. I am disapointed in Owen and the scene with Chase was so cute. He kept complimenting Brooke, I just wanted her to say something as he left, or kiss him or something. I saw the Mouth/Millie virgin storyline happening, that was a little predictable. But overall the episode was good.
  • Nathan and Haley work on realizing their dreams, Lucas returns to find that things on his team are not looking up. Brooke gets a baby, and Mouth gets an interesting offer. Peyton struggles in her relationship with Lucas.

    For starters Q is a jerk, between the conversation he had with Skills and the game he played with Nathan, he is like an amateur Dan.

    Speaking of Dan he has made an interesting turn, he spends most of his time skulking around Tree Hill, desperately trying to get into his family's lives. I was wondering how he would play a role on the show after prison.

    Mouth and Millie are very cute, and while they maybe rushing I just hope that things work out for the two of them.

    Nathan and Haley had a good night, they have made a lot of progress, I just worry that Haley may reach her dream before Nathan does, will that be a problem down the road?

    Brooke got herself a baby, even if it was just a loaner. Then she had to very interesting scenes, one with Chase who came to explain to her why Owen could not commit to her wishes, the other with Lucas where he remembered something of hers. I hope this does not mean the end of Browen, but I would be ok if it marked the second round of Brase.

    So Lucas and Peyton, their first time face to face since before the wedding. Now their last interaction resulted in Lucas wishing to speed up his impending nuptials with Lindsey so as not to lose her to a feeling he is denying. She apologized for having anything to do with him being jilted. We had to know that it would not be easy, but the question is will Peyton fight for him?
  • Lucas comes home to Tree Hill after his stay at the boat with his mom and Andy. Haley wants to produce songs and sing again, but first they need a nanny. Brooke gets a call saying that she is eligible to have a baby after all.

    I LOVED this episode! Brooke was so funny when she found out that she was going to get a baby. Haley wanting to produce and sing music again :) I loved it. It's about time. She has too good of a voice to hide it.

    Naley was awesome in this episode. When they woke up together and Jamie was there.. I thought it was so cute!

    Mouth and Millicent was boring as always.

    Lucas should be more careful of what he says when he's around Peyton. What girl wants to hear that her ex-boyfriend loves another girl and that she is going to come back to him eventually?
  • wow much better than last week but please can we have some kind of drama but in fiarness i feel them building u for someting.

    what is this brooke crap?? when i first found out about the baby i thought yeah maybe could work. but this is such crap. walking around the shop going crazy about toys for a baby and squeling like a spilt brat just annoyed me. either do it right or not at all. one tree hill your better than this.

    and the fact they seemingly broke up browen wihtout even showing us is just pathetic. man i dont like Q anymore! he's such an a$$. i didnt liek how he couldnt just see how they are jsut trying to help him and he's being selfish and he was so mean to nathan. that really p!ssed me off. like im ahuge nathan and basketball fan so im telling you the fact he did that just angered me - alot.

    same with what he did to skills, man skills is a good guy, didnt deserved any of that.

    somewhere though i feel a story being built around all this, im hoping for some really dark drama and explosive. this season is dragging without it.

    Lucas did nothing in this episode, which is fine by me cos this way he doesnt p!ss me off as much doing stupid things. gotta say im not a leyton fan so imagine how i feel with all this knowing he's just gonna get back with peyton eventually. I do NOT LIKE his storyline. nice to see naley looking good again. still not right though, i think we all know that.

    nice haley is working with peyton on a record but whats that??? BORING! overall i didnt hate the epsisode but im seriously losing patiecne with my favourite show. i wont stop watching but im not enjoying one tree hill any more.
  • Lucas returns to Tree Hill, Brooke gets the news she's been waiting for, haley starts dreaming again and nathan bombs!

    ok so this episode was much better than last week, not saying it was much much much better, just much better. like i've said before, they can have a bunch of stuff happening all the time.

    nathan and haley: nice to see these two happy again. haley seems very unsecure, not only about her marrige but also her career... i felt sorry for nathan, it sucks that he doenst have the skills he used to, but with enough ward work he'll get there. lets just hope he is motiivated enough.

    q/ skills/ nathan: i felt that skills and nathan were very thouchy. they have to realize( as they are the adults) that he is only lashing out towards them because of his arm/wrist..they shouldnt be so sensitive..
    skills: aside from the q thing, i felt sorry for skills. in the scene where nathan and jamie come in to the gym, they dont even say hi to skills, like it was his fault that carri took jamie a month ago....
    brooke: this whole baby thing is too wierd, im 22 and i havent even thought about having babies yet, let alone adopting... this storyline is just so farfetched. when she was standing at the airport waiting for the baby, why was she alone, why wasnt the adopstion lady with her, it just seems a little fake thats all.

    luke/nathan: if they dont want dan around, why dont they just get a restraining order?? i mean it seems like they know that he has been talkin to jamie, and following them around,it shouldnt be too difficult to get a judge to issue one....

    peyton/haley: good for them both!
    mouth and millie: these two are so cheezy, its kinda gross

    nothing more to add at the moment
  • Nothing Special

    This show used to be my favorite but nothing interesting has happened since the beginning of the season. They have a bunch of useless actors that arent fun to watch anymore. Mouth for one and now they are bringing deb back, what is up with that. Taking her of the show was the best thing ever. What they should do is include Dan more into the show and ivolve his plot abit more. Giving him one scene per week is lame, i cant stand it. whats the point at all. The only reason i keep watching this show is because of how good it was in the previous seasons, so im not giving up on tree hill anytime soon, i just hope they improve their story sometime soon
  • Nathan and Haley are both on the road to fulfilling their passions and there's a surprise return!

    Loved it!!! From Haley making an album(YEAH!!) to the return of Deb! Good thing I was the only one home cause I kind of screamed a bit when Deb came in the room!! LOVE her!! Hoping that the fact Haley's making an album and her demo was a song that Joy's recorded means that we're finally going to get an actual album from Joy. We'll see I suppose! Can't wait to see what all happens with Brooke and the baby. Nathan and Haley's nanny interviews were hiliarious!! Loved how Nathan owned up to the comment the male nanny made! Definitely one of the best episodes this season!
  • So much better this week.

    What a better episode. I still want to see more of Peyton and Lucas. I want them to get together and have Lindsey see them. I think it is so good that Mouth has such a nice girlfriend. He always seemed to go after the wrong girl and now he is going after the right one. In true OTH history their relationship won't be without drama. I think it is so cool that Haley is getting back to her music. She always sang such good songs. I hope it doesn't hurt her marriage. How cool is it that "Nanny" Deb is back. I can't wait to see her and Dan come up against each other. That will be so good. I like when they fight. It always has some humor to it.

    I understand why Q is so upset but to attack Skills and Nathan verbally is a little harsh. Of all the people for Q to attack is Nathan. Nathan has been there. He knows how it can fall apart with and injury. Skills did the right thing by telling Luke. Now on to Brooke. I am so happy she is going to help a little baby, but when the time comes to give her back she is not going to want to let her go. Brooke is going to fall apart.

    Next week should be real good.
  • Naley + Jamie goodness. Plus Deb's back!

    I loved the Naley and Jamie scenes, as usual. I liked the part where they were spelling. It was so cute. I'm really glad Deb is the new nanny I like that Haley is recording and album. Hopefully we will get some new stuff from Bethany Joy Galeotti. I like that Nathan is playing basketball again too.

    Dan needs to leave Tree Hill. Owen showed his true colors I guess tonight I really don't care for his character anymore. I kind of feel bad for Quinten because he can't play but he still could have been easier on Nathan.

    The Leyton make needs to happen, like now. I don't know why they're dragging it out. The more cute scenes the better. I think Brooke is going to do a great job with the baby.

    I love Millie moving in with Mouth.
  • Best show Ever

    I love this show!!! It always exciting and thrilling i am really excited about Brooke trying to get a baby i hope she does!! And Petyon get back together with Lucas please you guys were so cute together! And Brookes mom is so mean to her i feel really sorry for her! But on the other hand the reason why i watch this shwo is because it could happen to any ones life and it really sets an example for young teenagers like me. So this show is also very suspensful and so fun to watch. I really hope there is another season.