Only Fools and Horses - Season 7

BBC (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Sleepless in Peckham

    Del Boy and Rodney have only two weeks to find the cash to pay the Inland Revenue, or they will be evicted from their home in Nelson Mandela House. After 22 years in the flat, it could be goodbye, something Del and Rodney are determined will not happen.

  • Strangers on the Shore
    Del and Rodney go to France for Uncle Albert's navy crew reunion, they break the sad news that Albert has died and they hold a party for Albert. Del and Rodney stock up on French booze and ferry back to Peckham. However when they open the back door of their van for the booze, they receive a nasty surprise, an illegal immigrant!moreless
  • If They Could See Us Now...
    It's been five years since we last saw the Trotters. When we last saw them, they were millionaires following the sale of a priceless antique watch.

    This time, we see Del and Rodney explaining their state of affairs to an unknown man - it turns out that they had invested all their money and had fallen victim to a stock market crash! We later discover that the unknown man is a barrister in a court where they are being declared bankrupt.

    Where are they living now? Why Nelson Mandela House of course because their large houses had to be sold to pay debts

    We see Del going on a gameshow called 'Goldrush' where he answers a question worth £100,000, with Rodney's help, and gets it wrong! - later the producer telephones to tell Del that the answer he gave was in fact correct and that he can re-appear on the show with £50,000 in his 'bank'. Thinking it was one of Mickey Pearce's pranks though, Del tells them to give it all to charity.

    Also in this episode, we learned sadly that Uncle Albert had died and that Mike, landlord of The Nag's Head, is in jail for deforging the brewery!moreless
  • Comic Relief Special
    Del and Rodney discuss important issues with a touch of humour thrown in. They then make an appeal from the flat to the public.
  • Time on Our Hands
    Time on Our Hands
    Episode 13
    Raquel's parents are coming to lunch so Del pulls out all the stops and makes a delicious looking meal - what could go wrong? Also, Raquel's father, being an antique expert, takes an interest in an old dirty watch that Del found in his garage. To his amazement, it is the last one in the country that was made by a certain company - they decide to put it up for auction with surprising results.moreless
  • Modern Men
    Modern Men
    Episode 12
    Rodney applies for a job advertised in the local paper, unaware that Del had put the advert in. Cassandra has a miscarriage and loses their baby.
  • Heroes and Villains
    Heroes and Villains
    Episode 11
    When Del and Rodney go to a party dressed up as Batman and Robin they happen to save a local counsellor from being mugged. Raquel goes to meet her parents and Cassandra discovers that she is pregnant.
  • Fatal Extraction
    Fatal Extraction
    Episode 10
    While Peckham is in the midst of rioting, Del Boy is having trouble with his teeth and with Raquel. She objects to him spending all night at the 1.11 Club. It is no surprise when she leaves him but Del goes straight back into dating. When he changes his mind he wants to forget about it, but will the scorned woman let him?moreless
  • Mother Nature's Son
    Del Boy's latest scheme is to bottle tap water and sell it as 'Peckham Spring' water. It's a great success but when Rodney finds out about it he knows that it is illegal and that they must stop. But hang on - where did Del get the loan to start the venture? Maybe he'd better go along with it after all.moreless
  • Miami Twice 2: Oh To Be In England

    Del Boy and Rodney haven't been in Miami a day yet and they've had their camera stolen and then all their luggage and money as well. How lucky they bumped into these nice 'Family' boys at the night club and they can stay with them. What they don't know is that there is a Godfather involved and they are expendable. On the run in the Everglades is not a fun experience but maybe they will bump into someone they know!

  • Boomers
    Episode 7
  • Th E Unlucky Winner is..
  • Miami Twice 1: The American Dream
    Rodney receives his "Maxwell Money" from the printing firm's pension fund. Del suggests he buys two tickets to Miami for him and Cassandra. When she can't go he suggests who could take her place as well. He is in a bit of bother about some Rumanian Rhiesling and needs to lay low for a while. Who's this guy in front of him in the queue for the Virgin Atlantic Flight? He's acting like he owns the plane!moreless
  • 2/3/91
    Del's about to become a father but even that can't cheer Rodney up. The Polar Cap is melting, the rain forest is dying, the sea is being poisoned, and he hasn't had "a bit" for months. Maybe one of Del's new Ponytail wigs could enhance his image in Cassandra's eyes...
  • 1/27/91
    After a night at the Nag's Head Uncle Albert comes home beaten up and tells tales of two, three or was in four muggers. But something isn't right and he runs away from home. Finally Del Boy and Rodney realise where to find him.
  • The Class of '62
    The Class of '62
    Episode 4
    A class of '62 reunion in the Nag's Head signals Roy Slater's return to Civvy Street after years in the 'Nick'. But why has the crooked ex-copper decided to come back to Peckham when he is universally loathed? Just as Trig, Del, Boycie, and Denzil begin to believe that he really has changed for the better, Del discovers the real reason for his return...moreless
  • Stage Fright
    Episode 3
    With Raquel pregnant, Del "Yuppie" Trotter's plan to achieve millionaire status must move up a gear. So the chance to supply the cabaret at the Starlight Rooms for old 'friend' Eric to the tune of 600 quid is too good to miss. With Raquel dusting of her vocal chords in the kitchen and Trig's mate Tony Angelino, the singing dustman, waiting in the wings, everything's sorted. Until Del discovers exactly who the real owner of the club is and the extent of Tony's vocal range...moreless
  • 1/6/91
    Raquel has an audition for a play and Del has volunteered to help her rehearse. Rodney and Cassandra meet for supper both thinking that the other made the first move. Things seem to be going well before Rodney gets tangled up with Trudy. Del tells Albert and Rodney that he sees two people when he looks at Raquel. Either Raquel's pregnant or Del's drunk!moreless
  • 12/30/90
    What can Albert and Del do about Rodney leaving Cassandra and moving back in. Alan suggests that Rodney pick her up when she arrives back from her week in Spain. However chaos at Gatwick means that the evening that Rodney planned doesn't happen. Could there be some connection with Del's purchase of a satellite dish?moreless