Onegai Teacher

(ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • Secret Couple
      Secret Couple
      Episode 13
      Kei and Mizuho are now happily married. One morning, Kei rolls over next to his wife, only to find that its his mother-in-law! With the in-laws at their house, Kei is in for a headache. What twisted plan does Mizuho’s mother have in store for Kei? And what will happen when Kei's classmates spot Kei and Mizuho together?!moreless
    • One More Time, Teacher
      A year has passed since Mizuho left Earth. Everything changed and people have fogotten about her. But thanks to her mother and her sister's help, she returns to Earth and this time, she's staying at Earth for good. As she becomes a teacher once more, she introduce herself which is similiar to Episode 1.

      She moves in at the same neighbourhood with Kei and even helps her carry the stuffs. But the differenece is that they switch sides and Mizuho tripped and fell onto Kei. She cried while not facing him and intend to tell him everything but to her surprised, she was shocked that he ask whether she's doing another planetary research.

      When he manages to answer her first date (in episode 5), he manage to answer it. He tells him that he's been holding her Pochy box even since she left and after seeing her, he remebers it. She cried while Kei intend to be with her forever. The finale ends by each others kiss while her sister and her mom were happy to see it. Now they are together once more.moreless
    • Teacher
      Episode 11
      With Kei still in his "standstill", his friends become worried, and Ms. Kazami tries to help Kei remember all the memories. But she goes too far, and Kei loses all of his memories. Including his relationship with his teacher..
    • But...
      Episode 10
      Koishi finds Kei having a conversation with Ichigo realising Ichigo set everything up and tries to kiss Kei but their kiss is interrupted by Mizuho who runs and cries but Kei catches up to her and they kiss but Kei gets into a standstill.
    • Let's End It Now
      Let's End It Now
      Episode 9
      Ichigo finds out that Kei rejected Koishi's feelings so Ichigo tries to confront Kei but ends up in a standstill revealing her secret to Kei who leaves Mizuho to date Koishi so Ichigo doesn't end up in a standstill.
    • Long Night
      Long Night
      Episode 8
      Mizuho and Kei get into an argument which causes Kei to meet up with Koishi later that day where she expresses her love to Kei but Kei rejects her and rushes to Mizuho before Matugu can ask her out.
    • Don't Cry, Teacher
      Mizuho's sister Maho sees what she thinks to be Kei making Mizuho cry so she tries to get rid of Kei but in the end starts to gain a crush on him.
    • Let's Begin After We Start
      Kei and Mizuho get an unexpected visit from Mizuho's mother and sister.
    • For That Teacher, I...
      Kei and Mizuho go on their summer honeymoon from the help of Minoru. They had a fun time till they met with Koishi and the gang along with Mr Yamada. They hanged out in Koishi's room that night while playing card games. After that, they accidentally took wrong room keys and ended up in different rooms. Kei and Mizuho spent the night at the beach, talking. They were rudely interrupted and there were endless questionings by Mizuho...moreless
    • Actually, I Think I Love You
      Kei starts to fall in love with Mizuho!
    • This Isn't Right, Teacher
      Kei and Mizuho continue to have problems and cannot decide what to do about marriage.
    • I Can't Get Married Anymore
      After the incident the previous night, both Kei and Mizuho are worried. Mizuho doesn’t want her secret to be revealed, but doesn’t know what to do. Kei also doesn’t know what he should do or how he should explain all this to his uncle. But, what will happen when Kei and Mizuho are locked in an equipment shed overnight? Even worse, what will happen when the principle finds them?!moreless
    • Tell Me, Teacher
      Tell Me, Teacher
      Episode 1
      One night while Kei Kusanagi is resting by a lake he sees a UFO crash into it. He jumps to his feet and suddenly sees a glowing woman appear on the lake. He runs away screaming but his world abruptly goes blank and he enters a “standstill”. The next day at school, the class has a new teacher named Mizuho Kazami who turns out to be the strange woman from the previous night! Was it all a dream? And what will happen when Mizuho is Kei’s new neighbor?moreless