One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 19

Where Not To Look For Freedom

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Brooke is heartbroken about not getting the baby. Julian tries to comfort. It is a heartbreaking scene to watch them pack up all the baby stuff. They are about to paint the nursery back to its original color when Brooke receives a call from Clothes Over Bro's. They want her back at the company and they offer her a huge raise. Brooke calls her mother to discuss and they ultimately decide it's a good decision. Brook's mother says that Clothes Over Bro's is Brooke's baby. With that, Brooke and Julian decide to move to New York.

Nathan tells Clay and Julian about how Professor Kellerman was the one that ran into Brooke and Jamie the night of the storm. Nathan goes to confront him. He eventually confesses for drinking and driving that night and causing the accident. He says he has resigned and will pay all their medical bills if he does not involve the authorities. Julian goes to talk to Professor Kellerman and is furious. Nathan and Clay end up having a drink with Kellerman's son who is their newest client. They soon realize that Kellerman was covering for his son - his son was actually the one driving.

Mouth continues to help Millie with her reporting since she's still getting a hang of it. Nathan and Jamie find out that the rivercourt is turning into condos. Mouth, Millie, and Skillz are not happy about this and spend their time reminiscing about their memories at the rivercourt. This inspires Millie to do a story on the history of the basketball court. Alex opens for a band at TRIC and she does an amazing job. She flirts with Chase.