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One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 17

You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Tree Hill's romances face more trials: Peyton and Lucas receive shocking news about the pregnancy, Brooke's relationship with Julian comes to a crossroads, and Mouth and Millie try to pick up the pieces and move on. Meanwhile, Jamie spends the night with his grandparents while Nathan and Haley celebrate their anniversary.moreless

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  • Couplings...

    You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three was a simple concept that was only partly successful.

    Lucas and Peyton. This was pretty good because it was dramatic and intense, something that has been missing from these two in ages. It was emotional to see them so broken by the news that their pregnancy is not going to be easy and could kill Peyton. I applaud this storyline because it builds up the tension amazingly.

    Mouth and Millie. This was all just a bit overplayed. They didn't cover any new ground and Millie still just left at the end. Can't say I enjoyed this that much.

    Haley and Nathan. This was sweet and the most innocent of all the couples. It showed that Naley are still a great couple.

    Brooke and Julian. I found this odd because it is so fast for Julian to be saying I love you that I could only empathise with Brooke here, I'm glad she said they should slow down because that's what I was thinking. I think I prefer Owen to Julian too.

    Deb and Dan. Seemed tacked on and we've heard it all before. Main thing was Dan getting a new heart which I'm kind of over now anyway.

    Overall, not many of these couples added much to the direction of the season.

  • Couples!!

    This was a good episode. It was done differently which was great. I loved that it started with showing us all the couples that were going to be featured and then each couple had their own segment of the show. It was very nicely done.

    Lucas/Peyton: Apparently more then the month between episodes has passed because Peyton is really showing now and she wasn't showing in the previous episode. This thing with the baby is really scary. When they first came home I was scared she had lost it, but was so glad to hear she hadn't. I love the room. And I love that even though it will be hard and very risky they decided to keep the baby.

    Nathan/Haley: Love them!!! That's really all that needs to be said. I can't believe they've been married for seven years. I loved them this whole episode. It was just so sweet and perfect and drama free.

    Brooke/Julian: I can't believe he said he loved her so quickly, but she is Brooke Davis. It's hard not to love her. They are great together. They'll work it out. I like them!! It's got to be hard on Julian though that Brooke really hasn't been in love since Lucas. The poor guy already had to deal with that with Peyton.

    Mouth/Millie: Eh...don't really care. I'm glad Mouth finally admitted he screwed up with the whole flirting and everything with Gigi.

    Dan/Deb: A little weird seeing them together again, but I liked it. It was good to see them finally having it out over Keith's death. We already knew Deb blamed herself, but to hear Dan say it was her fault was just mean.

    Overall, great episode!!moreless
  • The episode was basically broken into acts with each couple doing something.

    I loved the episode and to me some parts were boring. My favorite part was Lucas and Peyton I thought they did the best with the acting.Then Julian and Brooke was so sad and Dan and deb were exciting. Mouth and his relationships were pointless and took up time. Nathan and Haley needs and I mean definitely needs to be shaken up. Yeah this episode had a lot of drama but that is not a bad thing. As for Brooke they should did something with that I Love you stuff. Now it just seems unresolved and left open. I feel for Julian.moreless
  • Worst episode so far.

    I really hated the episode, it really was the worst OTH episode so far. What's with the writers still focusing on a lousy couple: Milicent and Mouth? It really is the worst couple in the history of tv shows. They are hanging on to dead pieces of their love story and still think there's a way to get back together, all of that told on a slow pace. I really like the season so far but this episode was really bad, I hope there won't be anymore episodes like this one. I found it was empty, something was missing and the focus on the three couples was not necessary, it was missing a sub-plot.moreless
  • Haley and Nathan spend time together in Charlston, Julian wants to commit to Brooke but Brooke is scared and doesn't want to and she uses Sam as an excuse, Mouth and Millie finally have it out as does Deb and Dan while watching Jamie. Payton has troule.moreless

    Payton starts having troule with her pregnancy, Mouth and Millie finally have it out as to why they broke up, Deb and Dan finally duke it out and confront eachother about the past. It is revealed that Haley got suspended for distrubiting Sam's report to the school paper which sucks in my opinion. Lisa Goldstine returns and it seems to me that she doesn't regret what she did I don't know it also seems to me that this couple got way too much air time in my opinion I would've liked to see more of Payton and Lucas in this episode considering what they showed in the coming attractions for this episode I don't think this episode should've focused on Mouth and Millie this ways more of a Lucas and Payton episode. now to Deb and Dan WOW !! it's about time this was the arguement that I've been waiting for!!!! Barbara Alyn Woods did a fantastic job I loved seeing them together on screan again lol Paul Johanson's reaction when he walked in the house was priceless! "wow Deb you look old" lol sorry that was great. loved it... now to Payton and Lucas I noticed that they were only in for two seens! what the hell! that was mark's mistake this week... I hope they have more airtime next week and hopefully we'll see less of Millie and Mouth there just getting annoying now Skillz wasn't in this episode and neither was Sam and that just sucked because they add some humor into the show in my opinion. now when Grandpa Dan's beeper when of as Deb says "I Can't wait for you to die" or something to that effect that was just a little freaky... anyways great job Mark!moreless

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Saturday, October 31, 2009 on TVNorge

    • Featured Music:
      "One Of Those Days" by Joshua Radin
      "A Piece For You" by Meaghan Smith
      "Are You Lightning" by Nada Surf
      "Low" by Josh Auer
      "Save A Place" by 1969 Feat. Butch Walker
      "Sea Song" by Lisa Hannigan
      "After Afterall" by William Fitzsimmons
      "Lost Forever" by Guggenheim Grotto

    • Matthew Caws, a musician from the band Nada Surf, composed some of the music that is included in this episode.


    • Deb: Since it's just you and me tonight, I am going to let you stay up past bedtime and watch Thomas & Friends.
      Jamie: I'd rather watch Gossip Girl, it's so bad for me.

      Gossip Girl is another show on the CW network that debuted in 2007. Starting with the last few episodes of the show's first season, Gossip Girl has aired in the time slot immediately preceding One Tree Hill on Monday nights.

    • Episode Title: You and Me and The Bottle Makes Three Tonight

      A song by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy from the album The Millennium Collection: The Best of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.