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One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 11

You Know I Love You, Don't You?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2009 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Nathan and Haley's careers bring about a tough decision for the family, and Julian divulges a secret to Alex that leads to a confrontation with Brooke. Meanwhile, Clay tries to resuscitate his career as an agent, and Jamie learns the truth about Skills' new job. And a fresh-from-jail Millie finds an unlikely supporter in Victoria.moreless

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  • Victoria and Dan, the heavies, have some of the best lines!

    Victoria and Dan, the heavies, have some of the best lines!

    Victoria (to Millie): Zero may not be a size, but it's clearly your IQ!
  • What an ending.

    That was one intense ending. The final moment of You Know I Love You, Don't You? sees Alex attempting suicide. Woah. That really raises the stakes. She started off as a bitchy, fun actor and has ended a whiny mess. But it actually was more real that way and I do quite like her character. And then there's Millie. Who despite everything still manages to betray everyone and steals the dress/walks out on Mouth. She really has hit an all time low.

    Julian was an idiot to tell Alex about Brooke not being able to have children and she was completely justified in telling him they need a break. He's irritated me here a lot. Is he just clueless? I don't know. Haley and Nathan's respective decisions to go on tour and to play in Barcelona were quite entertaining but Jamie doesn't look impressed...that should be interesting.

    Skills moving was pretty sudden too. And Mouth going with him. I did feel a bit sorry for Clay but I still find this stuff with him and Quinn kind of dull. I wish I didn't.

    Good episode, great ending.

  • Audios, Tree Hill

    Nathan gets an offer to play in Europe, Spain actually. He is seriously considering it and Haley is going on tour. Now they just have to figure out what to do with Jamie and their relationship. I don't want Nathan to go to Spain. It would be interesting if they actually went and filmed in Spain, but he needs to stay in Tree Hill. It's home!! Haley going on tour will be cool though. It's about time she started seriously performing again.

    I feel so bad for Clay. This whole thing sucks for him. He can't leave. He needs to stay in Tree Hill with Quinn.

    The video Skills made was really cool. I love the White Men Can't Jump theme. That was really cool. It really sucks for Jamie that all these people are leaving.

    I can't believe Julian told Alex about Brooke not being able to have kids. That wasn't his news if that's what you want to call it to tell. It's a private matter between him and Brooke and more a private thing for her. And then the end with Alex. I really can't believe it. Wow, but the everyone has been treating her and all the stuff Millie and Julian said to her really put her down and just caused this.moreless
  • Julian shares a secret with Alex, which, makes Brooke feel betrayed. Nathan is offered a chance to play basket ball once more, while Haley has to go on tour. Alex sends out a cry for help, no one saw coming. Millie is still out of control.moreless

    I loved this episode, I thought the acting was great, the story lines were great and it was just an overall great episode. Brooke feels guilty about making Julian give all these things up, including kids, which Julian confesses to Alex he wants. Why would Julian tell Alex?! Clearly she can not be trusted, but i thought that Sophia Bush's acting was phenomenal, you could really tell how betrayed Brooke felt. Finally he told Alex that he didn't love her and i think that he should've made that very clear earlier on, then Alex feeling like she was all alone killed herself, now I don't know if she actually succeeds but if she doesn't I really hope it doesn't bring her and Julian closer together, because I am a 100% Brulian fan. It seems like everyone is moving away from Tree Hill so they going to have to find a way to bring them all back, so I'm hoping that Clay gets his job back, because he is so cute! :) Jamie is just the cutest little kid ever! okay Millie just needs to stop, this is the story line that is making me really frustrated, we all want the old millie back and hopefully she will hit rock bottom very soon so she can come back as the girl we all know and love. Haley and Nathan can go through anything and will still be alright, which is just one of the many things i love about them :)

    All in all great episode hope there are more like this to come. I love One Tree Hill!moreless
  • Why?

    Just like One Tree Hill, to get rid of characters people like. No, no, I'm not talking about Lucas or Peyton, I'm talking about Alex, who was the best of the three new characters this season and made this shown fun. She kind of captured that Gossip Girl energy without all of Josh Schwartz and his pretentious writing. But just like Quentin last season, Mark Schwahn has to kill off anything good about the show.

    The episode had its moments, but this loyalty to Tree Hill they all share is still as irrational as it was four years (three seasons) ago. At least Skills has the right idea, but why would a 7 year old child be obsessed with staying there? Just doesn't make any sense.moreless
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