Only Fools and Horses

Season 7 Episode 13

Time on Our Hands

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Dec 29, 1996 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Albert is assumed to have ruined the meal when he adds coffee instead of gravy to the Noisettes of Lamb! But neither ingredients are used in Noisettes of Lamb, it is cooked in its own sauce!

    • When James comes down to the garage to collect his BMW, you can see that the car is green. In the subsequent scene when they are talking about the Lesser watch, the car is red.

    • In the scene where Del and Rodney celebrate in the van outside Sotheby's, the weather is fine when they get in and whilst they are talking in the van; however, when the scene cuts to show the van rocking as they celebrate it is raining heavily.

    • During the time Del and Rodney are stuck in the lift, as Denzil and Mickey Pearce take furniture out of the Trotters' flat, the door number is clearly 127, yet it was stated in "Hole in One" during the court case that the Trotters live at 368 Nelson Mandela House.

    • In the scene where he is looking through the garage before going with Del to the lifts, Rodney lifts up two of the Russian Army camcorders at the same time - whereas in "Fatal Extraction", Rodney could barely carry one camcorder because they were so heavy.

    • The Trotter garage is a lot smaller than the one seen in "It's Only Rock and Roll", where it had a wall opposite and was much larger.

    • During the Trotter family's last-minute attempts to get everything ready for the big dinner with Raquel's parents, Del is seen pouring some Tia Maria in a glass and then topping it up with Lucozade. He first tasted this in "To Hull and Back" after Rodney ordered it for him at the bar of the Nag's Head.

    • The receipt Rodney finds to legally prove the John Harrison "lesser watch" belonged to the Trotters was no doubt amongst the receipts Rodney was leafing through in the opening scene of "Big Brother".

    • Ann Lynn played Rita Pinner in John Sullivan's Just Good Friends.

    • Del and Rodney filmed the famous Auction scene at Sothebys' 34-35 New Bond Street, London.

  • Quotes

    • Trigger: (musing over Rodney's comment about people who had 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime) Like Ghandi..
      Rodney: Yeah, I...Ghandi??

    • Del: (talking about why Rodney won't talk to Cassandra after the miscarriage) Yes I know, he's got a lot on his mind, Raquel.
      Raquel: He's got a lot on his mind?! And how do you think Cassandra feels? She's the one who's had the miscarriage! She needs her husband by her side, not out drinking in some pub or club.
      Del: Yes I know, but she's a woman, ain't she? She's stronger than Rodney.

    • Albert: During the...
      Del: If you say "During the war..." once more, I'm gonna pour this cup of tea right over your head!
      Albert: I wasn't gonna say "During the war..."!
      Del: Well that's alright then.
      Albert: Bloody little know-it-all.
      Del: Alright, sorry.
      Albert: Thank you. During the 1939-1945 conflict with Germany...

    • Del: This time next year we're gonna be billionaires.

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