One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 16

You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2007 on The CW
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It's Prom night, but things start to go awry as Lucas discovers who was the person in the hallway when Keith was killed, and Psycho Derek holds Peyton hostage at her own house. Meanwhile, Haley and Nathan vow to be romantic with each other throughout the night, and Dan continues to win over Karen's affections.moreless

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  • "Prom Night" for Peyton and Brooke!

    One hell of a prom night for Peyton and Brooke.

    The comedy/horror treatment made Lucas look pretty clueless. But it was the writers' way to let the two girls whup the psycho rapist's ass. Girl Power Forever!

    If you ask me though, they should have given him the full "Dexter" treatment.
  • Tree Hill does horror.

    You Call It Madness but I Call It Love was melodramatic and a little silly, but still a brilliantly entertaining episode of Tree Hill.

    Peyton is taken hostage by Psycho Derek and the show really embraces its horror movie side as he continues to torment her and be extremely creepy. When Brooke gets involved it goes from horror tp full on slasher with Peyton tricking him into letting her go (obviously a lie but Hilary Burton did great in that scene, nearly had me convinced) and she and Brooke eventually overcome Derek and push him dowm the stairs. I liked how Peyton took five minutes to beat the crap out of him - was worth it after all the shit he's put her through. AND it's what brings Peyton and Brooke's friendship back together. Yay!

    Meanwhile, Mouth runs off with Rachel (I really find him irritating) Nathan and Haley's car breaks down but they manage to have fun anyway (sweet scenes) and Lucas finally remembers that he saw Abbey in the window on the day of the shooting (clever twist, nicely revealed).

    Nice set up for the last few episodes of season 4 too.

  • Prom!!

    While Psycho Derek holds Peyton (and later Brooke who came to find out why Peyton wasn't at the prom) hostage, the rest of the gang is at school trying to enjoy prom.

    Dan and Karen at prom together is weird. Even if I didn't know what Dan did, I don't think I could trust him.

    Nathan and Haley have car problems and she has trouble with her leg. I love that Nathan took her back to the cafe roof and showed her the prediction she wrote. It was perfect and so sweet. I love that he predicted they would be together by graduation.

    Having Lucas and Glenda hang out at prom was cool. They make really good friends. And I love that we finally have come to a point where Lucas is going to finally find out what happened the day Keith died. He now remembers seeing Abby hiding in the hallway before he walked out with Peyton.

    And even though they fought and have not been the best of friends lately I love that through it all Peyton and Brooke have each others backs. They fought hard against Psycho Derek and they won... Hoes over Psychos!!moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 16.

    Great episode. Senior prom is here! Nathan and Haley have yet another car problem, and Deb must drive them to prom. Lucas wants to be with Peyton, but he doesn't know that Psycho Derek came back (real name Ian Banks). He disguised his voice and said that it was the police on the phone, and that they caught Peyton's stalker. I'm so sick of hearing about Keith! It's been a whole season! It's about time someone figured out something! I love Brooke. I was picturing that it would be like a Desperate Housewives-style thing where Ian would hold Peyton, Brooke would go to her house looking for her, and he'd take her too. Great episode.moreless
  • Overall a great episode except sometimes the peyton, Brooke and dereck scenes seemed very unlike one tree hill!

    I did really like this episode but as i said before some of the scenes were abit extreme. Mainly the part when Brooke and peyton were fighting derech it seemed very strange and didn't feel anything like one tree hill! The nathan and hayley scenes were good as were Lucas's. I'm glad we finally have a witness to keiths murder and its a believable one at that. Don't like mouth everything he says makes me roll my eyes. Rachel is okay her sexaul harresment line was funny. Overall great episode can't wait for last few episodes of season!moreless
Bradford Mills

Bradford Mills


Guest Star

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Abby Brown

Guest Star

Amy Tipton

Amy Tipton

Flight Attendant

Guest Star

Matt Barr

Matt Barr

Ian "Psycho Derek" Banks

Recurring Role

Bevin Prince

Bevin Prince

Bevin Mirskey

Recurring Role

Amber Wallace

Amber Wallace

Glenda Farrell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Brooke is looking for Peyton inside the house, she believes Peyton is hiding from her and uses the proof that Peyton's curling iron was still on. But why would the curling iron be on if Peyton was finished with it and ready to go to prom?

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Peyton: Are you ready for this Brooke Davis?
      Brooke: Welcome to prom, P. Sawyer.
      Bevin: Attention everyone! Get around the stage. It's time to announce our prom queen. The envelope please. Okay, and this year's prom queen: Brooke Davis!

    • Dan: So what do you think? Does this beat our prom?
      Karen: Oh let's see, the theme for our prom was 'Every rose has its thorn', yeah.
      Dan: Thorn, right. I was out at the night I told you I was leaving to take the basketball scholarship. I want you to know that for the past seventeen years, I've been pretending that it was the right choice.
      Karen: For the last seventeen years, I've been pretending that choice didn't break my heart.
      Dan: I want to ask you something, do you think it's impossible for you ever to have feelings for me again, like you once did?
      Karen: No, it's not impossible.

    • Derek: Open the door, Peyton! You already know I could break it down. You forgot to lock it.
      Peyton: I didn't forget! It doesn't feel so good, does it? I'm not going to run from you anymore Derek, I'm not going to run anymore purely now get up!
      Derek: You've been training.
      Peyton: It's right, with my real brother. He taught me this! And that is for making me afraid to sleep, you creepy, and smelly son of a bitch!
      Derek: Shhhh. You really think you could beat me? A girl?
      Brooke: How about two girls?
      Peyton: Brooke get out! Get off!
      Brooke: Peyton! Peyton, be careful he's going to lunge. They always lunge.
      Derek: Arghhh!
      Brooke: I'm gonna call 911.
      Peyton: Brooke wait, gimme five minutes!

    • Lucas: She told me she loved me. I just figured it was because she lost a lot of blood. But at some level I knew it was true. I was just too afraid to admit it because, it would've hurt Brooke.
      Glenda: You ever think maybe that's why you have trouble writing about that day? Maybe you block things out because you're afraid if you face the truth, it could hurt the other people you love.

    • Peyton: Why did you come?
      Brooke: We've been talking about senior prom since we are 8. I knew something was wrong.
      Peyton: So, you told someone you were coming?
      Brooke: No at least I came!
      Peyton: You should have told somebody!
      Brooke: That is your problem, you are so angry.
      Peyton: You're an idiot!
      Brooke: Don't call me an idiot, bitch!

    • Brooke: Hey.
      Lucas: Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about your dress. I had no idea.
      Brooke: It's OK I got most of it off now and when you blacklight me it just says who.
      Lucas: Oh.
      Brooke: So, where is she anyway?
      Lucas: I went over to her house to pick her up and she won't even open the door. I guess she's not coming.

    • Derek: It's time for our first dance. This song is special. I made it from your podcasts. I hope you see now how much thought I put into tonight. It's why I couldn't have you going to prom with Lucas. And afterwards, giving yourself to him. I couldn't allow that Peyton, you belong to me. We're gonna have the perfect prom, and afterwards we're gonna go up to your bedroom, and have the perfect prom night. Well another text from Lucas, let's see what it says. Ohhh, I'm so sorry, please talk to me, prom sucks without you. Let's reply: sorry, running late, wait for me. Hugs and kisses. Is that emoticon too much you think? Ohhh, what the hell, semi-colon and close parentheses.

    • Rachel: You know I lied to you when I told you my flight was late. The truth is that I just wasn't ready to get on it.
      Mouth: Why not?
      Rachel: Because I wanted us to have our last dance.
      Mouth: Let's have it.
      (They start dancing)
      Rachel: You're gonna break a lot of hearts Mouth McFadden.

    • Nathan: I'm gonna go get you some punch. Okay? (Hands Haley some punch.) Here you go.
      Haley: Eww honey, that ain't punch.
      Drunk kid: Not bad huh? Yeah, they shanghaied my flask when I came in here, but I went to plan B so its...
      Nathan: (Nathan grabs the drunk kid.) You spiked the punch?
      Drunk kid: Dude it's prom.
      Nathan: My wifes pregnant you idiot.
      Drunk kid: Dude it's prom. (Nathan lets go of the drunk kid)
      Haley: (Jokingly to Nathan) Dude it's prom.

    • Haley: You know after everything we've been through in the past year your mom taking us to prom feels pretty good.
      Nathan: Kinda like we're kids again.
      Haley: Yeah, like you know maybe tonight we don't have to be married and pregnant. We can just be teenagers.
      Nathan: Well, in that case what's your curfew.

    • Pyshco Derek: (To Peyton after Lucas leaves her to go to prom) I can't believe he actually left. I would never give up on you that easily, you hear me. Our love is forever.

    • Peyton: (to Brooke) All this time you said I was a backstabbing b*tch. You had no idea how right you were!
      (Stabs Psycho Derek on the shoulder)
      Peyton: (walks to Brooke) OH!
      Brooke: (as Peyton unties her from the chair) God, did you have to hit me so hard?
      Peyton: I'm so sorry! I'm SO sorry!

    • (Psycho Derek has the knife against Brooke's throat)
      Peyton: Derek! Hey, hey, look at me. If you really, really love me, let me do it. This is my chance for revenge. You, more than anybody, should know that. Look you were right about me okay! Hey! You were right. We are so much alike, I have the same feelings as you do, I have all the same desires... It's true. Hey, I just couldn't admit it before. I'm going to prove it to you now, just untie me... Come on, Derek. You've got the knife and I'm half your size.
      (Psycho Derek unties her)

    • Psycho Derek: It's a good thing I brought extra rope...
      [Brooke breaks free of her gag]
      Brooke: Untie me, you freak!
      Psycho Derek: It figures you'd be good with your mouth.

    • Rachel: Quit talking about Shelly.
      Mouth: Yeah, I know. I'm boring you.
      Rachel: No, you're making me jealous.

    • Nathan: So, uh, when you took your boot off... was it all...
      Haley: Oh, it was like 'Teen Wolf'... Seriously! I had to use three razor blades.
      Nathan: Nice.

    • Brooke: Hey, I'll be back in time for my coronation.
      Mouth: Aren't they still voting for prom-queen?
      Brooke: Yeah, but it's really just a formality.

    • (was just texted from the person who knows he killed Keith)
      Dan: (finding the cell phone on the floor) So, it was you!
      Lucas: (just walking in) What?
      Dan: Is this your cell phone?
      Lucas: No...I have mine.

    • Haley: This is the weirdest prom ever! No Peyton, no Brooke, no Lucas, no Mouth!
      Nathan: No Rachel.
      Haley: (Dreamily) Good prom...
      (Nathan laughs)

    • (after reading Nathan's prediction)
      Haley: Did you really believe that?
      Nathan: I was in a pretty dark place back then, but I never stopped believing in us.

    • Rachel: Hang on! The Clean Girl gave it up!? Nice work...
      Mouth: Yeah, so nice that she never wants to see me again.
      Rachel: Welcome to the rest of the life, Mouth, sex changes everything.
      Mouth: You know let's not talk about Shelly. This is your night, what do you wanna do?
      Rachel: Well, I wanted to deflower you but I guess I'm too late for that. I wanna do what you wanna do.
      Mouth: I wanna get Shelly back
      Rachel: Exept that. Shelly is nuts. And this is coming from a girl who has seen a lot of nuts.

    • Nathan: (referring to using the word "perfect") We got to stop saying that.

    • Rachel: (to Mouth) Sex changes everything.

    • Brooke: (To Peyton) I guess now it's hoes over psychos.

    • Haley: (reads Nathan's prediction) Haley and I will be together again by graduation.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Only for this episode, Allison Scagliotti ("Abby") receives the "Co-Starring" credit, and is listed during the ending credits.

    • There are 3 unaired scenes on the season 4 DVD set.

      The first one is with Lucas and Mouth at prom talking about how they don't understand girls.

      The second one is between Deb and Karen. Deb tells Karen that Dan is in love with her and that she should run away from him.

      The final scene is with Dan and Whitey. Dan accuses Whitey of being the one who knows about Keith's death.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
      Latin America: Sunday, December 9, 2007
      Greece: Saturday, February 23, 2008 on Star
      Australia: Sunday, July 13, 2008 on TEN HD

    • Featured Music:
      "Close Your Eyes" by The Chemical Brothers
      "Daisychains" by Youth Group
      "Favorite Girl" by Marques Houston
      "Favorite Sin" by Within Reason
      "Forever Young" by Alphaville
      "Halo" by Bethany Joy Galeotti
      "Hard Feelings" by Master Source
      "I Wanna" by Black Toast
      "Let It Out" by Within Reason
      "Make Believe" by Six By Silver
      "No Stars" by Maria Taylor
      "Nux Vomica" by The Veils
      "On A Natural High" by Sissy Prozac
      "Philosophia" by The Guggenheim Grotto
      "Please Resolve This" by Altarmotive
      "Super Sexy Free" by Bosshouse

    • Although credited, Antwon Tanner (Skills) didn't appear in this episode.