Only Fools and Horses

Season 6 Episode 6

Little Problems

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 12, 1989 on BBC

Episode Recap

Rodney's plans for the future seem to be in trouble as he fears he may have failed his Computer Science exams. The students had to devise a flight plan for a space probe to the moon and Rodney's calculations led his probe somewhere near London. His teacher gave everyone their diplomas already, except him. It's especially embarrassing now that Cassandra's father has offered him a job in his company and Rodney needs £2,000 for a down payment on a flat. A cheerful Del walks into the Nag's Head with his latest product, a revolutionary cell phone. He paid for the stock by getting the video recorders that didn't work, adapted to the English system and selling them on to Boycie. With some pride he shows Rodney the new business cards he had printed by Rodney's future father-in-law. He also mentions that he bumped into Rodney's teacher and got Rodney's diploma. When he promises Rodney the £2,000 needed for the down payment, the younger brother runs off to tell Cassandra. Then Del admits to Uncle Albert that he paid off the teacher. Mickey Pearce and Jevon approach Del with some bad news. The cell phones they supplied to Del actually came from the Driscoll Brothers, famous London hoods, and they want their money now! When the Driscolls come into the pub, Del, Mickey, Jevon and Trigger hide in the room upstairs, but they get caught. (Del accidentally gets his cell phone's antenna up his nose, making him scream.) The Driscolls give Del an ultimatum, without ever mentioning the product. Boycie is left confused and Del can convince him that the video recorders, which Boycie hasn't paid for yet, are at the bottom of all of this. In a panic Boycie gives Del £3,000. Rodney's stag night is held at the Nag's Head. Rodney gets very emotional and thanks his brother for all he's done. Then the Driscolls show up again for their money. Del realises he can either pay the money to these gangsters or give it to Rodney. At the end of the night Rodney arrives home, angry for all the pranks of the typical stag night and upset about news that he might not get the money for the down payment. He finds Del locked in the bathroom and hears that the money for the down payment is available. Behind the locked door Del is nursing the bruises he got from being beaten up by the Driscolls. At the wedding ceremony the guests snigger when the registrar mentions Rodney's middle name, Charlton. Later, at the party above the Nag's Head, Del gets sentimental. Marlene asks him why he never got married and Del explains that girlfriends were never willing to take on little Rodney as well. Some weeks later, after his first day in a new job, an exhausted Rodney arrives home at Del's flat. Del points out that Rodney went to the wrong house: he lives with Cassandra now! Rodney rushes out of the flat, as Del feels comfortable that Rodney will always be around.