One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 19

Where Not To Look For Freedom

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2011 on The CW

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  • Haley and Lydia

    It was so cute seeing Haley at home with Lydia. Because of the time jump to season 5 and going two weeks later in the season 4 finale after Jamie was born we never really got to see much of those first moments of bonding between Haley and Jamie.

    I loved Olin and The Moon and Alex Dupre. So amazing. Score for Quinn for hooking it up and she seriously needs to stop singing as well as dancing.

    I thought from the beginning that it was Ian who was in that car, but since it's an old car and the Prof. house it makes sense that Nathan would think it was him. Who knew that August would be more like Dan then we thought and take the fall for something his son did. I'm glad Nathan knows now and will hopefully do something about it.

    And the River Court cannot be turned into condos or whatever. It needs to stay the River Court!!! So much has happened there. So many memories. It's a part of all them and it's a part of the show!!

    It's kind of nice that new owners of COB want Brooke to come work for them. But I don't want them to go to New York!!
  • Nathan confronts Prossor Kellerman but he's wrong in the end, Jamie gets a taste of college life and likes it, Julian and Clay help Nathan confront Kellerman, but Kellerman has his own news to cover up and protect... and the River Court is in danger....

    wow... how predictible see i knew it was his son right from the beginning who hit them.. i know it was one of the two... I'm happy that Brooke got a job offer but it sucks that it's in New York... I feel bad that she's leaving Jamie although I do think it is the best thing for her right now.. she's been through alot in my opinion Haley's baby is adorible.. Lydia.. not that many sceens with Clay tonight but it was still good.. I just didnt understand how the whole river court thing fitted into the whole episode I mean yea it sucks that it might be getting torn down but I'm sure that Millie can organize something on the news thing that she works for or some kind of protest... that River Court should not be torn down its part of the show's history.. it's where one of the first sceens in the show took place.. it shouldn't get torned down... i also loved how Kellerman took the blame for his son.. hmm this sounds formillar.. Nathan with Daunte when Dan took the blame... is history repeating itself here?... and I loved the fact that Skillz was in the episode. great episode loved it..
  • Great

    In a word: great. That pretty much describes this highly entertaining episode of One Tree Hill.

    I nearly lost it when Julian was laying into Kellerman about the accident. Great emotional moment there and one of the better scenes all year for this show.

    The twist, was really not much of a twist, I knew that it was going to be Kellerman's son as the real driver, in fact, I assumed that as soon as Nathan found the empty bottle.

    Brooke and Julian moving to NY and the river court closing signals that this show is probably ending after this season. I hope not because the show has been great lately.

    And Jana Kramer just gave me another reason to love her with a good song.
  • Predictable...

    Okay, so raise your hand if you knew that Prof. Kellerman was covering for his son by the time he said the line "fathers and sons" at the river court. Maybe I've been watching this show for long, but it's been a while since they've been able to get anything past me. I know they haven't said One Tree Hill's fate on the television line up chopping block, but I think the writers are running out of ideas. If Brooke leaves Tree Hill, One Tree Hill is over. She is the show. Furthermore, if they tear down the river court - then say goodnight gracie. I'll miss you OTH.