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  • Season 3
    • Hitting on a Guy
      Hitting on a Guy
      Episode 13
      Sui talks Jane into going on a last-minute double date with her. Jane likes her date Ralph, even though she tells him that she hates his name. After a second date with Ralph, Jane comes home looking disheveled but she won't talk about what happened. The other family members notice bruises on Jane and they assume that Ralph is responsible. Ben, Neal and Cray confront Ralph. He tells them they had a fight, but it was Jane who attacked him and he just defended himself. The Blakes have an intervention with Jane and she confesses that her last foster father, who was named Ralph, used to beat her and that just the mention of the name triggered a violent reaction in her. Also, Marcy is trying to arrange a dinner at the Warehouse for Dave and Karen as Foster Parents of the Year, but things keep going wrong. The rest of the family pitches in to help pull the dinner off.moreless
    • Say Cheese
      Say Cheese
      Episode 12
      The Blake's Reminece about their Past Adventures as they take a Photo for Karen's Birthday.
    • Roots
      Episode 11
      Dave and Karen leave the Blake Children the House while there gone for the Weekend, Cray asks them to help find his Birth Family for his Project which the other kids agree to help when Jane Returned and The Van's Valve Blew and would take them $300 to Fix it and Marci comes up with an Idea to turn to Blake's Household into a Bed and Breakfast because it's Superbowl Weekend in Miami and all the hotels are full.

      The Kids collect Unused stuff so that the Bed and Breakfast thing can work and put Fliers around Miami so People can know where they can Relax, Cray helps Neal search more about his Family on the Internet to know which Family he was born and later in Dave and Karen's Room finds a Box and Founds Cray's Birth Certificate saying he was Born in Fort Lauderdale.

      Ben, Jane, Marci and Sui help get the Bedrooms ready for the Arrival of the Guests and Marci gives them a speech about what to raise the Money for the Van, The First Guests we Mrs. Cosgrove and her Niece Camille who Ben has the hots for, The Second Guests Billy Bob and Boyd, Two Sailors that Sui will give her 50 Dollars for the Room. Ben, Jane, Marci and Sui serves the Guests Breakfast the next Morning with Raisins and Cold Pizza, Neal finds Cray and tells him that his last name was Jenkins, Cray was amazed to find out that he has a Grandfather and calls him and meet him at the Warehouse and asks Neal to help support him, There Cray meets his Grandfather who turns out to be Black and Cray could'nt Understand his Grandfather's Colour and Runs Out of the Warehouse.

      Back at the Blake's, Neal sees Cray in the Girl's Romm and Talks to Cray about what he did and tries to make to up. The Next Day, The Guests were leaving the Bed and Breakfast when Dave and Karen Return Unexpectedly to find out about the Bed and Breakfast Idea the Kids were doing and tells them the Truth about finding Cray's Grandfather and Punishes them. Harold arrives at the Blakes for Dinner with Cray and he Apologises to him and He and Harold talk about Cray's Parents who both died and the touching story about Harold could'nt keep Cray Because he's old and was put into Foster Care and Meets all the Blakes and both hugged each other.moreless
    • Marci's in Hot Salsa
      Marci wants more than anything to win the salsa dance contest at The Wherehouse but she is faced with a difficult choice between partnering with her new boyfriend Octavio who has two left feet or risk hurting his feelings by entering the contest with a better dancer. Meanwhile, a grounded Neal has some sense knocked in to him, literally, when goes against his better judgement and sneaks out of the house with Jane and Ben to see a baseball game where he gets beaned by a foul ball.moreless
    • Jane Cops Out
      Jane Cops Out
      Episode 9
      Jane applys for a Job at Barnacle Bob's when she meets a Rookie Cop named Patrick, but Patrick's Actions to Jane go Serious as He learns about Stalking. Dave Moves in with Cray and Neal after Karen has no sleep because of his Snoring.
    • Sui's in for Stormy Weather
      Neal and Ben land jobs as film critics for the local cable access channel but the forecast for Sui's new career as the station's new weather girl is cloudy when she must decide how to deal with sexual harrassment from her boss. Meanwhile, Cray considers piercing his ear and getting a tatoo in order to impress a girl at school.moreless
    • Dad Strikes Out
      Dad Strikes Out
      Episode 7
      Dave goes on strike in this episode. When the strike goes on longer than originally expected, Dave is forced to take a temporary job at Corn Dog World. At the end of the episode, the strike ends, and Dave mentions that the workers received a better pay and benefit package.
    • Crushed
      Episode 6
      Cray Develops a crush on Becky whos started working at The Warehouse, When He and Becky are out on a date, She starts to fall for Ben and gets out of Control and Cray catches Becky hugging him and Ben tells Cray he would'nt take his Girl.

      Meanwhile, Jane tries out for Kickboxing when a Promter discovers her and she Becomes a Wrestler, but she'll have to go down to Lunachick who's also The Promoters Wife to earn the money.moreless
    • One of Our Own
      One of Our Own
      Episode 5
      Jane asks the Blakes if they would adopt her and they are delighted. But when she sees how excited they get when they find out Karen is pregnant, she wonders if she will ever be loved and accepted like a "real" daughter. Also, Neal tries to "dumb down" to the level of a girl he's attracted to.moreless
    • The Race Car
      The Race Car
      Episode 4
      Ben. Cray and Neal enter a Contest at the Warehouse to win a Car, Unfortunately Cray wins the Car but can't drive yet because he's only 13. When Ben and Neal try to steal it, they get arrested and taken in by the Police. Marci and Sui also get into a fight when Marci becomes better than Sui and the Two Sisters fight it out on who the best girl.moreless
    • The Two Year Itch
      Jane meets a thief on the Streets named Jesse, after she invities her home, Jane has been in the Garage and discovers Sui's Stolen Purse and gives the Purse back to Sui. But when Dave and Karen hear Jane's Conversation, they and the kids soon Discover Jesse in the Van and blames Jane for selling her out and runs away. Later, She, Ben and Neal went to the place she Discovered were Jesse lives and later gives her the Jacket Jane got from the Blake's for her second year with them and Jessie meets Jane at the Warehouse where Marci and Sui gave them a meal. Also, Cray becomes a star when he is picked by a Promoter for a Orange Juice Company but later finds out he's been Replaced by a Chimp.moreless
    • Push Comes to Shove
      When Cray comes Head to Head with a Bully at School, Jane and Neal teach Him Lessons on how to Fight and Protect himself from getting hit again.
    • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
      Neal gets Invited to Kate's house for Dinner and meets Kate's Father, William Richard (James Avery, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) a Lawyer, Tells Neal about her and soon after dinner William tells Kate that she should'nt see Neal Anymore and he soon finds out what's he did.

      Meanwhile, Marci buy Clothes from the Internet and gets Ben, Cray, Jane and Sui to model them at the Warehouse but did'nt notice that the Clothes Marci bought on the Internet were stolen and ends up with the Police.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1