Only Fools and Horses

BBC (ended 2003)




  • Season 7 Episode 17: Sleepless in Peckham

  • Although Del boy and Rodney are no longer millionaires, they are still well off due to Albert's will of about £300,000 minus an approximate £50,000 debt they had to pay.

  • During the time when Rodney shows Cassandra the Jolly Boys Outing in 1960 photo in the restaurant, with a freeze frame - the photo Cassandra has in her hand isn't actually the one the camera shows of the individuals on the close ups. This is very apparent if you look at where her finger is between the camera changes, when she is filming it is just an old black and white photo but clearly not showing the characters such as Freddy Robdal etc.

  • On the grave of Joan Trotter grave it shows she died in 1964, however in the 'Yellow Peril' episode first screened in 1982 Del says that the fibreglass grave has been standing for 17 years meaning Joan must have died in 1965 and not 1964 as shown in 'Sleepless in Peckham'!

  • In the opening scene where Del is talking about how skinny the baby will be he calls Cassandra, Cassandrea!

  • Season 7 Episode 16: Strangers on the Shore

  • While in the Nag's Head with Del and Rodney, Raquel and Cassandra say that Albert met Elsie Partridge before the war, but in "Sickness and Wealth", Rodney says that Albert met Elsie at bingo.

  • In the past, Del's French greetings have always been incorrect. But when he answered the phone to Denzil, he got it correct for the first ever time.

  • Raquel complains that Boycie keeps putting the hair gel on. How can he if he claims he left everything in the house. I'd think a wallet's more important then hairgel.

  • In 'Strangers on the Shore', If you notice, the pyjamas that Gary wears are the same ones that Del wore in the 1989 episode 'Sickness And Wealth'.

  • Boycie doesn't seem to know who "Gary" really is but Del and Rodney discuss the situation infront of him.

  • Boycie's art on the news looks nothing like him.

  • Season 7 Episode 15: If They Could See Us Now...

  • When Rodney and Cassandra come back from the restaurant to have sex in their bedroom (which used to belong to Grandad, then Albert), Del talks about Grandad having his first fit on that bed, but that is unlikely because the bed in this episode is a double, and the one that Grandad slept on in "Homesick" was a single.

  • It was never revealed whether the Trotters ever found out that Mickey Pearce wasn't actually calling when they said that Rodney's answer was correct.

  • In the flashback about how the Trotters lost their millions, Rodney is seen flying abroad, yet in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", Rodney was not allowed an immigration visa because he smoked some illegal drugs.

  • During their vacation, when Rodney is talking to Del about Uncle Albert, he says that Albert could not go on holiday with them because he didn't have a passport. However, in "To Hull And Back", Del asked Albert if he had brought all the passports when he got to Hull, and Albert says they are in his bag. Albert would obviously have had a passport when he went to Amsterdam with his nephews.

  • When we see Rodney and Cass on the plane, the seat behind Rod is empty. But after Damien fires the elastic band at Rodneys ear, we see Damien sitting in the seat.

  • Season 7 Episode 13: Time on Our Hands

  • Albert is assumed to have ruined the meal when he adds coffee instead of gravy to the Noisettes of Lamb! But neither ingredients are used in Noisettes of Lamb, it is cooked in its own sauce!

  • When James comes down to the garage to collect his BMW, you can see that the car is green. In the subsequent scene when they are talking about the Lesser watch, the car is red.

  • In the scene where Del and Rodney celebrate in the van outside Sotheby's, the weather is fine when they get in and whilst they are talking in the van; however, when the scene cuts to show the van rocking as they celebrate it is raining heavily.

  • During the time Del and Rodney are stuck in the lift, as Denzil and Mickey Pearce take furniture out of the Trotters' flat, the door number is clearly 127, yet it was stated in "Hole in One" during the court case that the Trotters live at 368 Nelson Mandela House.

  • In the scene where he is looking through the garage before going with Del to the lifts, Rodney lifts up two of the Russian Army camcorders at the same time - whereas in "Fatal Extraction", Rodney could barely carry one camcorder because they were so heavy.

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