One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 9

With Arms Outstretched

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2003 on The CW
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After fighting with his father and Haley, Nathan succumbs to the pressure he is feeling and takes amphetamines to help his game. However, he isn't prepared for the destruction the drugs do to both his body and his family. Meanwhile, Peyton goes to Lucas to rekindle their relationship, but when she arrives at his house, she catches him with Brooke.moreless

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  • Love triangle!

    What an ending! Haley decides the let Nathan stay the night. Whitey cancels practice. Deb kicks Dan out. And Lucas is stuck between Peyton and Brooke, having no idea who to pick. Travis' 'Re-offender' worked brilliantly over that last scene.

    We saw a different side to Nathan in With Arms Outstretched . He turns to drugs to do better for Dan and ends up hurting himself. While it was difficult to watch him push everyone away, the ending scene with Haley where he breaks down and says he give him hope was brilliant. Their relationship is developing really well. And with Whitey cancelling practice - what will happen?

    Deb kicks Dan out! About time. He was horrible not to call Deb straight away after Nathan collapsed. I liked that she stood up to him. Lucas's date with Brooke was funny - and they do have chemistry! But I agreed with Keith that he was taking advantage. But that last scene, where Peyton tries to tell Lucas that she wants to be with him and Brooke appears and Lucas just stands there dumbfounded. Excellent cliffhanger!

    My favourite scene in this one might have even been when Peyton asked Haley if she was a virgin and she just said 'yeah, so what if I am?'. I love Haley and how self-assured she is. And this friendship is developing too, which is great.

    Another good one. It's getting interesting.

  • Mid-Season Finale

    Things with Nathan and Haley are heating up. Things with Nathan and Dan are heating up. Things with Lucas and Brooke are heating up. Things with Dan and Deb are well...cooling off.

    Nathan and Haley are doing well. They are happy and in the beginning of that first love phase. They have some issues, but in the end it's resolved.

    Nathan and Dan have issues when Dan puts Nathan down by telling him he is not good enough to break Dan's scoring record. To prove him wrong Nathan takes drugs, but ends up becoming angry and rude with everyone and eventually collapses on the court during the game. The best scene of the episode is the end when he leaves the hospital and goes to see Haley to see if she can forgive him for the way he acted.

    Deb and Dan have it out over the way he has been treating Nathan. Deb wants him out of the house.

    Lucas and Brooke have their first date. It ends with Lucas drunk and with a tattoo (nice work Brooke). He gets in trouble with Keith over this. At the end of the episode Peyton comes over to tell Lucas how she feels and sees him with Brooke. Lucas is left with a decision to make..Peyton or Brooke?moreless
  • :)

    After fighting with his father and Haley, Nathan succumbs to the pressure he is feeling and takes amphetamines to help his game. However, he isn't prepared for the destruction the drugs do to both his body and his family. Meanwhile, Peyton goes to Lucas to rekindle their relationship, but when she arrives at his house, she catches him with Brooke. I love the scene with Lucas and Peyton talking about just being friends. I love the way Nathan and Hasyley are as well with all the kissing. I also love Whitey, and the scene where all the basketball team are sitting on the benches and he is giving them a lecture. I love the way Brooke and Lucas are with the reading and the deals, as much as I love Peyton and Lucas, I can't help but love Lucas and Brooke. I love the scene with Nathan and Dan talking about Deb and basketball of course. I love whole storyline with Nathan taking the drugs. I love the way everyone is concerned with him but don't really know what's wrong, until later of course. I love the scene with Lucas and Nathan. I love the scenes between Lucas and Brooke, with the pool, tattoos and everything else. I love the scene with Hayley and Nathan in her bedroom. I love the way Lucas is drunk, hilarious. I love the scene with Keith and Lucas with the whole tattoo. I love the scene with Hayley and Lucas talking about their nights out. I also love the scene with Peyton and Hayley talking about being a virgin and talking about Lucas. I love the hospital scenes. I love the scene between Whitey and Keith scene. I love the way Nathan comes to see Hayley and tells her about everything. I love the scene between Peyton and Lucas talking about her feelings and then Brooke walks in, amazing storyline. I love the ending where everything gets sumed up. All in all, another great episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill nathan is under awhole lot of pressure and he cant handle things so he starts to take some pills to make his game awhole lot better but he is not prepared to hanle whats going to happen with his body and his family. and things get out of control and another shocker lucas is with brook and peyton is coming over to try to rekindle things with lucas and she sees brook with him and she catches them togeather. this was a really good ep i thought. and that is why i gave it 9moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 9.

    After fighting with his father and Haley, Nathan succumbs to the pressure he is feeling and takes amphetamines to help his game. However, he isn't prepared for the destruction the drugs do to both his body and his family. Meanwhile, Peyton goes to Lucas to rekindle their relationship, but when she arrives at his house, she catches him with Brooke. Dan is so mean! I hate him! Nathan takes performance enhancers! I was so happy that Nathan started getting tough with Whitey. I can't stand Whitey. Nathan took a pill right in the school hallway! I'm glad Whitey was out of the show after the four-year jump. I personally think Jimmy Edwards should have shot him though. Cool episode. =]moreless
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Terry Loughlin


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Mark Robert Ellis


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At the basketball game, when Nathan faints, we can see than he falls to the side and that his right leg and arms are on the right side of his body. After that, they show images of the people present and when the camera returns to Nathan we can see that he is on his back with both arms and legs stretched and that no one as reached him yet.
      If nobody changed his position and Nathan was unconscious how could he have moved?

    • Tattoos
      If they are read as Chinese characters, (they are claimed to be some ancient symbols in the show), that tattoo of Brooke means 'Spring' (a season) while that of Lucas means 'Fun'.

    • The wording on Peyton's cartoon is different than before. It says "And Now We Can Have It" while clearly last time she added the "'t" to "Can" making it into "And Now We Can't Have It."

    • When Lucas was talking to Keith before his basketball game the camera was on Lucas, his left sleeve was up and you could see his shoulder with the tattoo. When the camera flipped to Keith you could see Lucas' shoulder in the corner but the sleeve was down so you couldn't see the tattoo. Then the camera flipped back to Lucas and his sleeve was up, and then to Keith again and his sleeve was down. Lucas' sleeve should have been up the entire time so his tattoo would have been visible.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Brooke: All finished. Now it's my turn.
      Lucas: Hey, hey, hey. Not so fast. Did you like it?
      Brooke: Did I like it or did I read it? The book's about how a guy loses his integrity and gives into temptation. Which is exactly what I see you doing tonight… with me.
      (Lucas laughs)
      Lucas: Right. Well, a deal's a deal, right?
      Brooke: That's right, baby. A deal is a deal.

    • Nathan: When I fell to the floor tonight, I was so scared, I was so terrified. Then I saw you, and I promised myself that if I could just get up, I'd walk over to you... I'd tell you how much I need you and how much I want you... and nothing else matters.

    • Peyton: Is connecting with someone really this complicated, or is it simple and we just make it worse?
      Haley: For me it's complicated. You just make it worse.

    • Peyton: Lucas, I made a mistake. When you said you wanted to be with me, I got, I got scared and I pushed you away, but...
      Lucas: Peyton...
      Peyton: But the truth is, I want all the same things that you want, I do. And I want them with you.

    • Nathan: You know, just when I think things can't get any weirder around here, Mom takes over Karen's café. I think I'm going to invite Lucas over to spend the night.

    • (Nathan brings Haley into a classroom and starts kissing her)
      Haley: We can't do this right here right now
      Nathan: We just did... all right, I'll kiss ya later.

    • Mouth (about Nathan): He's 5 points from breaking the all time high against Cove City, set of course by He-Who-Won't-Be-Named.

    • Nathan: (sarcastically) I'm happy Mom. Dad loves me.

    • Deb: (to Dan) Pack a bag or so help me God I will stab you in your sleep.

    • Dan: (to Deb, talking about Nathan) Do you really think he'll choose you over me?

    • Lucas (voiceover): What a frightening thing is the human, a mass of gauges and dials and registers. And we can read only a few. And those perhaps not accurately.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Featured Music:
      "Hanging On For Hope" by The New Amsterdams
      "Push It Up" by Cham Pain
      "Rain King" by Counting Crows
      "Shabby Girl" by The Electric Farm
      "Yesterdays" by Pennywise
      "Fallen" by Sarah McLachlan
      "Re-Offender" by Travis

    • Although credited in the closing credits, recurring guest star Sarah Edwards (Theresa) does not appear in this episode.

    • Although credited, Moira Kelly (Karen) doesn't appear in this episode. This marks the first episode in the series in which Karen doesn't appear.

    • This episode featured an unaired plot line. There was supposed to be a whole storyline with Peyton and an orphan girl, Stella. Stella is a lot like Peyton when Peyton was younger. They dropped it because they didn't want to take away from the other plots.


    • Brooke: Don't tell me you didn't love Weird Science.

      Weird Science is a show that ran from 1994-1998 about high school geeks who create a genie on their computer. The show is based off the 1985 movie of the same name and plot.

    • Episode Title: With Arms Outstretched

      This is a song by Rilo Kiley from the band's 2002 album Execution of All Things.