Only Fools and Horses

Season 4 Episode 1

Happy Returns

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 21, 1985 on BBC

Episode Recap

Del embarrasses his younger brother once again just when Rodney tries to make a good impression on Debbie, a sales assistant at the newsagent. On their way home the Trotters save a young boy from being hit by a car. The kid explains that he was running because he is in trouble: his mother is angry with him because he let somebody's tyres down. After they have sent him on his way, Rodney and Del notice that it is their van the boy vandalised.

While Rodney goes to the garage to get help, Del pops into the pub. Later that night Del sees the boy again. The boy claims that he has run away from home but Del can convince him to return to his family. When Del drops the boy off at his mother's flat he is recognises the woman: it's his old girlfriend June.

They talk about old times. June's husband has been sent to jail, although it is said that he works on an oil platform. To Del's amazement Rodney shows up at the flat, prepared to pick up June's daughter Debbie for a date. Eventually Rodney offers to stay at the flat with Debbie and babysit while June and Del go out.

At the pub Del asks June why she went away so suddenly years ago, but she gives a vague answer. During a conversation with Mickey Pearce Del discovers that Debbie is 19 years old, which could make it possible for her to be Del's daughter. Worried about possible "incense" Del rushes back to the flat to stop Rodney from doing anything he might regret.

At home Rodney is very annoyed with Del, accusing him of trying to get Debbie for himself. When Del tells him his suspicions, Rodney is shattered.

The next day Del visits June again, clutching a bunch of flowers, informing her he knows her secret. It quickly turns out the secret is something else: Debbie's father was Del's old friend Albie Littlewood, with whom June was carrying on behind Del's back.

As Del leaves the flat, he sees Mickey walking in with Debbie. Apparently history is repeating itself and Mickey is betraying his friend Rodney.