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  • upps!

    onegai Twins! is a story mainly revolving around three high school students: Maiku Kamishiro, Karen Onodera, and Miina Miyafuji. The three were drawn together by a photograph of their childhood home which later makes all of them seek out the house in the picture. However, the picture only has two children - a boy and a girl. Hence, only one of the girls, Karen or Miina, is related to Maiku. The only other identifying feature of the pair in the picture is that the boy and the girl have eyes of the same color; a feature that furthers the ambiguity as all three of them have the same eye color.

    it is a very funny storie and very enjoyable, I laugh many many times, I recommend this story to you all
  • Sibling Love [Spoiler may occur]

    Onegai Twins is kinda an alternative version of Onegai Teacher. There are some relationships between both season, like the character and the habitat. Onegai Twins has its ups and downs. This anime is orginal in its own way, like a guy living alone and all of a sudden a girl comes in claiming that this is her house and that she is Maiku's sister. Then the same situation happened again. What else can he do? Of course he accepts them both and tries to get along. When they started to get along with each other more, they started to like each other, but only one of them is his sister. The Down-side to this anime is that everything is still unclear to me. [Spoiler of Episode 12] At the End of episode 12, Miina says "Well i was sleeping in the house at that time?" or something like that. So does this mean They are a Triplet? [Spoiler End] This makes me wonder.. [Spoiler of Episode 5 or 6 not sure] Miina and Karen made a Pact that whoever is the relative must lay off Maiku. But if they are triplets, then the pact is kinda stupid [Spoiler End] Overall, onegai twins does not meet up with my expectations and proudly deserves a 7-8 out of 10.
  • A very disappointing sequel to one of the best animes.

    If it weren\'t for the fact that Onegai Twins is an indirect sequel to my favourite anime series Onegai Teacher, I would have been much more harsher on this show. Twins throws out the use of teleporting, the stand stills, the aliens, and pits new characters facing new problems. You know what else was scrapped? Everything that was good about Teacher too! Teacher\'s central theme was moving forward; Twins isn\'t as philisophical. It pretty much brings up the long drawn out question, \"Who is relative and who is stranger?\". Sequels for anything can go both ways; it can be a huge improvement over the original, which is expected since the people making it have more experience, or it can be worse. What was quite unexpected is how far below Twins is from Teacher. In every single aspect, Twins is inferior. By a large margin as well! This anime should only be watched by fans of Onegai Teacher. If you plan on watching Onegai Twins, make sure you get your ass buying or downloading the original. Hell, you should be doing that anyways because it\'s just that awesome!

    Judging by the various pictures advertising Twins, you\'ll probably assume that the lucky bastard in purple hair is a huge pimp for picking up two cute twins, right? You\'d be surprised, because that\'s far from the case. It all started when the local news channel started investigating on the recent UFO sightings. In the background, a familiar house is spotted by three abandoned kids, which they think is the house they\'ve all grown up in. Maiku, the purple haired kid, currently lives in their in order to discover more about his childhood. Living with no one else, he supports himself by programming for a company. Months later, two girls appear at his front door. The red headed is Miina, and the green haired is Karen. They all claim to be the twin of Maiku, but how can that be when there\'s only two of them in the picture? Maiku invites them two to live with him since he feels like he\'ll just be an ass if he leaves his siblings behind. But one of them is a stranger.

    The first three episodes seem to whip up a promising series that would definitely stack up to its name sake. Though there are many plotholes and drawn out episodes that keep it from becoming a stellar title. First off, I wondered if they ever considered that they were are relatives, but one of them wasn\'t available at the time when the picture was taken? It would make sense, since they all have the same dark blue eyes, and are coincidentially abandoned by their real parents, and also have the same childhood picture!? Then we have the biggest plothole in the story, which is the age difference. But how can that be, they\'re twins!? Well, both Miina and Karen are in their freshman years, while Maiku is in his junior!? They could have at least called it Onegai Siblings.

    Plotholes just make the story inconvenient, but the story is inconvenient already. The entire series is wasted upon the question, \"Who is twin, and who is stranger?\". In every single episode, the two girls ponder on who really is the twin, and what they should do if they aren\'t? The first time it was brought up, it was pretty cool. But then it drags itself into several more episodes. It\'s like listening to a single song for an entire month. Unless the song is really really REALLY good, then you\'ll eventually die of boredom. The story also feels like it\'s being interfered with the not so funny fanservice moments. There are many instances where the two girls fall over Maiku, and their heads happen to be near his crotch, and their panties ALWAYS happens to be shown. What\'s sad is that these times are suppose to be Onegai Twins more emotional moments. You won\'t get turned on too, because the girls are so young. At least in Teacher, Mizuho Kazami had big boobs.

    But like mentioned before, Twins does have its moments. I\'ve always enjoyed the atmosphere in Teacher, and that same feel of the atmosphere is shared with Twins. Living together with people you don\'t know, but soon dearly love has such a great feeling to it. Though what disturbs me is how close the girls can get with Maiku, even though he might be their twin. Sibling Secrets (a hentai where a brother makes his sister his sex slave) starts springing up. It doesn\'t fall down towards that path, but you can\'t help but feel that Miina and Karen are a little bit too excited of meeting their brother. Speaking of atmosphere, not only do they share that same feeling, but it\'s in the same town too! You can expect many locations to be revisited, such as the gym storaged room, the hotel, school, and many others. Characters will also make cameo appearences, mainly Matagu, Mrs. Kazami, Mr. Yamada, and Ichigo. Matagu has a younger sister entering as a freshmen in the school, and he\'s awfully overprotective and admirable of her. Mrs. Kazami sets Miina and Karen in the right path. Plus, she\'s their teacher. Mr. Yamada is also the two girl\'s teacher. Ichigo became tyrannical when she took the job of student council president. She now makes a living off of making \"fufufufu\" sounds, and peeping at people when they\'re having sex, or taking pictures when something terribly embarassing happens. In the OVA episode, all the main characters from Teacher and Twins come together to enjoy a nice summer camp out.

    Oh yeah, the new cast, aside from the main cast, are as equally as impressive as Teacher\'s. (Unfortunately, I forget all their names, aside from Mrs. Kazami\'s and Ichigo\'s). There\'s one character that\'s gay, and is quite attracted to Maiku. There\'s another girl that\'s quite insecure when it comes to anything deep in a relationship, and will not hesitate to end it if her partner does something so quick. They all have interesting stories, especially the gay guy. Matagu\'s story isn\'t really serious, but it does serve up some hilarious moments. He\'s so protective over his little sister, that he\'ll sometimes sneak in the girls changing room to see if she\'s okay. He\'s also not afraid to pick on freshmen kids who even talk to her.

    Speaking of characters, one of Onegai Teacher\'s stronger traits were its music and animation. It\'s really hard to decline in graphical quality when you\'re making a sequel to something. Everyone is gorgeously designed, and while Miina and Karen can\'t compare to Mrs. Kazami, their models are still wonderfully animated. The only complaint I can come up with relating to the animation is the use of hair colour on the three main characters. Green, burgundy red, purple? Unusual if you ask me. The music, both its opening and ending themes, are also just so addictive to listen to. Second Flight and Tears of Tommorow are among the best anime songs I\'ve listened to so far. The sounds are also done pretty well. Then again, outside of music, it’s really hard to judge on sounds, unless they’re murder to your ears, or they’re as top notched as Last Exile’s.

    Many fans of Onegai Teacher will probably be disappointed with the drawn out “Who is relative and stranger?” plot, but the revisitation of nostalgic locals, and cameo appearances from the original show, as well as impressive music and animation are a real treat. Sometimes you wish this was a direct sequel to the original, but then again, how can you further its story anymore? The story made a steep run compared to its predecessor, but the other categories weren\'t really hurt. There\'s also a really touching and emotional moment at the end of episode 12 that relates with the picture everyone has. Only fans of the original would find Twins remotely interesting.
  • Every bits of this anime is inferior to its predecessor, Onegai Teacher. Not mentioning the love-romance level of Onegai Twins is one of the cheesiest, campiest animes out there.

    In every aspects, Onegai Twins offers nothing but a lame story line with a "we could be related, but we could be strangers" plot.

    Although the animation and music quality of this anime are the only two things that can be consider as good. Everything else is nothing but just fillers and wasted. With this kind of plot, it's certain that one episode can be enough, but it seems to drag on for 12 useless episodes. The main issue with this anime series is that it's not serious nor funny enough. There is not much of a character development, and the comedy side of the anime is nothing but bad humor. Therefore, viewers who like the previous Onegai, should be warned that this successor is not sucessful. For lack of a better term, do not watch it.
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