One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 16

You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2007 on The CW

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  • "Prom Night" for Peyton and Brooke!

    One hell of a prom night for Peyton and Brooke.

    The comedy/horror treatment made Lucas look pretty clueless. But it was the writers' way to let the two girls whup the psycho rapist's ass. Girl Power Forever!

    If you ask me though, they should have given him the full "Dexter" treatment.
  • Tree Hill does horror.

    You Call It Madness but I Call It Love was melodramatic and a little silly, but still a brilliantly entertaining episode of Tree Hill.

    Peyton is taken hostage by Psycho Derek and the show really embraces its horror movie side as he continues to torment her and be extremely creepy. When Brooke gets involved it goes from horror tp full on slasher with Peyton tricking him into letting her go (obviously a lie but Hilary Burton did great in that scene, nearly had me convinced) and she and Brooke eventually overcome Derek and push him dowm the stairs. I liked how Peyton took five minutes to beat the crap out of him - was worth it after all the shit he's put her through. AND it's what brings Peyton and Brooke's friendship back together. Yay!

    Meanwhile, Mouth runs off with Rachel (I really find him irritating) Nathan and Haley's car breaks down but they manage to have fun anyway (sweet scenes) and Lucas finally remembers that he saw Abbey in the window on the day of the shooting (clever twist, nicely revealed).

    Nice set up for the last few episodes of season 4 too.

  • Prom!!

    While Psycho Derek holds Peyton (and later Brooke who came to find out why Peyton wasn't at the prom) hostage, the rest of the gang is at school trying to enjoy prom.

    Dan and Karen at prom together is weird. Even if I didn't know what Dan did, I don't think I could trust him.

    Nathan and Haley have car problems and she has trouble with her leg. I love that Nathan took her back to the cafe roof and showed her the prediction she wrote. It was perfect and so sweet. I love that he predicted they would be together by graduation.

    Having Lucas and Glenda hang out at prom was cool. They make really good friends. And I love that we finally have come to a point where Lucas is going to finally find out what happened the day Keith died. He now remembers seeing Abby hiding in the hallway before he walked out with Peyton.

    And even though they fought and have not been the best of friends lately I love that through it all Peyton and Brooke have each others backs. They fought hard against Psycho Derek and they won... Hoes over Psychos!!
  • Season 4, Episode 16.

    Great episode. Senior prom is here! Nathan and Haley have yet another car problem, and Deb must drive them to prom. Lucas wants to be with Peyton, but he doesn't know that Psycho Derek came back (real name Ian Banks). He disguised his voice and said that it was the police on the phone, and that they caught Peyton's stalker. I'm so sick of hearing about Keith! It's been a whole season! It's about time someone figured out something! I love Brooke. I was picturing that it would be like a Desperate Housewives-style thing where Ian would hold Peyton, Brooke would go to her house looking for her, and he'd take her too. Great episode.
  • Overall a great episode except sometimes the peyton, Brooke and dereck scenes seemed very unlike one tree hill!

    I did really like this episode but as i said before some of the scenes were abit extreme. Mainly the part when Brooke and peyton were fighting derech it seemed very strange and didn't feel anything like one tree hill! The nathan and hayley scenes were good as were Lucas's. I'm glad we finally have a witness to keiths murder and its a believable one at that. Don't like mouth everything he says makes me roll my eyes. Rachel is okay her sexaul harresment line was funny. Overall great episode can't wait for last few episodes of season!
  • Psycho Derek

    Psycho Derek has tied up Peyton in her basement. She is so scared. Lucas comes by to pick up Peyton, but since Psycho Derek has her, she doesn't answer. Lucas and Glenda talk. She suggests that maybe Lucas blocks out the day that Keith died because he doesn't want others to get hurt. Mouth and Brooke go to prom. Brooke decides to see Peyton. She does, but Psycho Derek captures her too. He is about to kill Brooke, but Peyton lies and says that she loves Derek and that she wants to kill Brooke. Peyton manipulates Psycho Derek and ends up stabbing him. She runs, but he goes after her. It's a chase until Peyton's room. She beats him up, but he gets a hold of her. It's Brooke to the rescue! After a big fight, Peyton and Brooke get the better end! Mouth spends time with Rachel on her last night there. Mouth decides to go with her to New Orleans. Dan is haunted by the witness to Keith's murder and Karen struggles whether to accept Dan or not. Nathan and Haley spend a romantic evening together. Lucas figures out who the witness to Keith's death is: Abby.

    This episode was really really good! It was really scary with Psycho Derek. I'm glad Peyton and Brooke weren't harmed too badly. It was really intense though! I'm glad we know the witness now! I like Mouth and Rachel together actually! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!

    I adore One Tree Hill for being so different every episode.We,tehviewers,need rmance,teen life problems but also a tension and clifthangers.This episode gives us so many clifthangers.
    Peyton's Storyline
    The best storyline this episode.It totally scared me and I was like watching a thriller or horror movie.It truly is a masterpiece.There were so many times that I was scared to death.Like Drek's face and his looking from the window when Brooke's coming.It was amazing acting for both him and Peyton.It surely was not only a tension and horror but it also gives us a heartwarming emotions because this event brings the best friends Peyton and Brooke together.It was amazing prom night and totally scary to death.
    Dan's Storyline
    Another clifthanger that brought us one year ago(3x16)and totally a season ago to the school shooting where Keith was killed.This episode actually showed some conclusion to the biggest clifthanger for the whole series.It was scary that the whole prom Dan was receiving messages and especially when Lucas showed up.Finally Lucas opens his eyes and sees taht there is a witness to the murder.
    Other's Storylines
    Another thing I liked in this episode was that every main character has a story in the prom night.
    It was somehow flashbacking to see Dan and Karen to the prom together and somekind sweet until Dan starts receiving messages.
    It was sad to see Rachel all alone and heading out of Tree Hill.It was romantic to see them with Mouth dancing at the airport.
    And it was totally romantic to see Haley and Nathan to the prom and Haley was so baeutiful as a mom-to-be.
    With couple of words,It was an episode full with everything taht this series is about-the teen life and problems escalating in the Prom and the last days of schools,the love,the moments in life that can be sometimes thrilling and scary,the friendship that can win over everything.
  • Wow!!! that's all I have to say!

    I saw this episode just now (a littel late, I know) and thought it was awesome!
    it is a very well-written episode! Hilarie Burton and Matt Barr was very good in this episode. Burton, as always, preformed beautifuly as Peyton Sawyer.
    Another great preformance by Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis.

    I loved Peyton/Brooke/Psycho-Derek sceans. The three of them were very convinsing at their performance.

    I loved the Naley scean in the car at the begining, when Nathan asks Haley about when she took her boot off, and she said it was like teen wolf

    I can't wait till the whole Dan murdered Keith thing is over.. I hate Karen and Dan together. it makes me sick just to think about it :S Oh, and we god to see Breyton together again, which is cool!!
  • Very Exciting episode!

    I just re-watched this episode (for like the 12 time :P) and I think it is amazing!
    Well written! Terrence Coli has managed to deliver a remarkable script for this episode.

    Great acting by the enchanting Hilarie Burton and Matt Barr. Burton, as always, preformed beautifuly as Peyton Sawyer.
    Another great preformance by Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis.

    Peyton/Brooke/PsychoDerek sceans were very intance. The three of them were very convinsing. (at least most of the time..)

    I was extremely happy to see Peyton and Brooke together again. ;)
    I've found it very funny when Peyton punches Brooke as a part of her convinsing Psycho Derek of her loyalty towards him.

    Naley sceans were very adorable.
    The scean in the car at the begining, where Nathan asks Haley about taking her boot was funny :)

    I had a littel problem with the SMS messeges that Dan got, and the cell-phone scean.. not very realistic in my opinion.
    Also, the fact that Brooke and Peyton came to prom without change the dresses they were wearing was very absurd...

    I'm glad that the whole Dan murdered Keith thing is about to be over.. Karen and Dan together dosen't makes sense to me, so I'm happy she'll see the real him.
    I was not expecting Abby to be the one stalking Dan, but actually it makes sense. (Allthough I thought it was a bit strange how easily Lucas uncovers her identity).

    Over all, this episode was extremely good. Definitely one of my favorites.
  • E4 aired this episode on the same day as the previous episode - so it was great for me even before it aired! LOL

    I do love E4 sometimes. I kinda guessed this wouldn't be a 'feel-good' episode because it was aired relatively late (which was still kinda early for me :p) - but damn, I loved it. It's great seeing a darker side to the show.
    I think some parts were slightly predictable but the acting was top-class throughout and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was more to the psycho-Derek storyline, (the episode where he attacked Peyton before was good but I felt it was very anti-climactic and pretty under-developed for a storyline).
    Anyway - I think the best thing that came out of the episode, for me, was Peyton and Brooke sort of working together and being friends. Yes, it was kinda cheesy at times (cheerleader pyramid?!) but I still liked it lol.
    I think my favorite scene was Peyton apologising after she hit Brooke, it was hilarious and warranted a few playbacks so I could laugh some more.
    Other great scenes include the fighting between Peyton and Derek, the fight scene in the bedroom was pretty realistic and Hilarie's acting was outstanding, not just in that scene but throughout.
    I think this episode was great because it led to some good character development for both Brooke and Peyton. I think it's fair to say Peyton has had more than your average person's share of heartbreak (but she wouldn't be Peyton without it, right?) but even with all of that it's cool that the writers can still find new ways to develop characters further and push the boundaries. This episode also meant that the psycho-Derek storyline could reach a proper climax thus ensuring Peyton could put it all behind her this time.
    I think Peyton and Brooke's level of friendship really shone through too. Unfortunately it was one of the things about the episode I found predictable but nevertheless, it was good. It sort of cemented their friendship properly after all of the messy stuff. I loved how this time it was turned around so Peyton was the one not speaking to Brooke so Brooke was on the other side and had to try and turn things around rather than Peyton who always seemed to be the one begging for forgiveness - thank goodness for Derek then LOL. I don't think they would have cemented their friendship properly without a life-threatening incident to bring them closer together :p

    Love it. :)
  • Seriously...if dis happens to me at my Debs I will actually go mad! How dare he ruin the biggest night of their school lives?? Little nasty...

    Ooooh, this was really, really good! Edge of your seat stuff,most definitely!!!! So we all know by now that Psycho Derek showed up at Peytons house on the night of her prom ( O.M.G)and we all know he wasn't there to have tea and a chat. No, instead he goes all stereotypical nutcase and drugs Peyton and attacks Brooke and, oh, the drama! But what I love about this ep is Hallelujah,Lucas doesn't have to come along on his white horse and save Peyton. cuz she and Brooke are able to look past their differences and save themselves!! Woo! About time too! Sisters doin it for themselves!!
  • PROM !!

    Finally.. Prom night! The episode starts when someone knocks on Peyton's door. Of course she expects it to be Lucas, but when she opens the door Psycho Derek is standing in front of her. Before she gets the chance to close the door, he slaps her in the face and she falls down. Dan and Karen go to the prom together to chaperone. And Rachel gets a message from Mouth and Brooke that they already miss her. Derek has taken Peyton to the basement, where he tied her to a chair. Derek has the idea, to 'celebrate' prom with Peyton, because he believes she needs romance in her life. He starts taking pictures of her because all the ones he had are gone. Peyton starts yelling but no one can hear her. When Brooke notices Peyton isn't at prom, she decides to go get her. She rings, but Peyton doesn't open the door. So she gets inside with the key Peyton once showed her. As Brooke goes inside the basement, Derek attacks her and ties her next to Peyton. Meanwhile, Dan is receiving anonymous messages from someone who knows more about Keith's death. Psycho Derek wants to kill Brooke because she hurt Peyton a lot lately. He takes his knife and puts it towards her throat. Peyton tries to convince him that she wants to kill her. Derek doubts, but after Peyton flirted with him and kissed him, he hands her the knife. Peyton slaps Brooke a couple of times to show Derek how much she hates Brooke. Derek seems to enjoy it, but all of a sudden Peyton stabs him down. Peyton unties Brooke and they run away. But Derek is already on his way to find them.
    Peyton fights Psycho Derek in every way her real brother learned her to stand up for herself. But she isn't strong enough. Luckily Brooke comes to help and together they manage to throw him of the stairs. Meanwhile Mouth arrived at the airport with Rachel (after she went to crash the prom to see Brooke and Mouth again) And Rachel asks Mouth to go away with her.
    Brooke and Peyton arrive at prom with bruises and wrecked dresses. And Lucas finally opens his eyes and finds out who can help him to solve the mystery around Keith’s death.
  • Peyton is attacked by Derrick.

    That was an alright episode. I thought it could have been better. Like Lucas coming in to save the day or they could have shown Lucas's reaction when he saw Peyton at Prom or heard what happened. I thought the "kicking Derrick's butt" part was excellent. Who knew cheerleading moves could send a psycho flying down the stairs to near unconciousness? lol. I really want Lucas to find out who killed Keith. I just sometimes want to scream at the tv the answer. Of course, people than think I'm crazy and I'm automatically sent to the nuthouse. Just kidding. I'm hoping Lucas finds the killer in the upcoming episodes. I also hope Peyton finally gets over her fear.
  • Pseudothriller episode. Only enjoyable to 11 year old girls.

    This is the second climax (or semi-climax) episode of the season. The first one being Some you give away. Both were quite predictable, everything turned out the way everyone thougth it would, in spite of that Some you give away was an awesome episode. Au contaire this was not.

    The episode may not be abysmal bad, but when you're expecting so much for so long, anything short of amazing is bitter dissapointment. Also, when I think it's just impossible for Nathan and Haley to get any chessier thery actually managed to pull it off. Man! those two handle astronomical quantities of lame.
  • Pysho Derek, Rachel, and Abby return. Which makes for a very intense prom night at Tree Hill high.

    I believe that this may be one of the best One Tree Hill episode. Hilarie Burton, Peyton, did a amazing acting job, and did a nice job with the multiple personalities, it made it really believable that Physco Derek would really trust her with the knife. I thought it was cool when Peyton was in her room and 'forgot' to lock the door, and then bam she tazors him. I also liked how they tied in the cheerleading move to beat PD. I liked that Breyton are friends again, and the 'Hoes over Pyshcos' line was great. All of the Naley scenes were great, especially the one where Nathan picks Haley up and they dance on the roof of Karen's Cafe after Nathan read his prediction. Glenda and Lucas walking around the school remembering the day of the shooting was a nice way to led up to the revealing of who knows Dan's secret. I like how they played in the 'Open your eyes' part to it was very clever. I had always believed that it was Abby that knew about Dan, but I also believe that someone else knows. I don't think it is Whitey though, because why wouldn't he have told someone? Him and Dan have disliked each other for a while now. Plus, with this out Whitey would probably think that it would set everyone free from Dan, since he would probably go to jail. Ohh and that look that Abby gave Dan was terrifing. I liked that they brought Rachel back to give Mouth his last dance. I guess you could say I am a Routh fan, and I like how Mouth took out the sunglasses before he left with Rachel. I can't wait for next week with Chris Keller and Mouth in jail.
  • After the extremely long wait, we *finally* got our new episode... And it was amazing and well worth the wait... However, more questions have been raised as the episode concluded...

    Psycho Derek: WOW! I love Matt Barr! He played the crazed love sick maniac very well! It was really clever of Schwahn to answer the question that was all playing in our minds:

    'How did Psycho Derek escape from jail?'

    With a simple voice immitation from Psycho Derek - pretending to be the cop that called Peyton. I found that the simplicity made it more believable for me. But what got to me was we never got to learn why he was doing all this - in the spoilers it said that there's a huge secret behind his affixiation. So, I guess it's a plot that we'll have to find out later.

    Peyton: She looked so pretty! But her eyes bugging out kind of put me off her terror... Hilarie Burton played the bipolar thing great! LOL! I mean when she convinced PD to give her the knife so she can stab Brooke - the writing for that was great. I was practically off my seat yelling:

    '*Wtf* are you doing girl?!?!'

    And then *bam!* Stabs PD. I was on the forums and people were saying she's not smart because she didn't stab him where he could have died, all I have to say is:

    If you were in her position, would you aim for those places? It was a crisis situation, she took a stab wherever she landed so she could buy time for her and Brooke to escape - she had no intention of killing him!
    I loved the struggle that took place in the fighting - I liked how her and Brooke looked like they were in a cat fight with PD, hitting and scratching where ever they could, because to me that's how girls would defend themselves if they don't have the proper self-defence training.

    Lucas: His hair has got to go! I love him hanging out with Glenda.

    I also liked how he wasn't clingy and messaging Peyton all the time after PD sent the message:

    'Running a bit late... Hugs and Kisses :)'

    It shows that he actually trusts her - because let's face it people, Lucas had no reason to worry about her since he *didn't* know that PD was on the loose. It was the most realistic approach, in my opinion, because he told her last episode that he'd pick her up and it was her choice to come or not - she didn't open the door, so he stuck to his word.

    Nathan and Haley: *So* cute!!!! I loved how Nathan got all protective when he found out the punch was spiked! And Haley was the only female lead that stayed CLEAN in the formal wear... LOL!

    Oh yeah! And the fact that Nathan still didn't know anything about how to fix or parts of his car was great! The continuation on OTH is so flawless (though sometimes it's not), and I loved how the predictions from last season were brought up once again.

    Brooke: HAHAHAHA! She gets tied up, told that she's good with her mouth, b*tch slapped, punched and threatened to be murdered. And after all that she says:

    'Did you have to hit me so hard?' and 'Hoes over Psychos'

    It was fun to watch her joke around throughout the whole PD fiasco in the house. Especially, when they tripped PD down the stairs and she comments how she always hated being at the bottom of a cheerleading pyramid. [I don't care how inappropriate it was - it just reminded me a lot of Dean from 'Supernatural']

    Mouth and Rachel: YAWN! LOL! It got a tad repetitive and I'm as sick and tired of Mouth b*tching and moaning about Shelly as Rachel was! But those two have great on-screen chemistry... And I liked their dancing in the middle of the airport. [It was HEAPS better than Nathan's 'dancing' (if you could call it that) on the roof! LOL!]

    Dan: We saw snippets of Dan the *ss rearing it's awesome head at the end of the episode.

    'Open your eyes'

    It's now clear to me that Lucas seeing Keith, was his subconcious' way of telling him he's missing something - and Dan repeating the line in the same position 'Keith' was in 410 was all that Lucas needed to jog his memory. Clever writing!

    Whitey: I'm getting the feeling that Whitey was the one sending him the note and texts. Because Turner had the confiscated flask and the note fell out of it. BUT what if it was Whitey that did the actual confiscating [which is possible because he is a teacher!] gave it to Turner with the slipped note. Casually, mentions to give it to a chaperone so it could be disposed off... Especially since he told Dan he's be watching him.

    Abby: Her eyes when she passed Dan... Sent shivers down my spine! I know she couldn't have done all of the tormenting by herself. I think she told Whitey. How you might ask?

    Abby turns up to school after the shooting, all depressed. Whitey, being the kind man he is, offers to hear her out to comfort her - Abby cracks and confesses what she sees.
    I think it's possible since Whitey has a great dislke for Dan, knew about the engagement AND he could have known about the 'red rum' that was used for the dealership fire, explaining the IM nickname 'RE:REDRUM' that Dan was getting.
  • Lucas finally found out who was in the hallway when Dan killed Keith.

    Good episode! I liked it very much. The whole Derek thing had me pretty scared but I was way more scared the first time Derek attacked her. I think it was because Peyton didn't have anybody with her, this time Brooke was there to help her. Anyway I don't understand why Mark wanted to bring back Derek I mean he made his point. Why bring him back just for him to get defeated again? I think he will reveal something or have some sort of information. My favorite part of this episode was the whole Abby seeing Dan kill Keith. She was great. I really don't think that Abby wrote murderer on his walls or pulled any other pranks. I don't think she is brave enough to do that, and I think she is a better person. I believe she told somebody--Whitey. I don't know how Lucas could have possibly saw Abby from where he was standing she is at an impossible location to be seen. They show where she is and she is around the conor. I know she saw Dan kill Keith, but Lucas doesn't know yet. He just knows Abby knows what really happened so I hope they talk about what she knows and Dan finally goes to jail. He deserves it. I know he is changing and he is finally getting close to Karen, but there is no excuse for what he did. Karen will NEVER forgive him.
  • More Peyton drama!

    This episode was very suspenseful and full of information. I think the only downfall it had was that there was too much storyline going on and one hour does not provide enough time for everything that happened.

    Positives: Derek was defeated, Lucas learned more about the day of the shooting, Peyton and Brooke fight for each other, Nathan and Haley have an unconventional yet special prom night

    Negatives: Skills and Bevin weren't featured, Dan acts mean again, Derek isn't dead yet...a little unrealistic??
  • phsyco derek came back to peyton and all the cast went to prom, having fun. except nathan and haley who had to take a break and take the drunk and abused out of prom. dan and karen need to stop being all loving. its creepy!

    this episode was very exciting..abby could not have freakd him out even more...and peyton and brooke did awesome kicking the crap out of phsyco derek...nathan and haley are so adorable. even though the eppy was quite short the part peyton is tied and tricks derek into untie her form the chair and slapping broke was so insane. i thought she was actually gonna kill her with that knife but let alone best friends or not they stick together through hard times like that..especially when you're threaten to be killed just because you were living a wonderful's just wrong
  • so worth the wait! brooke and peyton kicked derricks ass and rekindled their friendship finally!!

    this episode was amazing. the pshyco derrick scenes were so suspenseful. and hilarie did and amazing job as always. she stole the show! when peyton convinced derrick to untie her it was great and so well acted. i also loved how strong peyton has become. I normaly hate brooke but i loved her in that episode. I am so glad she came back for peyton. Sophia did a great job too. The whole fight scene was beyond amazing!

    and the witness to keith's murder. WOW! this has got to be one of the best storylines in oth. i did not see that coming. I would never have guessed that it was abby who knew. Im glad Lucas is finally finding out the truth.

    Naley was adorable as always, althgouh they were a little boring. Overall, pretty much everything about this episode was perfect except i wish there was some Leyton scenes.
  • Peytons tied up in the basement by derek. Brooke goes over and ends up being caught too. Lucas is at prom trying to fill in the blanks. Naley are trying to have a normal prom. Dan and karen are at prom and we find out the person who saw dan kill keith.

    After so long waiting for thi episode to come out we finally get what we want. Peyton manges to escape from derek and she also goes back to being best friends with brooke who is crownd prom queen. After the long wait top find out who actually saw dan kill keith we find out he truth. also lucas remembers who was peeping through the blinds so next episode hopefully will be a very very good one. Mouth leaves prom with rachael and they end up going on a trip together to the airport where instead of only rachael leaving mouth goes too.
  • Peyton and Brooke kick Derek's butt. Lucas finds out who witnessed Keith's murder. Nathan and Haley are just as cute as ever and Mouth experiences his dangerous side with Rachel. Overall a great episode!!

    This episode was amazing! Everything I expected from OTH and more!! Psycho Derek is back for Peyton. I liked how the writers did the return of Psycho Derek storyline. I'm glad they didn't make the Tree Hill police totally incompetent but they also made Peyton look kind of stupid. Shouldn't she have gone to the Police Department and checked? I think if I was that afraid of him I would have checked and made sure they had caught the right guy. I loved the Brooke and Peyton scenes though. They really kicked his butt. I was actually kind of scared for them and few tv shows/movies scare me.

    Lucas finally figures out who witnessed the murder. Wow, that was shocking. I don't know why Abby wouldn't have said something about it yet though. It will be interesting to see how that storyline plays out. I thought the scenes with Glenda and Lucas was cute. I liked what he told her in the library about Peyton. The Nathan and Haley scenes were cute. I loved their "dance" on the roof and Nathan showing Haley his prediction. The Mouth and Rachel scenes weren't too bad. Still don't know if I want them to be more than friends and I can't believe he actually went with her. And I just want to kick Dan's butt for what he's doing to Karen. The only thing that could have made this episode better (the missing 0.1) would have been a Leyton scene but considering they were both a little occupied during the episode I'll have to forgive them. So watch this episode it's GREAT!!!
  • Good but pretty predictable

    Ok before you start putting lots of disagrees in my review I would like to say that I did enjoy the episode but there were many things that we saw them coming.
    1) Something extreme had to happen so Brooke and Peyton became friends again.
    2) It was pretty obvious that it was Abby who witnessed the shooting, I would really like that a more important character would have.
    3)Karen falling for Dan again at their child's prom.
    4) Derek you are a phsycotic mastermind isn't to good to be true(in his mind) that Peyton is in love with you? and also you give her a knife?. Didn't you learn anything from horror movies ? Stalking 101(again in his mind, not a stalker people ) I also didn't like Mouth going to New Orleans with Rachel out of nowhere specially since she pretends but is not in love with Mouth is very selfish from her

    Oh,But I did enjoy Brooke and Peyton kicking psycho Derek's ass but he will probably come back as he is not dead :S Finally Lucas !!!!it was time for you to remember something.

    Well now shoot, disagreements are accepted. :)
  • Peyton & Brook kick ass, rekindling their friendship.

    Second part of the prom night.
    "Hoes over Psychos."
    Brooke saves Peyton from psycho Derek. Together they kick Psycho Derek's ass rekindling their friendship. Lucas finally opens his eyes and realizes that a student was watching from a class window the day that Keith died in the hallway. She saw everything that happened including Dan shooting Keith. And she has been the one who has been sending Dan all the threatening messages.

    Mouth leaves with Rachel to New Orleans. Karen tells Dan that its not impossible to forgive him. Nathan tells Haley he knew they would be together by the end of the school year. Brooke is announced as prom queen.
  • Senior prom is nothing what was expected.

    This episode was amazing! i Really enjoyed it, and waiting 2 months for it, it was definately worth the wait. Episode started out with Lucas at Peyton's door with Lucas believing that She stood him up. But really she didn't. Phsyco Derek just drugged her up. He is just a wacko maniac stalker. lol. Nathan and Haley head to the prom, but ends up that their car breaks down. It ends up that Deb picks them up, and brings them to the prom. and Nathan and Haley tell each other that its a night to be teenagers not married and pregnant. and i really think its true. They really should have a night, that they just can be normal teenagers even though they both love being married, and even though I love having them married. Nathan and Haley are at prom, and a kid spikes the punch. Haley sips it. and Nathan really looses it. But ofcourse "Dude its prom" haha. When that scene came up, i was laughing so hard, and even whenever i imagine that scene in my head, i randomly smile. haha. Back to Peyton. Derek has her tied up in a chair in her basement. Derek wants his own prom picture of her, and wants a dance. OMG!It was really creepy i have to say, he made a song out of her podcast. wierd. But i guess when you are a stalker, and that obsessed with one person thats the way it is. Brooke is very suspicious as to why Peyton isn't at prom. Brooke leaves prom, and tries to find her. Brooke goes to her house, and searches. But Brooke ends up in the basement with Peyton. Tied up the same as her. Peyton then pretends to want Derek just so they could get out of there. BUT there was one thing that Derek wanted Peyton to do. Kill Brooke. But you and I know that as much as Peyton gets mad at Brooke, and whatever she says. Peyton would never want Anything to happen to her. They are BFFL.
    Peyton then takes the knife and stabbs him in the shoulder. Even though it didn't kill him,it slowed him down. After all the chasing each other, Derek falls down the stairs, and Peyton finally defeats Phsyco Derek. Im glad she did. All that training that her real brother gave her really paid off. and Peyton and Brooke are finally friends again. I am happy. I really am. Its been long enough, and it was a great way to bring them back together. Its now Hoes over Phsycos. haha. I think its kinda funny that Brooke asked Peyton what next, and she said Prom. and they are all full of blood. lol but thats ok. I guess they didn't want to miss prom as much as it would be a bad experience. I sure wouldn't want to miss a prom. especcially a ssenior prom. thats the big one. Brooke is crowned prom queen. but is therea prom king. thats normal. There is a prom king AND Queen. but maybe not tree hill high. and then.... the Naley coda scene. I LOVED IT! It was soooooo adorable. Nathan's prediction: "Haley and I will be together again by graduation" so cute. He still believed in them as much as he was upset with her. That shows what true love really is ya know? wELL.... cant wait until next week! ROAD TRIP to get mouth. and crashing a prom! Its going to be an awesome eppy!
  • psycho derek is back and is as crazy as ever. a friendship is renewed, lucas opens his eyes and mouth decides to live dangerously!

    This episode was well worth the wait! I love the lucas/glenda interaction they work well together. peyton hitting brooke then stabbing and beating the snot out of psycho derek CLASSIC! brooke and peyton finally getting back to the friendship we love! stupid Karen forgiving dan! overall this episode was great!!! bring on Honeygrove!!!
  • pyscho derek is back.lucas opens his eyes and is a step closer to finding out who killed keith.

    fab episode!!!It was worth the wait definately!during this episode we find out a vital piece of information, we have been waiting to find out, who saw dan kill keith or who knew about it and we see now who it is.
    peytons and brookes relationship is repaired due to brooke realising that something was definately wrong when peyton doesnt show up especially after peyton puts whore on brookes dress.
    dans being real creepy and trying to win karens heart,whitey doesnt approve since he broke her heart 17 years ago and during those 17 years only after the death of keith has he been getting close to karen.whitey is reallly suspious of dans motives.
    all round excellent episode one tree hill is getter better each episode!
  • ahhhhhh one tree hill is amazzinggg

    We FINALLY found out who knows that dan killed keith, and it wasn't whitey as everyone suspected. Nathan and Haley are still a beautiful couple and they did not really have a good time at prom but hopefully next week they will. :) Dan is still a jerk and noone likes him at all. I really hope Karen finds out about he whole Kieth thing and dumbs Dan's sorry ass out. Peyton and Brooke are friends again!! yeyyy, we all knew it would happen but we could not wait anymore. we still don't know about pshyco derek but we hope he dies or goes to jail. Lucas finally came to the realizeion and hopefully he asks that girl what really happened and he believes himmm. till next week...
  • Peyton is tied up in her basement because of psycho derek, brooke comes to the rescue, Haley and nathan don't have the prom they were dreaming about, as because everything goes wrong..lucas remembers who he saw in the hallway during the shooting

    This episode was so awsome it was definetly worth the way..i love this show so much i would die if it was ever to get cancelled lol neways i love the way that brooke and peyton beat the crap out of derek lol very amusing..This episode was probably my most favorite episode so far i think..i can't wait til nathan and haley have their baby tho..that'll be exciting too..grr i don't know what else to say so yeah jgjgjgjgjg jhfjhfjhsfjh jh fjhsfdj hsdjhfjsh jdhfj vhjh kksdj kjk jksj fk jk jdkgfj k kjfkj kj kjkklsdjfk ljksjfk ljkjkl j jkj j
  • This episode was really worth the wait, man it was so exciting!!!

    I had been waiting for this episode for almost 3 months, like everyone else who loves OTH and when i saw this episode I was like glued to the TV, I didn't take my eyes off of it until the commersials. It was really nice to see Brooke and Peyton cooperate even if it was under death threat. I really missed the ``Hoes over bros´´ relationship between them and when Brooke said ``Hoes over psychos´´ I just couldn't keep the tears in any longer. Oh who am I kidding? I started bawling as soon as both Brooke and Peyton were strapped to the chairs in the basement. But I also thought that it was great that Lucas was one step away from finding out who really killed Keith! Also Nathan and Haley were really cute together. As soon as the episode ended I just couldn't wait for the next to come, which is next week!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
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