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  • Season 1
    • Horse Racing
      Horse Racing
      Episode 10
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    • The Real 8 Mile
      The Real 8 Mile
      Episode 9
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    • Burning Man
      Burning Man
      Episode 8
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    • Circus Life
      Circus Life
      Episode 7
      Charlie LeDuff runs away to join the circus in order to experience what life with this dying breed of daredevils is like.
    • Country Preachers
      Charlie LeDuff heads out to the hills of the Appalachia to find some experience with the preachers of the countryside. He’ll head through Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia in order to meet with many various preachers, though he soon meets some unorthodox preachers who help him realize that the countryside has some interesting practices of its own.moreless
    • New York Models
      New York Models
      Episode 5
      Charlie LeDuff decides to return home to New York City to attempt to get into one of the most elite subcultures in the nation; the business of male modeling. Charlie has one week to learn the tricks of the trade and become the new face of fashion for the market; though he soon learns that this subculture is elite for a reason and he finds himself faced with intense odds against him. However, Charlie LeDuff plans to do everything he can to improve his odds and get into a show, all the while speaking to the leading figures in the industry to get some pointers and advice.moreless
    • Battle Reenactors
      Charlie LeDuff joins up with some historic battle reenactors in Southern Montana to reenact the historic battle of Custer’s Last Stand. He soon discovers that there is existing animosity between the Native American factions and nobody is actually certain of the events that actually occurred on June 25, 1876, other than the fact that Custer lost the battle and was killed. Despite the tension, Charlie LeDuff decides to participate in the reenactment as a Crow Scout, since he’s part Native American himself.moreless
    • Minor League Football
      Charlie LeDuff heads out to Amarillo, Texas, the home of the Amarillo Dusters, the local minor league football club. He meets a lot of individuals who are passionate for the game to an extent where they don’t mind getting paid only $200 dollars a game, $250 if they win. While some of these individuals have dreams of making it into the NFL, others just play for the nature of the sport; but Charlie LeDuff just wants to see what it’s like so he practices with the team and participates in a real game.moreless
    • Gay Rodeo
      Gay Rodeo
      Episode 2
      Charlie LeDuff decides to enter a Gay Rodeo in Oklahoma City, where gays and lesbians demonstrate their strength and finesse while overcoming personal stereotypes and discrimination. He first heads to Gettysburg, Pa., in order to get some much needed practice fort he rodeo, but soon heads off to Oklahoma City where he’ll use his new skills to see if he can ride better than the rest, all the while learning the personal stories of those whom he meets.moreless
    • Fight Club
      Fight Club
      Episode 1
      Charlie LeDuff heads out to Oakland, CA where he hangs out with the East Bay Rats, a gang of individuals who love their motorcycles just as much as they love their fight club. He decides to challenge one of the biggest members of the club to a fight and he then takes the next few days learning their beliefs and preparing for the fight to come, though he soon discovers that there’s more to the East Bay Rats than most people would care to understand.moreless