One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 11

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on The CW

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  • Brilliant.

    You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side showed a development in Brooke Davis that we've seen growing since the first season. She looked out for Rachel and had faith. She was there for Jamie in his time of need. She supported Peyton. And she finally stood up to her mother. That ending scene between her and Victoria was intense and almost heart-breaking. Brooke just wanted her mother but she couldn' she fired her. I loved that decision so much in Brooke. What strength in a character.

    But Haley and Nathan go downhill and despite everyone's best efforts, still end up apart. I loved Skills in this one. He was there for Jamie and provided much needed humour. But he also called Haley out on her and Nathan's behaviour. And was just a great character. Chase's appearance was random but worked and I really quite like Owen and his budding relationship with Brooke. And that ending - Haley ringing Lucas after reading his book and telling him he can't marry Lindsey. What a way to bring us into the 100th episode.

    I did not like Dan's scenes at all though. Stupid. But otherwise a great episode.

  • Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

    I loved the idea of the joint party for Lucas and Lindsey as a way to try and get Nathan and Haley back together. Finally Lindsey did something right. The party was fun. I just wish Haley would forgive Nathan. He really didn't do anything wrong except not tell her yet about the crap Carrie was doing. He was going to tell her, but just never had a chance to.

    I can't believe that Dan is out of jail. What were those people thinking. Seeing Bevin was cool. It would have been funnier if Skill had gotten to see her, too. Also apparently Bevin married Tim because the picture she showed everyone was the same as the one Tim showed the girls a couple episodes before.

    I do love Lindsey wedding dress. It's really pretty, but I still don't like her.

    Rachel is getting better, but has now sort of reverted back to the old Rachel which I guess is better then the junkie we met in the last episode. And of course Victoria had to butt in like always and basically forced Rachel's hand in taking all that money.

    I love that the date Owen sets Peyton up with turns out to be Chase. I wondered what had become of him since we last saw him after he lost his virginity to Brooke. It was really funny having the four of them in the car. I love that Chase is still clearly into Brooke.

    And the best part was of course the end. After Haley read Lucas' book that he wrote after Peyton came back she told him he can't marry Lindsey!!! Finally!! I'm so glad someone has said it other then Peyton and me of course.
  • A blast from the past!

    I really enjoyed this episode it was great. I really like Rachel so the episode is ace already she has a bigger part in this episode cause she is not passed out for most of it! Leyton was so put to the side for this episode as the this series has been very much focused on it was hard to see Naley split up i hate when they do that and all for that B**ch Carrie AGHRRR i hate her. We also see a little Keith sadness as dan gets out why oh why i really hate him too! I really enjoyed seeing Bevin again i can not beleive she only got a cameo she shuda got a B story like Rach! The whole Chase thing was funny even though i am not a big fan of his. Oh and once again an evil parent got rid of my faves when B**chy mum davis pushed Rach away ahhh no aw well hope she will return soon!! All round good episode!!!
  • Season 5, Episode 11.

    On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's marriage; Brooke pairs Peyton with an old boyfriend; Rachel and Dan return to Tree Hill. Rachel is still hot! Woohoo! So is Bevin! Like whoa! Haha, Bevin and Tim had a baby! LMAO! Chase lost his virginity to Brooke! And Brooke is so motherly to Jamie! She would be such a great mother! And Milli's actually not looking bad either. But I liked this episode. Not bad at all. Victoria is such a *****, especially to Rachel, who is in a very vulnerable state. I like her though. Hehe. Good episode!
  • On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's marriage; Brooke pairs Peyton with an old boyfriend; Rachel and Dan return to Tree Hill.

    Lucas and Lindsay had bachelorette/bachelor parties. They decided to combine the parties so that they can bring Nathan and Haley back together for a night. That means they are forced to talk to one another. Skills and Jamie are so cute in this episode when they are planning the party. They have such an adorable friendship. I loved their scenes, except for when Jamie was sad. It made me sad when he felt sad too. I really want Haley to forgive Nathan even though she is hurt. I loved that Chase and Bevin came back. It was pretty random, but I love old characters showing up. Victoria was horrible to Rachel and I'm glad Brooke fired her!
  • Bevin and Chase return!

    Lucas and Lindsey have their bachelor/bachelorette parties at the same place to try and get Nathan and Haley to talk. She still doesn't want him back. Jamie wants his family to be whole again. Dan is released from prison. He hooks up with a random lady. Brooke and Peyton want to help Rachel. Mouth also talks to her. Millicent is worried about Mouth and Rachel. Victoria stops by and talks to Rachel. That talk encourages Rachel to start up drugs again. Bevin sees Brooke, Owen, Lindsey and Lucas at Macy's. She and Tim are possibly married and have a son. Skills helps out Jamie when he is lonely. Brooke fires Victoria. Peyton goes with Chase to the party. Apparently, Owen and Chase are friends and Brooke didn't know that Chase was the blind date for Peyton. Haley gives up on Nathan.

    This was a great episode! It was really cool seeing Bevin and Chase again! I like them both! Victoria is a b****. I have tried to refrain from using language like that, but when she talked to Rachel and then blew off Brooke, it just finally pushed me over the edge. I really hate Victoria! I'm glad Brooke fired her. I have never thought about Peyton and Chase as a couple. I would want Chase with Brooke and Lucas with Peyton though. I wish that Nathan and Haley would have at least played Rock Band with Jamie. I hope Rachel soon learns that she really does need help from her friends. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • It's time for Lucas and Lindsay to work their magic on Nathan and Haley

    Aww Jamie was so cute with his pancakes when he turned the smiley face into a sad face after Haley told him that Daddy and Mommy are not getting along. Poor little Jamie stuck in the middle.

    What a great idea about joining the bachlor and bachlorette parties to force Nathan and Haley to talk. Pity it didn't have the effect they wanted it to though. Lindsey's wedding dress was so pretty. I wonder if Brooke is going to do a Clothes Over Bros wedding line now?!?

    Jamie and Skills are so funny, and Jamie's face when he saw that Mom, Dad and son playing the game in the shop, I knew he was going to get ideas. I wanted them to play with him at the party though, that would of been funny.

    Brooke and Jamie are so cute together. "Your the only boyfriend in my life". And Owen thanked him for getting him together with Brooke, "What under all the clothes Brooke Davis?"....

    As for Chase, I think he is way hotter than Owen. And Chase and Payton were so funny together, Chase kissing Payton because Lucas was looking and then Payton kissing Chase because Brooke was looking....

    As for Rachel, I could see that coming. I was like hide they money Brooke but obviously she couldn't hear me. I don't think Rachel is ready for hepl yet and Victoria didn't help either.

    It's about time that Brooke fired Victoria, she thinks it's her company and that she runs it. She thinks that she can tell Brooke what to do... Well she showed her! I would of fired her a long time ago, and then kicked her out of Tree Hill.

    And finally Dan, well that wasn't obvious that he was getting out of jail. It sucks because he only served over 4 years for killing Keith and I think he should of got way longer! Lets see what happens.....

    Until next week...
  • It's Lucas and Lindsay's bacholeor/bacholeorette parties and they dicide to combine the two into one big party so that Nathan and Haley will have to speak to each other. Brooke takes Owen and sets Peyton up with an annoyimous friend of his .

    Alrighty, Lucas, ever the meddler, and Lindsay decide to combine their hen/stag nights because they want Naley to speak to each other again, because Nathan is still sleeping on their couch, poor guy. They tell neither of Naley about the plan.
    Awh it's so sad because at the start when Haley makes Jamie breakfast and gives him the pancakes with the smiley-face and he asks when is daddy coming home and she says not for a while and walks off, so he turns his bacon upside down to make an unhappy face. Then Lucas and Lindsay go to Macys to register for gifts and they bump into Brooke and Owen and Brooke comments on their PA. Then who should come over with a hop skip and a jump? Bevin yay! She does a little Ravens cheer and the the eejit says "Brooke you're marrying Lucas, I always thought Lucas and Peyton would get married". Awkward pause, then she yaps on about how she got a job in Macys, got married and had a kid and whips out a picture of her kid, Nathan and not like we'd ever be able to forget that face, we realize that it's the same kid in Tim's picture! Although she never actually says it, we know that it's Tim she married. Poor kid..
    Then Skills and Jamie are planning the party and Jamies starts raving about a "great party I went to last weekend" where they had cotton cnady and moon bounce. Skills is inspired. They go to the party shop and Jamie sees a family palying Rock Band and asks can they get it.
    Lucas and Nathan turn up at the party, Naley already kid of guessed what was happening. Dan is released on parle and goes to a shop to buy a basketball for his grandson and asks the shop attendant, Patty out. Oh the Scott boy charm! Brooke promises Rachel that they'll come back early from the party and then Owen arrives and his friend is...Chase! Brooke is mortified, but Peyton is loving the whole thing! Naley are talking and Jamie keeps coming over asking can they play Rock Band with him like the family he saw earlier, they say no, Jamie goes off sad and Brooke and Owen notice and follow him. They find Jamie in hid room with a pic of him with mammy and daddy, and he says that he misses 'us'. Brooke and Owen cheer him up and leave.
    Mouth calls to see Rachel and she's ahppy to see him, she wants him, you know how Rachel can be, but Mouth says no because she doesn't believe in herself that she's beautiful, he gives his little speech and leaves.
    peyton and Chase are talking and he says he used think she was cute and then kisses her because "Lucas was looking".
    Haley talks to Nathan and says that she shouldn't have tried to change him knowing who he was, and thats shes done tring now. Skills gives Haley a lecture on how this is all making Jamie feel. Lucas is talking to Haley and she says "You picked the right person to spend the rest of your life wiht, Luke"
    To which he replies "So did you" You go man! Tell it like it is!
    Dan sleeps with Patty and she asks what his story is and he says he's just outta jail for killing his brother. Her face drops.
    Haley goes upstairs and Skills is reading with Jamie, she says thanks, because he'll always be there for him.
    Peyton kisses Chase because "Brooke was looking" Do they have to have a reason everytime!!
    Victoria comes home and puts Rachel down for scrounging off Brooke, Rachel leaves and take the money Peyton gave to Brooke. Brooke finds out and fires Victoria- one of Brookes finer moments really, "You.Are.Fired."
    "I'm not fired, I'm your mother"
    "Yeah. And you're fired."
    Nathan is sitting on Jamie's bed saying good bye before he leaves and Jamie is upset and asks is it because Haley won't let him stay and in fairness Nate defends her, saying she is the best woman in the world (awwwh) and that he hopes he'll be home soon, Haley overhears.
    Later on, Haley is in bed and she's reading Lucas' draft book thing, because he wasnted her to read it first and after shes read it,she rings him and says "You can't marry Lindsay", cannot WAIT for next week!
  • Forced guest appearances, unbelievable mother-daughter time and just a lot of things wrong with it.

    The Annoying Guest Appearances: Two episodes ago, Tim joined the girls in the library, sure it was fun seeing Tim, I actually didn't mind. In this episode, we see Bevin. When I saw her, I was a little uneasy, but I decided to forgive the show. A few minutes later, we see Chase, that's when I was angry. You don't keep bringing back people from the past, that's just desperate for attention. More so, you don't bring more than one person back in a single episode, it's a waste and you won't be able to maximize them. Mark Schwan is not a genius.

    Drama Over Believability: Brooke makes a drastic change with her company and it has crossed the line. In fact, it crossed the line a long time ago when Brooke refused to believe that her mother is the one and only reason her company is doing great. But then again, I understand Brooke's stand on her mother never being there, but still, grow up, learn how cut throat the business world is and then speak with your mother about your past.

    Who's Party is it again?: I remember Lucas and Lindsey having their engagement party, but the focus seemed to be more on Nathan and Haley in the party. Don't get me wrong, I really like Haley and Nathan time, but you know, stick to what you promise, you won't get anywhere with spreading false hope.
  • This episode was the first of season 5 that I dislike because it was even boring to me sometimes.

    I rate an episode of One Tree Hill season 5 with under 9 for the first time because I feel that this was not a good episode and it was just average and barely interesting.If you think deeper you will see that nothing much happened.I am disappionted that the party was not good enough and actually nothing much happened at it.I though it was gonna be like those wild parties before the wedding day but it actually was pretty boring.The acting wasn't good too and there was not a character development and one of the main characters like Peyton and Lucas weren't given even so many lines.They were out of the spotlight and actually no one was into it this episode.I didn't like the relationship of Lindsey and Lucas's development this episode as they didn't talk at all about the wedding.I thought there will be some preparations.And Peyton will do something like talking to Lucas or Lindsey.Peyton was ridiculous this episode as she was acting like she is not the main character of the show.And the kissing scenes with Chase were ridiculous too because they even have never talked to each other in the previous season when he was series regular.I thought the scenes with Nathan and Haley would be more dramatic and heratwarming full of tears and drama but it turned out to be really stupid because they even didn't talk too much.The most interesting scene was the last with Brooke firing her mother.The acting was great and for the first time I really hated Victoria.Brooke was awesome in that scene.Sophia Bush is a great actress.Mouth and milicent are one of the cutest couple in One Tree Hill.It was inetresting but again not very much to see Rachel and Mouth together and Rachel wanting to kiss him.Dan is so ugly and pathetic but I liked him getting a date.I was also glad to see the return of Bevin and her boy's photo which was very funny to me because Bevin and Tim are together.The return of Chase was goo too but I've never liked him a lot.I hope One Tree Hill will continue to make better episodes but I think that from the seventh epsiode on One Tree Hill is going downwards.I hope it's not true!
  • Episode 5x11

    So this episode was about Lucas and Lindsay's bachelorette/bachelor parties. They are really nice and decide to combine the parties so that they can bring Naley back together for one night so they are forced to talk.

    Skills and Jamie are so cute in this episode when they are planning the party and all of that. They have such an adorable friendship, I loved their scenes--except for when Jamie was sad :(

    Nathan was so HOT this episode. I really just want Haley to forgive him even though she is hurt.

    Ahaha I loved that Chase came back. It was pretty random, but I love old characters randomly showing up. Bevin too! :D

    Victoria was a b!tch to Rachel. That made me mad. But she's fired. Yay!!
  • Finally, this is probably the first episode of the whole 5th season I've liked.

    This episode was really really good. Not only was it fast paced, things actually made sense. It was basically about Lucas and Lindsay's bachelor/bachelorette parties which they used as a plan to get Haley and Nathan to talk to each other. Other than that, it focused on Millicent being jealous over Mouth spending time with Rachel, and more of Brooke's mom being the vixen that she is. Firstly, this has nothing to do with the episode, but the songs were really amazing this time. Not that they arent usually, but they were really memorable. Second, I was finally glad that *SPOILER* Brooke fired her mom (finally), Dan actually got released (finally -- he needs to start plotting again), and Bevin & Chase both came back (no matter how short lived their returns might have been). *SPOILER ENDS* But aside from the spoilery parts, the episode was really breezy, well written, and Jamie/Brooke/Skills were really great in this episode. Especially Brooke, and I'm not only saying that cause I love her. =P

    But otherwise, season's best until now. Don't miss it. =D
  • Lindsay and Lucas look to try and get Nathan and Haley back together by secretly throwing a mixed bachelor/bachelorette part. Meanwhile, Brooke unknowingly invites an old ex back into her life as a date for Peyton.

    All right, so I liked this episode. It wasn't my favorite, but it was a good filler in my opinion. It did, of course, hit some good points for the lovely Haley and Nathan (although, nothing in their relationship was more exciting than the previous episodes where Nanny Carrie--that deranged psycho--jumps into Nate's shower and then Jamie almost drowns) but still, same old story. Haley's stubborn and Nathan's desperately trying to get back on her good side AGAIN.

    What I personally found to be quite interesting was that Chase FINALLY came back. Last season he was slowly warming up to me and becomming one of my favorite characters, but he just disappeared earlier in this season and I was completely and utterly confused! Then, when he was brought back as none other than Peyton's blind date for the evening my eyebrows were raised sky-high. Is it just me or is someone (Mark Schwahn, you silly bastard) trying to add in a filler relationship there? Let's face it, Lucas seems to have moved on (no offense Leyton fans, I'm actually one myself) and if he really has I wouldn't mind if there was some sort of fling between Chase and would make for great tv if Peyton and Brooke got to fighting over a guy again. Just like the good old days :)

    But I know Peyton's still got her mind set on making Lucas see how much she loves him. As much as I would think a Chase/Peyton relationship would make good tv that's definately about how far that scenario goes. Otherwise I'm really hoping that Peyton and Lucas somehow work things least that's what I'm hoping.

    The problem is Lindsay and Lucas seem to have a solid relationship between each other, and Peyton is just as lost as she's ever been.

    Oh yeah, PS, I almost forgot to tell about how this episode happened to end with the biggest friggin cliffhanger known to television history (in my opinion). Lucas, earlier in the ep, lets Haley read his final manuscript of his new book before he lets Lindsay read it, and after Haley's done in the last like seven seconds of the show there's a clip of Haley calling Lucas and telling him he can't marry Lindsay! WTF??

    well...I think that little story of his has some hidden elephants that need to be aired out and dried...there has to be some Peyton juice spilled all over it.
  • loooved this episode so much

    i think this was this seasons best episode so far (ive also seen the one next to this one)
    it was soo funny with the whole CHASE thing
    and how he and peyton would kiss so they would make others jelouse. i looved the scene with brooke and victoria.
    brooke its just spectacular and gets better every time.
    i loved how she fired that old S.UT
    she soo deserved it
    i hated what she said to rachel. that was beyond mean. that was DAN-LIKE
    i liked the scenes with nathan and haley
    and little jamie its soo cute its stunning
    the faces he gives are soo beautiful.
    dont really like the lucas and lindsay parts (but.. whats new in that?)
    lol. overall i loooved it.
  • It was a very good episode like any others.

    Oh well i have to say something...
    The episode title, You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side, isn't a song by the band Morrissey, beacuse Morrisey isn't a band, Morrisey is a singer. A very big singer who was the soloist of the band 'The Smiths', which their song 'please please please let me get what i want', was the title of some other episode of One tree hill. Anyway, i really enjoyed watching this episode. By the end i was very suprised whan Haley said to Lucas dont get marry to Lindsay, because all this time i was thinking that Haley dont really want Peyton and Lucas be together. I guess i was wrong.
  • well this episode acts as the prelude to the lucas and lindsay wedding. a bachelor cum bachelorette party and a very upset jamie.

    well, this episode was quite good i must say. firstly things between nathan and haley are still abit icy even though they are talking. i really hope things work themselves out between them cos' it's really hurting little jamie. ah yes let the whole family play rock band together please. rachel leaving again after an encounter with intimidator lady victoria davis was quite sad but kinda expected. so i felt it was really deserving that she got the boot from brooke. FINALLY.. phew it has been a long time coming. anyway the whole thing with chase being back in town was quite funny except for the fact that the reason why he and brooke broke up was never quite explained or brought up. hmm maybe it was just up for interpretation since neither seemed to harbor any hatred towards the other. can't wait for the wedding next week and please please naley kiss and make up already. jamie deserves to play rock band with his folks!!
  • umm i so totally don't remember much of this but i do know that nathan & haley are still on thin ice & haley doesn't think that lucas can marry lindsey. dan got out of jail & rachel bails on brooke. no major chemistry between peyton & chase but he is hott

    prlly the best episode in a while:] i so totally called what haley said at the end & i'm so excited for the next episode. nathan and haley are so going to get back together & i hate carrie. she's such a slut and i can't believe her. i bet that the next episode ends right before lucas says i do ... or doesn't!!!! i hope he doesn't because i love peyton & lucas together. eww its so frustrating but still a good episode. definately one i will watch over and over when i buy it on dvd. the ending truly made the episode. i love the last scene:]
  • I loved the blend of bitter and sweet in this episode.

    I loved the blend of bitter and sweet in this episode. The highlights for me were the car scene between Brooke, Owen, Chase and Peyton and Lucas's closing voiceover.

    The car scene
    This was brilliant. The writing, acting and direction worked so well together – very warm and funny and perfectly timed. I love where Brooke's character is going this season, and that Owen 'gets' her. When he said 'come on' I thought it was as much about him seeing through Brooke's games (ie the fake virgin chick) as about getting the history between her and Chase. Sophia Bush's acting just gets better and better this season. I also loved how Chase's return to Brooke's life relates to the Lucas/Peyton storyline … the bittersweetness of how time, people and relationships move on, but love and memory sometimes don't.

    Closing voice over
    Again, bitter and sweet. The bitterness of heartbreak and heart-learning, the sweetness of heart-learning and heart-healing.

    Brooke learns what she has always known about Victoria and finally cuts her off, but not without struggle and pain.

    Haley finally sees what she has always known about Lucas's heart, through, I think, seeing what she has always known about her own. She learns the heartbreak of what it means to be a true friend and what it means to truly love someone. Hopefully, she also learns to trust the hearts of those she loves so her own heart can heal.

    Lucas hears what he fears learning and what he needs to confront within his own heart. He loves Lindsay, she's helped him heal and the last thing he wants to do is hurt her, but if he's honest with his heart, I think he'll find he gave it to Peyton a long time ago. Not just a piece of his heart like Brooke gave Chase, but his whole heart. Complete. Knowledge that on your wedding day has got to be both bitter and sweet.
  • Great episode, loads of drama and laughs too... perfect balance. can't wait for next time... the 100th episode should be awesome.

    Hi, so much to say... but where to start??? When i had heard a few weeks ago that Rachel and Bevan were coming back i was over the moon... to great characters that make everything 5 times funnier...
    Unfortunately for Rachel, she's not really going through a fun time at all, and i was sad she didn't stick around after asking Brooke to believe in her. Bevan on the other hand OMG... she's married and has a kid... did anyone see that awful picture she showed... so who's the daddy??? Tim off course, he too had that awful picture!! So i guess she won't be getting together with Skills :( not the kind of participation i was hoping for, but the few seconds we had of Bevan were indeed HILARIOUS, what a laugh!!!

    Lindsey's dress is gorgeous, but I am still secretly hoping Lucas comes to his senses...

    Again, let me say Brooke's mom is such a B*TCH, i was hoping that when confronted with how b*tchy she is she would see the error of her ways and be a MOM... but no, she's hopeless!! Speaking of Brooke, how funny did you all find that double date situation??? I did not see that one coming, Clean teen Chase... very very cool... the letting Owen know when they were in the car

    now for bad news... -DAN is back, and eewwww... had to see him in the sack with some random girl... like grosssse, not the kind of thing i wanted to imagine, let alone see!!!

    -and things between Nathan and Haley don't seem to be any better yet either... when is she going to realise he was not unfaithful, and poor poor Jamie, I luv him, he's such a sweet thing.
  • Before Lucas and Lindsey's wedding they join their bachelor and bachelorette parties and also try to get Nathan and Haley back together

    On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's marriage; Brooke pairs Peyton with an old boyfriend; Rachel and Dan return to Tree Hill. I loved this episode it was really good.I was kinda sad that Jamie was being ignored because his parents were fighting i **cking hate nanny carrie she hurt Naley and now jamie is sad nice one **tch. Anyway also Racheal and Dan are back.Racheal comming back was pretty good but Dan comming back was horrible i hope he leaves Nathan and Lucas' family alone.Cant wait for the next episode when lucas and lindsey get married.Who knows what will happen.
  • On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's wedding the two plan a co-ed shower in hopes that it will help things between Haley and Nathan. Jamie and Skills plan the party. Two old friends return, one with a history to Brooke that may jeopardize her future.

    So this episode was a bit sluggish, the end was great though, but it did not have the same wow factor as last week's. The last five minutes were great, Brooke fired Victoria, Nathan and Jamie had a very sad talk, and Haley told Lucas that he can't mary Lindsey, because she read his new book and knows he is still in love with Peyton. It reminded me of episode 321 "Over the Hills and Far Away" you know the one where Peyton tells Brooke she still loves Lucas at the very end, but the rest of the night was very ho hum, they both were on the eve of weddings, let's jsut hope there is no limo crash next week.

    Finally Victoria is pulled from her pedestal of being so much better than everyone else. The great thing about they way Daphne plays the role is that whenever a mentioning of her parenting skills comes up, she has a stone shot look in her face, like it actually hurts her but she needs to find a comeback to make sure she is not perceived as caring. I am just glad Brooke finally took a stand on her company, and it was sad when she realized that her mom never wanted to make her a Rambo cake.

    Haley pissed me off, I was totally on her side, but the fact that she was ignoring Jamie and getting up on Skills case, was bothering me. I am hoping though that Nathan will be out the house a little longer and living with Lucas, and Jamie comes to visit because that would just be funny.

    So Chase is back and still in love with Brooke, and friends with Owen, I feel like those Chase and Brooke did not last long, and the fact that he is still harboring feelings for her seems strange. Does this mean our LB alum is going to stick around, and will he continue to use Peyton?

    Luke and Lindsey proved why they love each other, they both seem to want to meddle and they both lost their father-figures, but they are not each other's great loves. Their scene in the moonbounce was touching. Then Haley called and told him that he cannot marry Lindsey, and wow, she said what we all know, and what no one else on that show will admit.

    Hats off once again, the music in this episode really flowed nicely with the story.
  • Really good episode with some of the funniest moments of the season, if not the whole series. A little too sad for my taste though with the rift between Nate and Haley. (contains spoilers)

    The episode starts off with Nate sleeping on Lucas's couch for the past week after Haley kicked him out for kissing/being liked by Carrie. Lucas and Lindsey are having their bachelor and bachelorette parties soon, so they decide to combine the two without telling Nathan and Haley so they will meet up and maybe talk at the party. Jamie is at home with Haley and asks if Nate is coming home and when Haley says she doesn't know (or something along those lines) he turns the smiley face on his waffle upside down. Such a cute moment and so sad! Brooke reveals to Mouth that Rachel in back in town and Millicent feels uncomfortable because she knows both Rachel's history/personality and Mouth's connection to her. Dan is out of jail and picks up a girl at the supermarket who he sleeps with. After, he admits that he just got out of jail. "Did you do it?" she asks. And he replies that he did indeed. Lindsey is trying on the wedding dress Brooke is making for her when Peyton comes by the shop for a visit, but she's actually really nice to Lindsey! Owen and Brooke are shopping in the mall and come across Lindsey and Lucas who are making the inventory of stuff they want for their wedding. Then they run into Bevin. She's married to Tim and has a kid with him! EW! I liked Bevin and Skills together before! Bummer! Then, back at Brooke's, Brooke tells Peyton that Owen is bringing a friend to be Peyton's blind date to the bachlor(ette) party. She opens the door and who is there with Owen? CHASE!!! The girls talk about how its funny and head to the party. In the car Brooke says "AWKWARD," which leads Owen to ask them to tell him what he's missing. This was the funniest scene of the episode and possibly of the whole series! Chase starts to explain. He tells Owen to remember the girls he used to talk about. And Owen replies, "You mean the fake virgin chick you lost your virginity to?" Haha! So funny! Chase asks if he remembers her name and suddenly it dawns on him! His face in that moment was priceless! At the party, Jamie tries to get his parents to play RockBand with him, but they are too caught up in their fight with each other that they brush him off! AW! Brooke notices when he goes to his room and Owen and her go to console him. Owen thanks Jamie for giving him an second chance with Brooke by asking her "What's under all the clothes, Brooke Davis." In another hilarious moment, Jimmy-Jam responds with "so did you find out?" Hehe! Victoria is a major b**** and tells Rachel that she is nothing and will just be a burden to Brooke. Rachel leaves town with all the money Peyton had given Brooke to pay her back for starting her company. Chase and Peyton exchange kisses when each of their exes is watching them. Funny moments, too! Brooke fires her mother, Victoria. FINALLY! Haley reads Lucas's new draft for his book, looks at a picture of her and Nate at their wedding, and picks up the phone. We think she's calling Nate, but Lucas picks up. She tells him that he can't marry Lindsey.
  • I loved this episode for so many reasons, and some not so much. Former lovers come face to face, and under some very strange circumstances, Lucas and Lindsay are finally not as bad as i thought they initially were together...a great episode!

    Ok, there was so many things i loved about this episode:
    1. Brooke referencing her letters to Lucas when Peyton gave Brooke her investment money back.
    2. Chase!!! I missed him, and although the plot was a little contrived to get them on a double date with other people i loved the interaction in the car: Brooke: Awkward. Owen: What?
    Brooke: Nothing.
    Owen: Ok, somebody want to tell me what's going on?
    Chase: Hey bud. You remember that girl i used to tell you about, back when we first moved in together?
    Owen: Yeah. The one you constantly talked about.
    Chase: Not constantly, but yeah.
    Owen: What? The fake virgin chick, you lost your virgnity to?
    Chase: Yeah.
    Owen: What about her?
    Chase: Do you remember her name?
    (Owen thinks about it, and realizes that it's Brooke)
    Owen: Come on!
    3.Jamie. Is he just the cutest kid ever?!He spent most of the night trying to get his parents back together, it was the sweetest thing. I love how he interacts with Skillz,Brooke and Owen as well.
    4. Brooke fires her Mum(Finally!!). I get why Brooke kept her round as long as she did, but it was a "Hell, yeah!" moment when Brooke fired her. I really felt for Brooke saying that a parents love is unconditional. Clearly Victoria needs to burn in hell.
    5.Brooke and Chase's scene. I have to say, although i am a Brucas lover, i really enjoyed having Chase back for a little while. I think he suits Brooke really well.
    6.Bevin thinking that Brooke and Lucas were getting married.classic.
    7.Nathan, cause he looked so broken/hot when standing outside his own home.

    Things that kinda miffed me:
    1. Bevin and Tim??Really??I always loved Bevin and Skillz together, and i have a feeling there has to be some sort of backstory there, because if she hasnt seen the gang for 4 years, how could her relationship with Skillz go sour so fast??
    2.Bevin,generally. She showed her true colours over the first 4 seasons, and seemed to grow as a person. She seemed to have resorted to Season 1 Bevin, but that might have to do with marrying Tim.
    3.Dan.Hooking up with some sales girl.can you say ewwwww!!!
    4.Naley fighting. I get why Haley has pushed him away, and although everyone keeps saying, 'but she kissed Chris Keller', come on, a 16 year old who just married opposed to a married man at 22, who has been married for 6 years? Thats just wrong,even if he didnt kiss back. I hope they get back together soon.

    Anyway, thats my thoughts on the episode.
  • great but i thought there would be nore naley.

    i think i must have missed a few things, like the mouth and rachel stuff, lol jamie - cute as always

    nathan - love him, i feel so bad for him.

    haley, - for a whil;e haley was getting on my nerves but now, i feel bad for her and stuff coz all shes doing it trying to protect her son, if that means that she will be unhappy, and she finally relises that hes marring the wrong girl

    lucas/Lindsay - i dont like them together, and what was up with there scene on the trampoline - what a piontless scene, all i can be bothered to say at the mo

    skills - i got a bit annoyed with him when he was saying that stuff to haley but it was the truth and i get he was tring to help, i all i could think it was like he was trying to tell her how the raise her son and stuff but like less that 5 minutes later there was such a cute scene with him and jamie and i was like yay james and skills, lol, u gotta love skills :)

    naley - i thought there will be more naley this week even if it wasnt going to gd naley i still wanted some naley,

    chase - :yay: chase came back, hope he'll be back for more, :)

    mouth - i loved mouth this ep, he finaly gets a girl, :)

    rachel - when she came in season3 i was like i hate her so much, coz she tried to steal lucas from brooke, then nathan from haley, and so much more, and as time went on, i liked her more and more, and now, i feel so bad for her, i just wanna go fix her problems, hope she come back soon :)

    Brooke - loved her this ep, i usally do though, lol :lol: - she finally fired that evil, blood-sucking emoptionless whore :) - good for her, :)

    Victoria - i hate Victora for what she said to rachel (and Brooke), she could see that she was so Vulnerable and not in the right state of mind, i wish she just left brooke and rachel (and peyton at times) ALONE! lucas/haley - they were kinda cute this week and what was uo that some of there convos this week, lol james/nathan - i loved that little scene when james was asking if he'd be there in the moring, i just wanted to go to him and give him a big hug and say naley will aways be together, you cant deny true love

    dan - he slept with peytons fake brother - pshyo derycks hooker (peyton look-a-like,) he must be a serous idiot, lol :lol: :) the brooke/Owen/Jamie scene was so cute i think thats eveyone, i think thats the longest review i ever witten, (i usally like to give a super short summary of what i thin) :lol:
  • Season 5 improves episode after episode..."You're gonna need someone on your side" was simply great!

    Lucas and Lindsay's pre-wedding party is the right occasion to gather all the characters together. Naley are still going through a serious crisis, and they are so concentrated on their pain that they forget Jamie's feelings. Skills and Brooke try to make Jamie feel a little better, but this turns out to be a hard task. A hilarious blind date is the occasion to meet someone from the past. Rachel struggles with her addiction. We learn that Bevin found the perfect soul-mate for her in Tim. Brooke finally finds the courage to get rid of an annoying employee.
    Dan is finally a free man. Lucas and Lindsay get ready for their big day and Haley surprises Lucas with a late night phone call.
  • Lucas and Lindsey conspire to reunite Haley and Nathan, Peyton is set up on a blind date with someone from Brooke's past, Rachel is back, Victoria is a cow and Lucas 'can't marry Lindsey'.... dun dun dun.

    Brooke and Owen are still very cute together, and the look on his face in this episode when he put two and two together with Brooke and Chase was priceless. The Chase/Peyton scenes were cute, I loved the reasoning behind their kisses. I am so glad Brooke finally fired Victoria, with what she said to Rachel I wanted to slap her. It was more than time for Brooke to move on.
    Nathan and Haley, not looking good from this episode. I must admit I didn't really like Haley in this episode. Poor Jamie. Seeing Bevin... interesting as always. Married Tim? I didn't see that one coming. Got to love their sons name though. It was good to see her, but I still really want to know what happened between her and Skills and this episode didn't answer that. I also hope that Rachel is not gone for good after this episode. I am liking the storyline and I can't wait for the fun Rachel to emerge again. Dan. I have one word. Creepy. Mouth and Millie. Cute, but I think something needs to happen soon, something more than her getting jealous and spraying him with crazy string. They are not going to be cute for much longer. The end was my favourite bit 'Lucas, you can't marry Lindsey'. I only wish he would listen. Can't wait to see why though...
  • OTH another good episode

    I couldn't stay still watching this episode, it was just too intense for me. Out of all the things I want to see happen only one thing has happen and that is Broke firing her mother. I know that ain't the last of her mother but Broke finally stepped up to the plate and she didn't have to change anything she just had to get rid of her mom. Lucas needs to snap back into reality and not hurt Lindsays feeling because he will if he marries her and I guess thats what Haley notice. Haley has gone from my favorite to my least favorite if she keeps acting like this, Nathan needs to leave her anyway because when you have a good man you just don't let him walk away because some hooker Nanny wants to hook her nails into your family. Haley doesn't deserve Nathan. The next episode looks pretty interesting if things get worse I'm bouncing from this show.
  • lucas, you can't marry lindsay!

    theres some really weird camera angles in this episode, stuff looks strange. and at the end, the jaime-talking gets overdone. lindsay and peyton can get along, and skills and jaime throw a really fun party. totally didn't see the rachel-money-stealing coming, but thank goodness brooke finally fired her mom -- now we get to see what happens when she's dealing with the company by herself. haley read lucas novel and called him and told him he could not marry lindsay. why? who knows. dan is in this episode too... this episode was better than last week's, but the next ones gonna be better.
  • Love overcomes all. In every situation, true love will always win!

    On the eve of their impending nuptials, Lucas and Lindsey try to help a couple who are facing problems. Meanwhile, three old faces return to town, among them Rachel; and Brooke has to deal with Victoria.

    Overall, Nathan strives to win Haley back. Lucas and Lindsey fight to stay close. Both Peyton and her new hook up Chase try to make their exes jealous.. Peyton nearly succeeds. Brooke struggles with her mother and Owen once again proves himself worthy of being a great man. The entire group of friends are in this episode, and it really is a great time afterall. It proves to me why I love this show so much!
  • Bachelor party for Lindsey and Lucas! Brooke met her ex boyfriend who has date with Peyton. He is also good friend with her boyfriend (?) Owen. Dan finally is free man.

    Tis episode was just great!! My favourite scene was the car scene between Owen and Chase. And I think that Chase still has feelings for Brooke. I can see it when he helped her with her coat. And tose kisses between him and Peyton.

    Nathan and Haley... They are meant to be together. I can't believe that Haley wants a divorce.

    Lucas and Lindsey... I don't think that they're a good couple. I must confess that I never liked Leyton I always wanted Brucas, but if Lucas has to marry someone it supposed to be Peyton. I hope in 12. episode he finally realizes that.

    I hate Victoria!! I am glad when Brooke fired her. How she could said this mean things to Rachel and Brooke? She never loved her daughter. I don't understand that. She's her mother!! She just uses Brooke. I hope Rachel is good.

    The end... Oh My God!! Haley is awesome!! I just can't wait to see next episode.

    I like Owen, but I prefer Chase and Brooke
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