One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 16

With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on The CW

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  • Powerful

    This episode was powerful in that not only did it deal with bullying, but it showed the actions of one who is going through things, plus being bullied on top of that. Lucas and Nathan were brave in the fact that they both ran back in to save the people that they love.

    This one touched me in the way that we all know at least one person who resembled Jimmy's character. Troubled, depressed, and angry at the world. The part that really got me at the end was Dan killing Keith. That brought the Kane and Abel dynamic to it. Dan was jealous of the fact that Keith was moving on with Karen, and that he, Karen and Lucas were going to be a family. He hated that, even though he always thought that he was better than Keith. This changed the dynamic of the show in that this forced all the teens to grow up, realizing that nothing should be taken for granted. This also eliminated happiness for Lucas and Karen. They would never have that ideal family that was within their grasp. Karen lost her potential husband, and Lucas lost his father. Although Keith was already the father figure in his life, they were going to make it legal. This took the show to a whole new level. Well done and enlightening.
  • Shocking, powerful, amazing.

    If you had to pick one episode of One Tree Hill as the best, I think With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept could be it. Powerful, emotional and shocking.

    It was so shocking to see Jimmy take out that gun and shoot. And it didn't stop being shocking; as he pulled a gun in the tutor centre, threatened the lives of characters we've grown to love and eventually killed himself because it hurt too much. It was powerful to see everyone so sad and so scared. Everyone was brilliant in this episode. Even little moments like the school hallways being empty and littered with bags, of when Abbey is set free and just runs as fast as she can.

    It's such a relatable topic - bullying and popularity in school and so this concept really worked. Despite having already watched this several times, it was still tense and I felt worried for everyone. Peyton was even shot and delirious and it was scary for us as well as her. Very gripping stuff - and that kiss with Lucas will come back to haunt her. Brooke outside the school was just as powerful. She realises how fucked up her world can be when a girl lies and says they're friends. Brooke breaks down and it's heart-breaking.

    My only issue with the episode is its ending. It was shocking and dramatic, and creates interesting storylines, but Dan shooting Keith almost took something away from the power and message of the episode to me. It's also incredibly sad because Keith was just starting to live his life with Karen. Damn it writers.

    Amazingly well done and powerful episode of TV, let alone Tree Hill.

  • not my favorite storyline

    I had mixed feelings on the shooting epsioe because it didn't convey the fear of being in real shooting because in a real shooting students and teachers wouldn't be trying to reason with the shooter. they would be trying to find a way out or praying that help would soon. and the fact that the Scott men were able to break SWAT relugations to go back into the school was riduise. and the last 5 mins of the show didn't make any sense at all by having Dan shoot Keith devalue the entire epsiope. and i agree with the reviewers that said that he or she was surpised that the puducers of the show didn't get sued, because the mermoery of what happened at Columbine and Virgina Tech is still very raw and painful. so in end those are my reasons for not liking these storyline.
  • Possibly the best TV episode ever!

    "With Tired Eyes,Tired Minds,Tired Souls,We Slept" is undeniably the best episode of any tv show i have ever seen.It's truly a masterpiece of television.There have been a lot of hostage situations in many TV shows,like the recent Grey's Anatomy season finale but this one is different.It actually has a profound meaning and that is bullying.Mark Schwahn really outdid himself with this episode and showed how bullying has a huge effect on people.
    The episode is directed,written and acted perfectly,in my opinion.i think this episode sets One Tree Hill apart from other teen shows because the show proved that it was more than hookups or love triangles.
    The episode is very intense,emotional and shocking.Jimmy Edwards walks into school with a gun seeking justice for the way he's being treated,putting everyone's lives in danger.You can tell that Jimmy is desperate and his words are just so moving.I cried so hard when he was talking about what he has been through alone since all of his friends abandoned him.Some of his lines like "I wanted them to leave me alone.I wanted them to like me" always get to me.Since i have been bullied i can somewhat relate to his words.I'm sure this episode helped a lot of teenagers deal with bullying.I know it helped me.
    Peyton actually gets shot and she crawls into the library when Lucas joins her trying to help her and then they share an epic Leyton moment.Me being a Leyton shipper i loved their scenes.
    And of course ,this episode ended with Dan killing Keith which was a defining moment for the show and definitely changed everything.It's very shocking to see a man killing his younger brother just out of spite.
    And by the way,there is a scene between Brooke and a reporter that is very emotional and amazing but unfortunately it isn't included in the episode but only as a deleted scene but it's really an outstanding and powerful scene.
    All in all,this episode is so amazing and raw.It is my favorite TV episode ever and that's probably never gonna change!Long Live One Tree Hill!
  • Wow! Best episode ever. Very touching and moving. A must see for anyone whether you're a fan of One Tree Hill or not.

    I wish I had reviewed this episode after it first aired. Oh well. So, I have watched it again for the millionth time and I decided to review it. This is truly the best episode of One Tree Hill. It was the best episode at that time and it is still the best episode. One Tree Hill is one of a kind and this episode shows just how awesome and unique it is.

    No other show had done such a powerful episode before or since. The closest I can think of is the 7th Heaven episode "Johnny Get Your Gun" It too was a powerful and moving episode, but no where near the emotional strength of this episode.
  • This episode would have to be one of my all time favorites. so emotional and real and the acting was brilliant.

    As Summary - This episode has to be one of my all time favorites, the acting from the actor who played Jimmy Edwards was unbelievable. it felt so real and really dragged me into the characters. One thing with this episode which I believe helps make the show so amazing, is the Music. - The Music used throughout this Episode was Brilliant. - makes it all so much more real. I cant stress enough how awesome i believe this episode is - really amazing work from an amazing crew and cast. will be greatly remembered as such - Amazing Episode.
  • This episode of One Tree Hill, was the best episode in my mind because not only was it the episode that got One Tree Hill renewed the next season it also got other publicity from other networks which is a huge honor

    This episode of One Tree Hill, was the best episode in my mind because not only was it the episode that got One Tree Hill renewed the next season it also got other publicity from other networks which is a huge honor. The way it was handled is just amazing I cannot remember watching another episode of any other show on any networks right now that was so intense. Some say that it was a bad move by OTH to do this episode because of the Columbine shooting, But what people need to remember is that was 7 years ago when the episode aired. And another comment was brought up in a review about how soon it aired after the Virginia Tech shooting which is incorrect because Virginia tech happened a year after this episode premiered. To aliengirl34 that logic is very poor to base a review off of, and Dan shooting Keith made perfect sense, he thought Keith tried to kill him in the dealership fire, you really must not watch One Tree HIll at all to see it. Open Your Eyes!!!!
  • A regular school day is turned into a nightmare, after a depressed and bullied kid brings a gun to school.

    This episode was incredible. One Tree Hill is back to drama. Nathan and Haley stick together and I can definitely see these two moving in together, again. Lucas finds Peyton, who has been shot in the leg, and keeps her company. Lucas and Peyton seem to be liking each other again, if the kiss they share is to be taken seriously, should they really be opening this can of worms again? All good things come to an end, with Keith being shot in the chest by his lovely, revenged-loving brother. Brooke seems to be opening her horizons, after talking to a kid from school, she's never talked to before.
  • Tackling a tough subject, ambitious, and pulled off perfectly. This episode made me hold my breath, cry, and feel things deep down inside. School shootings are complex and effect so many things, its never shown like that, until now

    School shootings have become a very black and white issue. There's sort of this image we have of who does them, why they do them, what happens, etc. This is a complicated, intense story line to try and tackle in a show. It got trendy for awhile there, to do things about school shootings, but One Tree Hill took it seriously, as they do with everything. Mark Schwan et al are brilliant. This episode was so powerful, and heartbreaking and breath taking...Such a complex set of problems, emotions, character interactions. Lucas running back into the school and saving peyton, their kiss in the library, the "you're always saving me"...keith's self sacrifice and the culmination of dan's evil. nathan and haley. brooke. so many things answered, and so many questions raised. it was terribly tragic and sad, but absolutely brilliantly done. it gave me chills.
  • This episode has been done so well, it explores the emotions of all of the characters and perfectly illustrates the subject of school shooting in a way that I don't think has ever been done on television before.

    The actors and behind the scenes crew of One Tree Hill deserve a big round of applause for this episode. The emotional places that had to be reached by the actors really illustrate the commitment that they have for the show. Mark Schwann says in the commentary for this episode that he wanted to help somebody in this episode. He wanted to show the reality of school shooting, the tears, and the heartache. He wanted to try and prevent more tragedies, like that of Columbine. This episode was good for the show as it moved the storyline along. Haley and Nathan spend more time together and Keith dies. I do think that bringing the Brooke/Lucas/Peyton love triangle back was a mistake. Overall this episode was a very moving, emotional episode. It marked the first time a major character has died in the series.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill due to the aftermath of the time capsule sitituation the school is being held hostage and kids are all afraid and the old frined that lucas and mouth knew is the one with the gun and nathan and haley are tring to proteced people and keith goes in to help and talk to the kid and turns out he is in there and dan comes with keith not know shoots keith dead and boy is dead also and the boy is blamed for the shooting and tragic has struct tree hill and mainly lucas
  • A great example for what happens in a school shooting and what brings it on. I really enjoyed it...and it was really sad.

    Okay. Wow. All I could think of when the episode even started was: "Oh God something big is gonna go down!" And it did. It was a very shocking and entertaining episode....Also a big tearjerker. I like tearjerkers. The Jimmy kid was really belivable and all the acting was right on que and perfect. A part I really sympatized with in this episode was the part when Brooke was talking th the Glenda girl and Glenda was talking about how she thinks her mom takes her for granted...also when Brooke said "Sorry I don't know you, Glenda"...was oddly sad to me...I guess because I have been in Brooke's shoes about not knowing someone who knows you and feeling bad about it. The ending was a straight up shocker and a real tearjerker. A single tear came out of my eye...LOL. 1st time I've ever cried from a tv show....ever. That's saying something! The best OTH episode ever in my eyes! Gotta love it.
  • This episode is the only one that has ever made me cry.

    This episode was one of the best episodes in the whole of One Tree Hill. It shows what some schools in America are really like. This episode is absolutely amazing. Jimmy's emotion is showed in the episode and it shows how some kids really might feel. It was very dramatic. The scene at the end makes it seem like Jimmy shot Keith by the way Keith shouts "NO!" and Dan shooting Keith was the emotional part of the episode. Mouth, Rachel, Haley, Nathan, Skills and Abby Brown show how it must feel to be held hostage, especially by a friend.
  • gun in school

    i watched this episode on my box set and when i watche it i noticed that when E4 played it they had removed some scenes and added delted ones instead.

    i really loved this episode even though i found it very hard to watch as it was so moving, i really liked the idea as it showed how people can be pushed into these things and how i could relate to jimmy so much as im so invisable in my school. i also feel that the guy who played jimmy was perfect, when he shot the gun you could tell that he didnt mean it, it was his expression that showed that, it also showed treating people can effect someone so much, i thought that the ending was very sad as one of the main charactors died, i also thought it was silly brining back the brooke/peyton/lucas triangle back

    overall this was an excellent episode.
  • Season 3, Episode 16.

    I really love this episode! The beginning rocked with Jimmy shooting someone! He fires at Peyton and Brooke, and Brooke thinks Peyton is next to her when she leaves, but she isn't! Then when she saw Nathan and Lucas, it was perfect! Peyton "got cut by some glass." I believe she was shot though, and didn't want to tell Lucas. I can't remember. Nathan and Lucas are being very brave. Brooke is safe though! =] Jimmy is in the room with HALEY and RACHEL! Then Nathan comes and he is a hostage too! I loved the "always and forever." This was really a perfect episode. Poor Keith! :( Yay Jimmy finally died... We'll only hear about this episode throughout the whole 4th season, which I didn't like, but still. EXCELLENT episode!
  • Jimmy brings a gun into the school, and starts shooting at people.

    This episode was very touching. It reveals a problem we have in this nation, and something needs to be done about it. Jimmy Edwards brings a gun into the school, and shoots at a guy that beat him up the night before. Chaos insues, kids start running in all different directions, and a few head to the tutor center, including Jimmy. After a few minutes, the students realize that Jimmy is the one who has the gun, and he proceeds to pull it on them, and hold them hostage in the tutor center. Nathan comes along, and Haley lets him in. Everyone tries to talk to him, but he doesn't listen. He lets a girl out of the room, to get her meds. He hears a door slam, and decides to leave. He walks out of the room, runs into Lucas and Peyton, lets them go, and runs into Keith. He talks to Keith for a minute, says he's sorry, and turns the gun on himself. Meanwhile, Dan walks up, picks up the gun, and fires at Keith, killing him.
  • it really showed what happens when there's a shooting at a school

    this episode pictured very well how kids that are afraid to go to school can get to a point where they feel so bad that tey bring a gun to school ... and they also tell that that kid wasn't bad , and he didn't mean to hurt peyton , and he didn't shoot anybody on purpose.
    and basically , the episode showed that just by opening the time capsule , so many people could get psciologicaly and physicaly hurt.
    the major things that happend in this episode was the kiss between peyton and lucas when he saved her , and after jimmy shoots himself , dan enters in the hallway , poits the gun to his brother and kills him
  • This storyline was created so carefully, with such caring and delicate writing that it becomes impossible not to be touched by such a lifechanging episode.

    From the first time I watched this episode, I was hooked. Unlike most of you I did not start watching OTH until the 3rd season, and even so every other week. Until I watched this episode. From that day, I became an addict. Not because Keith had been killed or because Peyton kissed Luke or anything like this.

    It was because of Jimmy.

    I believe every single piece of writing done for this episode was so delicate, so honest, so careful, that it was impossible not to get startled by it. I mean, we're talking about a 16 years old boy shooting up a school and, still, there was so little violence to it and so much feeling...

    This episode is the reason I watch One Tree Hill, the reason I buy the DVD sets and the reason I fell in love with writing.
  • Amazing episode!!!

    I think this episode is one of the best One Tree Hill episodes.

    The drama in this episode is amazing. The acting is great and it keeps you gripped right to the end.

    The whole school shooting story is something that I would never have expected OTH to do but they do it amazingly.

    I really like the way the episode is constructed and the ending is soooo brilliant that it makes you just want to watch the next episode right away!

    Overall the actors did an amazing job performing a very difficult story.

    This episode is really original and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of drama!
  • With the release of the Time Capsule, Jimmy Edwards come to school with a gun, and havoc hits Tree Hill High.

    I found this episode one of the best and one of saddest One Tree Hill episodes out of the entire series. I think there were some really great speeches made by characters in this episode, and because I love reading and words, that means something to me. Brooke's answer to the reporter was absolutely great.

    I think Jimmy Edwards character was splendidly acted in this scene, and I know its because all his friends moved on that made him get to the point where he wanted to end everything, I fell really sorry that he didn't get more of a role in previous seasons. The actor (I unfortuantely do not know his name) did a great job of potraying the desperation, anger and saddness that made Jimmy do what he did, and made him seem just as much a victim as the people he held hostage. I loved the Leyton scene is this episode- the fact that Lucas would go into a building where he knew there were was someone with a gun speaks volumes to me about his feeling for Peyton. And while the kiss between them could be viewed as simply a 'dying, last kiss' I think there was more to it than that- Peyton reveals her true feelings for Lucas at this moment, even if she dismisses them in later episodes.

    Also, of course this episode was so powerful becuase of what happened to Keith. Although I knew what was going to happen to him, and who committed the crime, I still physically flinched when Dan shot him. In fact, every time I see that scene I flinch- its just so hard to watch such a beloved character, whose life was finally turning around for the better, be killed off. And the cold look in Dans face makes it that much harder to watch.

    As I said before, probably the best OTH episode ever (in my opinion at least).
  • Life-changing

    Tragedy strikes Tree Hill high. Jimmy Edwards brings a gun into school. He is tired of all the harassing, the loneliness, the suffering, and the depression. Nathan and Lucas go into the school to get Haley and Peyton. Nathan, Haley, Skills, Rachel, Mouth, Abby and another bully guy get locked into a room with Jimmy. He takes them hostage. Abby is let free after she is revealed to be diabetic. All the parents worry for their own child. Lucas finds Peyton in the library with a gunshot wound to the leg. He rescues her, but they also kiss. Brooke feels guilty for not being friendly to everyone and she tells a reporter off after the reporter tries to get her feelings on the situation. Keith goes into the school to try and talk to Jimmy. Jimmy can't be convinced and he commits suicide. Dan then goes in and shoots Keith.

    Oh my gosh…this is the saddest, most tragic episode of anything I've ever seen. I really was moved by this one. Jimmy was picked on, left out, and felt it. He brought a gun to school to try and change things. It makes me think of anyone in my school that has been left out or feels like that. I want to try and be more friendly now. The ending was also very sad. I cannot believe that Dan shot Keith. Keith was a really good guy! One positive note is that Brooke mentioned another favorite show of mine: 7th Heaven. Still, Jimmy's suicide and Keith's death is really shocking. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me because it struck so much emotion and had the power to influence others that watch it.
  • This is one of my favourite episodes

    One of the most emotional, moving, best and saddest episodes of One Tree Hill. The shooting episode.

    Emotional-because of Jimmy Edwards and how lost/scared he is and what should have been 'just another normal day' turning into a tragedy. Moving-because you see how much people are loved when they(lucas, nathan, keith) go back for them. and how other's are not(or think they're not-Jimmy)

    Best-because of the aforementioned emotional moving-ness. And because of (imo) Peyton and Lucas in the library(awww) and Nathan and Haley("always...." "and forever"). One of my favourite scenes is when Peyton and Lucas are talking and they say:

    Lucas: Nothing will happen to you, I promise
    Peyton: You're always saving me.
    Lucas: Somebody's got to.
    Peyton: If I say, "I love you" right now, will you hold it against me? Because I've lost a lot of blood...come here. (she kisses him) Just in case you can't keep your promise. It's so sweet. And finally:

    Saddest-Because Keith Dies :(
  • This has got to be one of my fave one tree hill episodes.

    This episode is one of my faves. Its exciting and also sad. I like the way jimmy edwards is portrayed in this episode, he is not shown as an absolute evil nutcase, just a confused upset, depressed young boy who the viewers actually feel sorry for. It is upseting when he kills himself, but after that is the more shockinh part of the episode where dan kills keith. I really didnt expect it and was a good ending to the episode, however i am not giving the episode a 10 because i relly liked keith and wanted him to stay in it or at least not die lol.
  • Jimmy Edwards an old pal of Lucas' from his river court days returns to tree hill high after the time capsule was released and his messege was broadcast, the only problem is he isn't planning on going home...

    Perhaps the single best episode i have seen so far of this iconic series. The aftermath of the time capsule release explodes onto our screens and it can only ever end in tragedy.One of the best moments occurs in the schools library, with Peyton bleeding out on the floor and rapidly loosing consciousness she turns to Lucas and kisses him with words 'Just in case you can't keep your promise'. This moment is so well placed and well written that you can't help but think of the connection these two characters have. Peyton's right, he is always saving her.

    Of all the episodes of all the television shows i have watched very few have managed to make you want to cry out in dispair the way thie one did. The final scene is one of great sadness as you see Jimmy as the scared and hurt boy he is...he didn't want any of this to happend and Keith know this...cue God bless the child by Michelle Featherstone as he pulls the trigger...on himself. Then just as you thinking OMG the final twist. Dan Scott arrives, picks up the Gun and fires into his brothers chest...

    An iconic episode that will tug at your heart strings and make you feel so sad thay you want to just step inside tree hill high yourself and just shout stop!
  • Totally the BEST episode so far!!!

    Amazing episode.Perfectly written.Perfect acting.Amazing storyline.Two deaths.The saddest episode I have seen in years.The episode started scary with the words before the episode and I knew that something strange and thrilling will happen.The kid Jimmy was so sad that I just cried everytime I saw him this episode.The storyline with Lucas and Peyton was amazing and the kiss was something that I was waiting for a whole two seasons to happen.Brooke realizing that she is not so good to everybody at that school is gorgeous too and her crying is overwhelmingly sad.And the last scene when Jimmy kills himself brought me so many tears that I reach the point when I felt I am there and that happens to me or to my cloze person.But the greatest thing in the episode is that there weren't only one or two shocking moments.And after the big shock of Jimmy's suicide,came the murder of one of the most beloved characters of the show-Keith and the bigger shock that Dan kills him.An episode that ruled the whole season three.It made season three the best so far with that shocking,exciting and adventurous episode leading to so many great ones after it.This episode showed the full potential of One Tree Hill as one of the best teen drama ever!!!Thank You to the writers for giving us that expensive and valuable gift!!!
  • One of the saddest episodes.

    This episode was a real tearjerker, with great acting from each member of the cast. To capture the image of real life, they put in great effort, as they captured all the different things that would happen in an actual school shooting. It made you think about real life, and the things that can go on in a school, and what could happen. What made this episode even better for me was when Peyton told Lucas that she loved him when she was injured, and they kissed, although this may not really happen it was quite sad to watch. The real part that was a tearjearker was the shooting of Jimmy and Keith. Altogether a great episode that makes you cry and think twice about life!
  • After the time capsule release drama a regular day at Tree Hill high school turns ly after a student brings a to school...

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of the entire season! It was such a different storyline than what we're used to seeing on One Tree Hill, it really keeps your attention and it's almost impossible to turn away from the screen! This episode wasn't over-acted like most shows do when they have an episode like this. "With tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept" really gives Degrassi's "Time stands still" a run for it's money. I hope that in the future we will see more realistic episodes of One Tree Hill not as dramatic as this certain episode but realistic.
  • Real Life!

    OMG! :O I can't wake up from this trance....OMG! Someone just died... in fact 2 persons...and I might say after this episode both with the same importance... because one thing that I've for sure learned: Everybody it's at the same level...everybody needs love, everybody needs compassion, everybody needs to have an importance in this world... and if not, he's gonna fall . Man I feel so bad for this kid, but not for him in special but for all of those who feel the same...and I know it because I felt the same once! It hurts, it hurts so bad bun only when something happens we realise that someone has been left beside! At the beginning of the episode I thought"Naa this is a lame episode, whit heroes and bad guys, whit foolish action scenes and brave acts which we can see in every commercial movie!" but it ended to be about life, about the real life of each child that goes to school and tries to be someone in the institution we call school! For everyone life is a drama... the school is a drama and don't disapprove because you know it! Pay attention to the stranger near you which you call friend... or not!
  • I cried.

    This episode is a disturbing one. People die. But this is way I love this show, it never stops surprising me. It is well written, and the characters are developed in to the next level. They grow up, and nothing is the same. I cried. I cried all day. I will miss Kiff for ever.
    This episode reminds us that this world is not a perfect one, it's far from it. We only think of ourselves. We don't care. We make fun of people that are not like us, we ignore them, and we hurt them. And something like this happens, people die! And if that don't get to us, what will? This episode has shown me that we don't need to be bad; we have to look out for our friends and be nice. Be good and you will feel happier.
  • I had goosebumps throughout the whole episode.

    Oh my goodness. I was glued to the TV while watching this episode. It is very intense and full of emotion. My eyes didnt start tearing up till I saw Mouth cry. Aww just thinking about it makes me all watery. All the actors were on top of their game. You really felt all their emotions.

    I didnt like Peyton kissing Lucas. Yeah I know its a school shooting and you maybe might possibly die, but for someone who wants to stay BF's with her BF, she acted selfish. I would understand if she just said I love you, but the kiss didnt have to happen.

    The ending was a complete shock for me. I didnt expect him to shoot HIM. I was like "NOOOO!!!!!". I jumped out of my seat and hit the TV screen [which kinda hurt].
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