Only Fools and Horses

Season 7 Episode 16

Strangers on the Shore

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Dec 25, 2002 on BBC

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  • Ga-ry!

    Del and Rodney go to Uncle Alberts old navy reunion to break the news of Uncle Alberts death. Del came up with a plan for Denzel and Trigger to come by truck and get some wine for cheap price (they're in france). They have to speed the delievery up and del does it trapping an illegal immigrant in the truck. Del put tomato puree in boycies hair gel so he smells like a big mac. Del and rodney then disguise the immigrant as a friend of theirs called gary. boycie also has to stay over because he had a row with marlene. gary leaves after and everyone thinks he got kidnapped and held hostage as he is the prime minister of frances son. boycie, del and rodney go there on business and get arressted. one of the best episodes in only folls and horses history.