One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 11

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on The CW
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On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's marriage; Brooke pairs Peyton with an old boyfriend; Rachel and Dan return to Tree Hill.

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  • Brilliant.

    You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side showed a development in Brooke Davis that we've seen growing since the first season. She looked out for Rachel and had faith. She was there for Jamie in his time of need. She supported Peyton. And she finally stood up to her mother. That ending scene between her and Victoria was intense and almost heart-breaking. Brooke just wanted her mother but she couldn' she fired her. I loved that decision so much in Brooke. What strength in a character.

    But Haley and Nathan go downhill and despite everyone's best efforts, still end up apart. I loved Skills in this one. He was there for Jamie and provided much needed humour. But he also called Haley out on her and Nathan's behaviour. And was just a great character. Chase's appearance was random but worked and I really quite like Owen and his budding relationship with Brooke. And that ending - Haley ringing Lucas after reading his book and telling him he can't marry Lindsey. What a way to bring us into the 100th episode.

    I did not like Dan's scenes at all though. Stupid. But otherwise a great episode.

  • Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

    I loved the idea of the joint party for Lucas and Lindsey as a way to try and get Nathan and Haley back together. Finally Lindsey did something right. The party was fun. I just wish Haley would forgive Nathan. He really didn't do anything wrong except not tell her yet about the crap Carrie was doing. He was going to tell her, but just never had a chance to.

    I can't believe that Dan is out of jail. What were those people thinking. Seeing Bevin was cool. It would have been funnier if Skill had gotten to see her, too. Also apparently Bevin married Tim because the picture she showed everyone was the same as the one Tim showed the girls a couple episodes before.

    I do love Lindsey wedding dress. It's really pretty, but I still don't like her.

    Rachel is getting better, but has now sort of reverted back to the old Rachel which I guess is better then the junkie we met in the last episode. And of course Victoria had to butt in like always and basically forced Rachel's hand in taking all that money.

    I love that the date Owen sets Peyton up with turns out to be Chase. I wondered what had become of him since we last saw him after he lost his virginity to Brooke. It was really funny having the four of them in the car. I love that Chase is still clearly into Brooke.

    And the best part was of course the end. After Haley read Lucas' book that he wrote after Peyton came back she told him he can't marry Lindsey!!! Finally!! I'm so glad someone has said it other then Peyton and me of course.moreless
  • A blast from the past!

    I really enjoyed this episode it was great. I really like Rachel so the episode is ace already she has a bigger part in this episode cause she is not passed out for most of it! Leyton was so put to the side for this episode as the this series has been very much focused on it was hard to see Naley split up i hate when they do that and all for that B**ch Carrie AGHRRR i hate her. We also see a little Keith sadness as dan gets out why oh why i really hate him too! I really enjoyed seeing Bevin again i can not beleive she only got a cameo she shuda got a B story like Rach! The whole Chase thing was funny even though i am not a big fan of his. Oh and once again an evil parent got rid of my faves when B**chy mum davis pushed Rach away ahhh no aw well hope she will return soon!! All round good episode!!!moreless
  • Season 5, Episode 11.

    On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's marriage; Brooke pairs Peyton with an old boyfriend; Rachel and Dan return to Tree Hill. Rachel is still hot! Woohoo! So is Bevin! Like whoa! Haha, Bevin and Tim had a baby! LMAO! Chase lost his virginity to Brooke! And Brooke is so motherly to Jamie! She would be such a great mother! And Milli's actually not looking bad either. But I liked this episode. Not bad at all. Victoria is such a *****, especially to Rachel, who is in a very vulnerable state. I like her though. Hehe. Good episode!moreless
  • On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's marriage; Brooke pairs Peyton with an old boyfriend; Rachel and Dan return to Tree Hill.

    Lucas and Lindsay had bachelorette/bachelor parties. They decided to combine the parties so that they can bring Nathan and Haley back together for a night. That means they are forced to talk to one another. Skills and Jamie are so cute in this episode when they are planning the party. They have such an adorable friendship. I loved their scenes, except for when Jamie was sad. It made me sad when he felt sad too. I really want Haley to forgive Nathan even though she is hurt. I loved that Chase and Bevin came back. It was pretty random, but I love old characters showing up. Victoria was horrible to Rachel and I'm glad Brooke fired her!moreless
Jackson Brundage

Jackson Brundage

James “Jamie” Scott

Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray

Lucas Scott

Paul Johansson

Paul Johansson

Daniel "Dan" Scott

Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton

Peyton Sawyer

Lee Norris

Lee Norris

Marvin "Mouth" McFadden

Antwon Tanner

Antwon Tanner

Antwon “Skills” Taylor

Cari Moskow

Cari Moskow


Guest Star

Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti

Chase Adams

Recurring Role

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello

Owen Morello

Recurring Role

Danneel Harris

Danneel Harris

Rachel Gatina

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Patty, the girl at the sporting goods store where Dan buys the basketball for Jamie, is played by the same actress who portrays a prostitute who is beaten up by Psycho Derek in Season 4, Episode 4, "Can't Stop This Thing We've Started."

    • Over the past four years, Bevin got a job (at Macy's), got married to Tim and had a son named Nathan.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Skills: P. Sawyer you have a plan?

    • Skills: (to Jamie) Guess I gotta say good-bye to the champagne hot tub. (when he finds out that the bachelor party will be a joint party).

    • Bevin: (Sees Lucas with Brooke, ignores Lindsey and Owen) Wow Lucas you're marrying Brooke? I always thought you'd marry Peyton.

    • Bevin: OMG! Brooke? Lucas? R-A-V E-N-S Go Ravens!

    • Jamie: You want to hold chester?
      Skills: You know you're my dawg right? but that's where i draw the line. I ain't never have a pet.
      Jamie: Just pet him scaredy, he doesn't bite.

    • Lucas: Hey. Look, I hope you don't feel too slighted by the set-up.
      Haley: To be honest, I kinda expected it from you guys, you being you and Lindsey. Your hearts are in the right place. You picked the right person to spend the rest of your life with, Luke.
      Lucas: So did you.

    • (Peyton kisses Chase)
      Chase: What was that for?
      Peyton: Brooke was looking.
      Chase: Oh, thanks.
      Peyton: You're welcome.

    • (Chase kisses Peyton. Peyton pulls away, shocked)
      Peyton: Chase?
      Chase: Three o'clock, Lucas was looking.
      (Peyton turns to see Lucas looking in her direction)

    • Chase: (to Brooke when she asks him about his job) I'm a thrill-seeking carpet salesman paying for flying lessons.

    • Nathan: Look, I just want to say I'm sorry.
      Haley: (scoffs) Aren't you tired of this?

    • Lucas: So, look Nate, about this party. I gotta tell you, I feel bad. Haley's inside.
      Nathan: I figured.
      Lucas: You did?
      Nathan: Yeah. You always meddle Luke. That's what you do. You're just lucky I miss my wife.

    • Brooke: Awkward.
      Owen: What?
      Brooke: Nothing.
      Owen: Ok, somebody want to tell me what's going on?
      Chase: Hey bud. You remember that girl i used to tell you about, back when we first moved in together?
      Owen: Yeah. The one you constantly talked about.
      Chase: Not constantly, but yeah.
      Owen: What? The fake virgin chick, you lost your virgnity to?
      Chase: Yeah.
      Owen: What about her?
      Chase: Do you remember her name?
      (Owen thinks about it, and realizes that it's Brooke)
      Owen: Come on!

    • Jamie: Are you going to be here in the morning daddy?
      Nathan: I'm afraid not.
      Jamie: Why? Mommy won't let you stay?
      Nathan: No, It's not mommy. Your mom is the best mom in the world, ok? Don't ever forget that. I's just, daddy's on a time out right now.
      Jamie: Are you ever coming home daddy?
      Nathan: I hope so.
      Jamie: I hope so too.

    • Skills: You know I'll always be there for you, right?
      Jamie: Word.

    • Brooke: Rachel needed my help and you made me fire her.
      Victoria: You earned my help.
      Brooke: I earned it?? A daughter is not supposed to have to earn her mother's help or her love. It is supposed to be unconditional.
      Victoria: Whatever.
      Brooke: You're fired.
      Victoria: What did you just say?
      Brooke: I said 'You are fired!'
      Victoria: You're going to fire me and risk our entire company?
      Brooke: But it's not our company, it's my company. Remember?
      Victoria: I am not an employee. I am your mother.
      Brooke: I know. You're fired. You can go now.

    • Victoria: (to Rachel) Hey, junkie. Get up! You and Peyton are like bloodsucking vermin, that just won't go away. Where's my daughter?
      Rachel: She's at a party.
      Victoria: Of course she is. And when she's not partying with the bartender, she's running a halfway house, apparently.
      Rachel: I'm not a... I'm better now.
      Victoria: Yeah whatever. Today you're fine, tomorrow you'll have pawned my Pradas.

    • (Haley calls Lucas on his cell)
      Haley: Hi. I need to talk to you.
      Lucas: Sure. Is everything okay?
      Haley: No. You can't marry Lindsey.

    • Lucas: (voiceover) Albert Camus once wrote, "Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken." But I wonder if there's no breaking then there's no healing, and if there's no healing then there's no learning. And if there's no learning then there's no struggle. But struggle is a part of life. So must all hearts be broken?"

    • Jamie: (asks Brooke about Owen) Is he your boyfriend?
      Brooke: You're the only boyfriend in my life.
      Owen: (to Jamie) Hey.
      I heard I owe you one. You got me another chance with Brooke, 'Whats under all the clothes, Brooke Davis?'
      Jamie: So did you find out?
      Brooke: (shocked) And with that, boy time is over (to Owen) let's go.

    • Lindsey: Morning.
      Lucas: Morning.
      Lindsey: Poor Nathan.
      Lucas: Yeah, I know. If I'd have known he'd be here for a week, I'd have cleared my mom's room.
      Lindsey: Have they even seen each other this week?
      Lucas: No. I don't think they've spoken.
      Lindsey: Right. Last thing I want Haley worrying about is throwing a bachelorette party when her marriage is struggling.
      Lucas: Skills could do it. I mean, he is so excited for my bachelor party he took the week off.
      Lindsey: Oh. That worries me.

    • Lindsey: Oh, you're bad.
      Lucas: Well, you want to be bad with me?
      Lindsey: You know I do.
      (Lucas and Lindsey kiss)

  • NOTES (4)

    • Cari Moskow (Patty) also appeared in the episodes "Can't Stop This Thing We've Started" and "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness". However, she played a different character.

    • Additional scene:
      Brooke and Rachel are on the balcony. Rachel thanks her for letting her stay at her place.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Saturday, May 3, 2008 on TV3+
      Norway: Wednesday, June 4, 2008 on TVNorge
      Greece: Saturday, June 28, 2008 on Star
      United Kingdom: Monday, August 18, 2008 on E4
      Sweden: Sunday, September 21, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Australia: Sunday, December 14, 2008 on TEN HD
      Germany: Monday, July 19, 2010 on VOX

    • Featured Music:
      "Something In My Eye" by Turin Brakes
      "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go
      "My Own" by The Perishers
      "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet
      "Waking Dream" by Natalie Walker
      "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco
      "In The Building" by Sermad
      "Open Late" by Ryan Lindsey
      "Never Find Again" by Jason Reeves
      "She Holds The Key" by Gavin DeGraw
      "I Taught Myself How To Grow Old" by Ryan Adams


    • Episode Title: You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

      "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" is a song by Morrissey from the album "Your Arsenal".