Onegai Teacher

Season 1 Episode 12

One More Time, Teacher

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 2002 on
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One More Time, Teacher
A year has passed since Mizuho left Earth. Everything changed and people have fogotten about her. But thanks to her mother and her sister's help, she returns to Earth and this time, she's staying at Earth for good. As she becomes a teacher once more, she introduce herself which is similiar to Episode 1.

She moves in at the same neighbourhood with Kei and even helps her carry the stuffs. But the differenece is that they switch sides and Mizuho tripped and fell onto Kei. She cried while not facing him and intend to tell him everything but to her surprised, she was shocked that he ask whether she's doing another planetary research.

When he manages to answer her first date (in episode 5), he manage to answer it. He tells him that he's been holding her Pochy box even since she left and after seeing her, he remebers it. She cried while Kei intend to be with her forever. The finale ends by each others kiss while her sister and her mom were happy to see it. Now they are together once more.moreless

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  • One of the best finishing episodes I've ever seen.

    While there is another episode in Onegai Teacher, epsisode 13 serves more like an OVA than the series finale. It starts off with Mizuho being trialed by the Galactic Federation for using devices in order to enter Kei's mind, and revealing to him of her identity. As a punishment, all those she made contact with on Earth will have all their memories erased of Mizuho, including Kei.

    A full year later, the gang are found together at Hyosuke's house watching their teacher compete in the human propelled airplanes contest. They talk about their own future, and most of their responses are quite similar; to marry and have a successful life. When their teacher is up, it appears as if he had already failed, but made a miraculous come back as he pulled himself together at the last second, winnig it all. Kei notices Koishi awfully absorbed in the games, hinting that Koishi will probably in the future have a student-teacher relationship just like Kei and Mizuho.

    The next day, like the first episode, the sequence of Hyosuke explaining to the whole class of them getting a new teacher triggers. Mizuho enters, and finds Kei cluelessly staring out the window. It seems as if his memories were truly erased. At this point, Mizuho planned two choices; to start from scratch, or explain to Kei of everything. But will it end up just hurting her instead?

    This is one of the best episodes in the series. It really wraps up the series very nicely. Though what was even better was to see Koishi, the girl that Kei dumped for Mizuho earlier in Onegai Teacher, finding a new man to cherish. Throughout the series, you feel nothing but pity for her because it was the apparent choice for Kei to pick Mizuho, but now it's great to see her well again. What I also loved about this episode was what Mizuho was feeling when she returned. Everyone that she familiarized herself with, students and teachers, not recognizing her one bit was quite breaking. I had a sense of empathy for her at that point. Though the conclusion really touched my heart and made me relieved this series had an awesome ending.moreless

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    • In the Ending song, it shows a mixture of flashbacks from both the past and the future:

      1) Kei and Mizuho directly tell Kei's uncle and aunt that they are getting married. (Future: In Episode 2, they didn't know what to say )

      2) Mizuho wears a wedding gown on their wedding day (Future: In Episode 3, it was shown inside Mizuho's room)

      3) Kei and Mizuho go shopping. (Future)

      4) Kei and Mizuho spend their honeymoon at the beach (Past: Epsidoe 5)

      5) Kei and Mizuho bath toghether and later watch TV together. (Future)

      6) Kei and Mizuho argue and later Mizuho regrets doing it and cries. (Future: Look at both shirts. They wear the same clothings)