Only Fools and Horses

BBC (ended 2003)





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  • Only Fools and Horses is a comedy about the lives of Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, Rodney Trotter, his younger brother, their Grandad (1981-1984) and their great-uncle, Uncle Albert (1985-1997). "Rodney, you really are a right plonker."

    I only started watching this a few weeks ago but now it is one of my favourite comedies ever. I think all the characters are hilarious, especially Del Boy, Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert. I also think Trigger is really funny because in every episode in which he appears in, you can always count on him to do something so stupid but so funny. I was quite sad when I found out that Lennard Pearce (Grandad) had died and even more sad when I watched the episode that had Grandad's funeral. Grandad is always hilarious when he sometimes makes fun of Del Boy and Rodney. I have nearly watched all 64 episodes of the series but I really wish that the had made more episodes. I think the episode where Damien Trotter, Del and Raquel's son, is introduced into the series is really funny as well as the other few times afterwards when you see Damien making, what looks to Rodney whenever he looks at Damien, an "evil look". I was thinking that perhaps John Sullivan could write and make a 30th Anniversary Christmas Special for next year to celebrate the show's 30th Anniversary, he could even write another series or two after the Christmas Special. I really hope that David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst are up for a Christmas Special and possibly one or two more series. I think it would be cool if John does do a Christmas Special for next year, then we could catch up with Del, Raquel and their son, Damien, and Rodney, Cassandra and their daughter, Joan Trotter Jr...