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  • Best sitcom of all time

    This sitcom blends top noch humour loveable characters tear-jerking heartwarming moments together to create an amazing comedy that is the apple of Britain's eye the only sitcom that comes a tiny bit close to this masterpeace is goodnight sweetheart

  • The originals

    I personally feel the early days of only fools were best . After Del met Raquel and they had Damien, it all went downhill fast for me. I don't feel Raquel was really the 'right' wife casting for Del. Cassandra was good though.
  • As good as it gets!

    The fact that this show has achieved such legendary status in its homeland is no surprise. David Jasons a wonderful actor and Debby is no doubt his don't believe a show this good will ever come along just glad it came along once!!The best thing about it is the fact that Derek and Rodney are so different,but they have an unbreakable show dealt with some serious subjects but never in an abysmal weathered all sorts of problems but always managed to truly adore this show as i'm sure millions of others around the world I can say is thank you Sulliven for creating a masterpiece that will surely stand the test of time forever!!Besides The Beatles, OFAH is the most important, entertaining,timeless,culturally significant piece of entertainment,to emerge from the British Isles. One of the greatest(perhaps the greatest) body's of work of the 20th century!!
  • so funny

    how can you not think its a classic are you mad its so funny esp the batman and robin eposide
  • It's not a classic!

    Never liked this show with it's contemporary portrayal of Peckham folk, the likes of Del & Boycie probably existed circa 1950s. In the present day these types would have upped sticks to the leafier confines of Kent. The characters were awful, Grandad came across as being somewhat camp, Marlene was a pantomime figure while Raquel & Cassandra would not have made do with the likes of Del & Rodney. Also the words spouted out by Del such as cushty, plonker etc. didn't endear me to this show.

    The UK press overate OH&H big time, it's not a national institution & it ain't as funny as Fawlty Towers or Steptoe.
  • Cool!

    As good as comedy gets- Whereas the earlier series were good- the show matures- and so do the characterizations. By the time we get Uncle instead of granddad the show is in its full stride (It was sad loss however that brought about the cast change.) I urge all who have not seen this show to give it a chance- you will not be disappointed. The show demonstrates changing views over the last twenty years- It is amazing just how much the world has changed. Do not let the culture differences between British and American Humor worry you- whereas i am admittedly a transplanted Brit here in the States- the show has gained many a fan by my American family, friends and neighbors. In fact my American wife is about as big a fan of the show as you can get.
  • Dead, ancient, but will always be funny.

    This has to be one of the most well-written shows ever.

    It's about two brothers in the "modern" merchant's world, but that's not why it's well written. Somehow, it manages to hint at something, but so subtly you wouldn't notice. That way, when something happens involving it, it is always brilliant.

    My only gripe is that it requires you to watch most of the episode to enjoy it.

    That aside, it really is a timeless classic. In today's world of Little Britain and Catherine Tate, it provides a welcome relief. I just wish we'd spend more time and money on proper comedies like this...
  • Only Fools and Horses is a comedy about the lives of Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, Rodney Trotter, his younger brother, their Grandad (1981-1984) and their great-uncle, Uncle Albert (1985-1997). "Rodney, you really are a right plonker."

    I only started watching this a few weeks ago but now it is one of my favourite comedies ever. I think all the characters are hilarious, especially Del Boy, Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert. I also think Trigger is really funny because in every episode in which he appears in, you can always count on him to do something so stupid but so funny. I was quite sad when I found out that Lennard Pearce (Grandad) had died and even more sad when I watched the episode that had Grandad's funeral. Grandad is always hilarious when he sometimes makes fun of Del Boy and Rodney. I have nearly watched all 64 episodes of the series but I really wish that the had made more episodes. I think the episode where Damien Trotter, Del and Raquel's son, is introduced into the series is really funny as well as the other few times afterwards when you see Damien making, what looks to Rodney whenever he looks at Damien, an "evil look". I was thinking that perhaps John Sullivan could write and make a 30th Anniversary Christmas Special for next year to celebrate the show's 30th Anniversary, he could even write another series or two after the Christmas Special. I really hope that David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst are up for a Christmas Special and possibly one or two more series. I think it would be cool if John does do a Christmas Special for next year, then we could catch up with Del, Raquel and their son, Damien, and Rodney, Cassandra and their daughter, Joan Trotter Jr...
  • This never gets old.

    I grew up watching this show and it's absolutely hilarious.The characters are epic,storylines amazing,and humor is so good that it can't be described.I personally more liked the first episodes with granpa.Too bad his actor died.RIP Leonard Pierce.Delboy and his french make-up words are the top,and Rodney is one of the best TV show characters ever(Trigger too).Unfortunately,the show suffered from quality drop.It should end with Time on our hands.I don't like the final episode,Sleepless in Peckham,at all.I would recommend this show to everyone and if somehow you didn't watch it,you must!
    . . . . . . . . . .
  • The Greatest.

    Only Fools and Horses is a British television sitcom, created and written by John Sullivan, and made and broadcast by the BBC. Seven series were originally broadcast in the United Kingdom between 1981 and 1991, with sporadic Christmas specials until 2003.

    Set in Peckham in Inner London, it stars David Jason as ambitious market trader Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, Nicholas Lyndhurst as his younger brother Rodney, and Lennard Pearce as their aging grandfather (later replaced by Buster Merryfield as their Uncle Albert). Backed by a strong supporting cast, the series chronicles their highs and lows in life, in particular their attempts to get rich.

    After a relatively slow start the show went on to achieve consistently high ratings, and the 1996 episode "Time On Our Hands" holds the record for the highest UK audience for a sitcom episode.[1] Critically and popularly acclaimed, the series received numerous awards, including recognition from the British Academy, the National Television Awards and the Royal Television Society, as well as helping both Sullivan and Jason win individual accolades.[2] It was voted Britain's Best Sitcom in a 2004 BBC poll.[3]

    It also had an impact on British culture, contributing several words and phrases to the English language and helping to popularise the Reliant Regal van. It spawned an extensive range of merchandise, including books, DVDs, toys and board games.[4] A spin-off series, The Green Green Grass, has run for three series on BBC One in the UK.
  • Quite possibly the best comedy show ever.

    So yeah, there have been, and still are countless comedy shows around. But for me, Only Fools and Horses stands out as a top classic, that will continue to be such for years to come.

    Every episode had a unique storyline, every one of which was filled with laugh-out-loud moments. Only Fools and Horses will continue to live up to that name in the many years that follow, just as the show has lived up to its name in the years that have followed since the end.

    The spin-off show, the Green Green Grass is all that there is left from this sega, however whilst still comical, doesn't fulfil the needs of this former running show. Dated to be one of the best.
  • Only Fools and Horses is a sitcom comedy staring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst. It is written by John Sullivan who also executivly produced some of the later show. It is a believable show unlike some of todays comedies i.e Little Britain.

    I have been a fan of this show since i was three. My dad had the third series boxset on video and i watched it constantley. Since then i have managed to buy and recieve all the episodes on video and stil love every moment of it even though i have watched them all about 6000 times. It is a truly great show with a strong show. Never being old enough to watch the show on T.V i was in my eliment when i heard the show was returning for three christmas specials. I enjoyed theese very much and hope they make some more in the future (even though i don't think they will).

    The original lead trio was originally David Jason, as lead role Del Trotter, Nicholas Lyndhurst as his brother Rodney and Learnerd Pierce as Grandad. By series 4 Learnerd Pierce sadley died and was replaced by Buster Merryfield who played Grandad's brother 'Uncle' Albert. By the time of 'Dates' (1988) both brothers have matured enough to start a serious relation ship, although both relation ships fail. Del,in this episode, meets Raquel (Tessa Peak Jones) who leaves at the end of the episode but only to return in 'The Joly Boys Outing (1989) ant to stay on the show for forever more as Dels 'Significant Other'. Rodney also meets, and later marries, Cassandra Parry (Gwenyth Strong)in series 6 staying for the duration for the rest of the show. Damien (Dels son) was born in series seven (1990 - 1991) and we have seen him grow since. Along the way various ruccuring characters have played important roles in the sitcom. Theese are Trigger (Roger Lloyed Pack), Boycie(John Challis), Marlene (Sue Holdeness), Mike (Kenneth MacDonald), Sid (Roy Heather), Mickie (Patrick Murray), Denzil (Paul Barber), Roy Slater (Jim Broadbent) Terry Hoskins (Christopher Mitchell), Alan (Denis Lill) and Pamela (Wanda Ventham), who have all played Family, Friends or Enemies of the main cast. Other noteable reccuring charcters include Lisa (Gerry Cowper), Trigger's niece and various Nag's Head barmaids.

    The programmes main plot is Del Trotters strugle to make his millions and his various domestic adventures!
  • Hilarious!

    I wasn't much of an "Only Fools and Horses" fan before, but my parents love the show and have every episode on video. I decided to watch some, and got addicted after that. This show is great! It's absoloutly hilarious at times. Some episodes don't interest me as much as others, but it's still an awesome show. I'm usually tired of having to put up with lots of American sitcoms, so that's one of the reasons why I love the show. British sitcoms may be terrible at times, but trust me, this one is great! I would recommend you watch it if you haven't already.
  • Impossible to hate!

    "Only Fools And Horses"

    GRADE: A*

    I'm sorry but anyone who gives this show lower than a 10 are seriously strange or are people who don't get British humour (possibly Americans). No one, I mean, no one hates this show in Britain. What shocked me the most is that alot of Americans I've talked to online haven't even heard of it! It's an all-time classic, and I still enjoy watching the reruns on Television. Plenty of British humour.

    Only Fools And Horses follows brothers Derek "Del Boy" and Rodney Trotter through their trading business, filled with hilarious and dumb moments which include lots of scamming and indeliberate mistakes and choices. They sometimes try desperatly to make money, because most of the time their trading deals go wrong. They live with their granddad for a while. However, he dies eventually, and then Uncle Albert replaces him, who always talks about the war.

    This show always makes me laugh some way or the other. It's an all-time classic, and it's so funny and original! It lasted for over 20 years, and it needed to stop because the actors were getting really old! (David Jason couldn't keep up with it). However, the show ended perfectly, and all of the British will remember it as quite possibly, the greatest British show of all-time.
  • Love it!!

    Del - Boy and Rodney, haha, i love them, that is - i loved them. So funny, and as much as they had problems and negative sides they are perfect, just because they show normal people. They are not some fancy models nor are their wifes. And they are not swimming in cash or gold...They struggle through hard life, and find dose of humor and love! They are really good.
    The best part is when Del got his son, Damien and Rodney's obsession for devil number and so. Hehehe!! Really good show, which i'm gonna miss... But at least, i watched the end, and it's good, and that's just one more good score!!
  • Del-Boy and his brother Rodney Trotter are two backstreet salesman trying to make their fortune! They do everything they can to become rich but nothing they do goes right.

    I love this show! Everything about it is funny! The gags are so carefully planned out and have become so of the best british comedy moments such as the Chandilier or Batman and robin or Britains funnies sitcom moment where Del-Boy falls through the bar! All the characters where carfully created to represent all kinds of people ranging from Boycie the snob to Trigger the idiot! Only Fools and Horses has one of the longest running gags in TV Sitcom history, this is the gag that Trigger cannot remember that Rodney is not called dave no matter how many people telle him! Sitcom today would not be the same without the great british comedy that Only Fools and Horses is!

    this is easily the best comedy of all time. no doubt about it. it definetely is in my top 10. jonathon sullivan is definetely a complete comedy writing genious. with alot of comedies, the comedy would slide if they had been going for 22 years. but only fools and horses seems to never slide because of the non-repetitive episodes. i bet that in the next 50 years they still won't be able to make a comedy that is as good as only fools and horses, as legendary and as long. overall only fools and horses shows what life is like in a typical south london household.
  • good i havent watched many epeisodes but by the ones i've watched it is one of the best shows in my opinion

    good i havent watched many epeisodes but by the ones i've watched it is one of the best shows in my opinion and differnt to, like we've never really had that sort of scam ganster type of programme and to makes things better we even had the David Jason as the lead role which i think was the best shows decision they ever made, because they originally wanted the part to some oth guy, but left last minute, and i think Leanard Pearce was good for the time he was on the show and Nicolas Lyndershauft
  • You Know It Makes Sense

    "Only Fools and Horses" is definitely one of the funniest shows ever written. David Jason plays Derrick (Del Boy) Trotter, a likable rip-off merchant who runs Trotters Independent Traders. Although Del Boy's cockney speech is riddled with malapropisms (such as saying goodbye with words like "bonjour"), he manages to con the public into buying (stolen) goods they don't really want, pay for services they don't really need, or basically give up large sums of money for whatever doomed enterprise he happens to be peddling that week.

    Del Boy's gift of the gab comes in handy whenever he has to placate his gauche brother Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), who, unlike Del Boy, happens to have principles. Rodney allows himself to be talked into the most ridiculous, humiliating situations, thanks to Del Boy's twisted logic and specious arguments.

    Grandad is the third member of the team; often the butt of Del Boy's pranks, his cookery skills leave a lot to be desired. He spends most of the time taking care of the flat (filled with all kinds of gaudy junk) and watching two televisions. Grandad was later replaced by Uncle Albert, whose experiences in the Navy have provided him with a limitless store of anecdotes that invariably begin with "During the war..."

    John Sullivan was originally going to call this show "Big Brother". But then he decided that people take more notice of long titles. Sullivan also sings the catchy theme song. Each episode of "Only Fools and Horses" is laughter guaranteed.
  • Only Fools, gone but never forgoten

    This is my first review and its of my favourite show. Only Fools And Horses has to be the best british sitcom ever made, theres so many funny moments from the falling shanderleer to the falling through the bar.

    The writer John Sullivan has drawn upon his life and stories which he's heard to make this the best. My favourite Episode has to be Time On Our Hands where Del and Rodney finaly become millionaires, some people feel the storie should have ended there. The three new christmas specials wernt as good as passed episodes but there were still moments that were extremley funny. There are probably thousands of stories that could still be told about Del and Rodney but there has to be an end and its ended well.

    If youve never scene this show watch it, it has somthing for the very old to the teenager of today everybody will love it.
  • Hillarious!!!!

    I've got the series 1-6 on DVD and i've got 2 say that its really funny.

    Dellboy, Rodney and Uncle Albert are funny all together and the best series has got 2 be series 6 cause it has the part when they bought blow up dolls that had a dangerous gas that Causes them 2 explode.

    when Rodney, Dell and Cassandra went 2 mallorca and rodney had 2 pretend that he was 14 years old until their holiday finished!! lol!!
  • A fantastic achievement for british comedy

    Only Fools and Horses is a brilliant and clever TV programme but more importantly it is very, very funny. The show follows the lives of the Trotters, Del Boy and Rodney, through there life struggle as market salesman's with tell always keeping his spirits up, telling Rodney that next year they will be millionaires! David Jason really shines as Del Boy, the role which, in my opinion, shaped his career. The thing, for me, that makes the show so much better than any other comedy is the fact that it is believable. It is as though it is not trying to be funny like many other comedies. That is what makes it special in my opinion. Also Del and Rodney seem like real brothers. The chemistry between Lindhurst and Jason is good.

    Well i'll finish off by saying that Only Fools and Horses is a fantastic british comedy that anybody would like.
  • Brilliant, classic, British comedy, for me, the benchmark for all Birt Comedy to come. One of the funniest shows you'll ever see

    This show deserves to be remembered as the best comedy of all time. With its hilarious characters, such as Del Boy, Rodders, Albert, Grandad and Trigger, the sheer hilarity of the situations they get themselves in, and the fact everything always seems to go wrong, it is without doubt a cult classic. Some of the funniest TV moments of all time came from this show - Del falling through the bar, the chandalier incident, the Jolly Boys Outing - all are remembered fondly, and you'll laugh every time you see an episode, not just the first time. The fact every viewer was so hapy when they finally got tehir million in the end showed how well the actors, writers and all the crew have done to make all viewers feel such strong emotions for the characters, and this show should never be forgotten
  • Laugh Out Loud Funny

    For years I heard about this show but neither the BBC America or the PBS channels in the USA ever showed it (at least not in the north east). So, I found the Season 1 videos at my local rental store.

    From the januty theme songs (does anyone have the words?) to the fast and furious lines, this show is one of the few cases where it not only lived up to all the hype generated about it, it surpassed the hype!
  • This truly is the ultimate comedy!!!

    Without doubt the best comedy ever made. Never a dull day in the trotter family and Del Boy and Rodney have to be the best double act, well ever! Rodney's facial expressions and reactions to Del Boy's scams are hilarious but in my opinion Trigger is the best. 'Alrite Dave', says it all!!
  • A great moment of British comedy

    `Only Fools and Horses` is one of the greatest british comedies of all time.

    Despite the fact that I don't think the show's creators should have carried on the series after the 1996 Christmas specials, the show still remains one the UK's greatest exports.

    It is impossible to tire of Del Boy's numerous failed get rich quick schemes, and poor old Rodney, who normally against his own will, gets pulled into the situation too.

    Despite efforts which may have been made, I don't think another country could ever be able to remake this show. The way the characters work so well together could never be captured again.

    No matter how society's tastes may change in the future, I believe there will always be a place in our hearts for `Only Fools and Horses`.
  • Ultimate classic comedy!

    Only Fools and Horses is by far the best light hearted comedy in the world with its supreme cast and its world class script writers. The show is most certainly Britain’s foundation of comedy and is a great example of what comedy should be. Nobody else but Sir David Jason could have portrayed the character of Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter. Although a great amount of credit has to go to Nicolas Lyndhurst for the playing the part of Derek’s brother Rodney. The classic duo is as remarkable as Morecombe and Wise with their absolute hilarious sketches e.g. ‘The Chandelier’, ‘Batman and Robin’ and the ‘£6 million watch’. Anyone in need of a great laugh should watch this show as the guarantee of wetting yourself with laughter is 100%!
  • Inspirational

    OFAH is my personal favourite comedy because of the variety of themes used in each episode. One minute the Trotters are chandlier cleaners, next they are painter and decorators, next Del goes sky diving and finally Del and Rodney dress up as Batman and Robin. These are merely a few examples of what the Trotters' antics consit of. My favourite episode is 'Friday the 14th' because the Trotters are out of their own environment into the foilage of Cornwall to salmon poach, but Del gets involved with the murderer who hates fishermen... Overall OFAH is a fantastic comedy that never fails to disappoint.
  • This truly is the greatest comedy to hit the screens in the UK.

    Some of moments of comic genius written by creator John Sullivan are on a completely different level to anything else seen on British TV. Yes, you can talk about Del falling through the bar, and yes you can talk about the blow up dolls. They are classic moments, but there are so many hugely funny scenes that are so advanced, it really is amazing how JS thought of them. For example, my personal favourite is in the episode Heroes and Villains when Del Boy and Rodney go to a publican's ball dressed as Batman and Robin - a good idea for a fancy dress party. But then comes a catalogue of comic brilliance. Firstly, (already dressed in their outfits) the van breaks down in the middle of Peckham. DB and R do a runner and scamper through Peckham only to confront a group of muggers. The muggers leave their intended victim convinced it's the real Batman and Robin! Then comes Rodney's wonderful clench fist (ala Robin) before shouting to Del "Let's go" - in my opinion it's the perfect line and one of British comedy's greatest moments. And to top it off, they finally get to the ball only to find the landlord has 24 hours earlier died. Everyone is dressed in their funeral outfits except for our 'caped crusaders' who stand out like a sore thumb.

    John Sullivan's achievements of rattling up 25m viewers is fully justified. Not only does he produce perfect comedy, but he couples that with real drama such as the death of Grandad, Cassie's miscarriage, and Rodney's wedding.

    We have grown up with the Trotters - and we have died with them in some cases. But the true brilliance of David Jason, Nick Lyndhurst, Buster Merryfield and of course John Sullivan will live on.

    Whoever say's this show is not funny or a classic needs a humour chip inserting.
  • Hehe, it's great...

    A lot of people from these parts really love this show. Guess it's relatable. It's funny but still kinda nice to follow through what the characters will do and how they'd end up. Del and Rodney are just a crazy duo, and their whole lives are as crazy. Some episodes were really good. All in all it's a good show I can watch anyday...
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