Onmyou Taisenki

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Among The Passing Seasons
      The Shikigami return, despite Utsuho killing all of them. Utsuho also discovers why all the Shikigami came to him 1200 years ago. Afterwards, everybody has a happy ending, and a certain someone returns to Riku.
    • Demise of the Taikyoku
      The 3 Masters, Riku, Yuuma, and Masaomi/Gasshin, all fight Utsuho in one final battle.
    • With Our Bonds At Stake
      Riku and Yuuma along with their friends finally confront Utsuho, who reveals to be able to manipulate the bonds between Toujinshi and their Shikigami.
    • The End of a Dream
      The End of a Dream
      Episode 23
      While Masaomi/Gasshin and Kibachiyo fight Taizan and Onishiba, Riku is stuck in the illusion, created by Utsuho, that he is with his parents.
    • Qualifications to Be the Head
      While Riku meets the resurrected Raihou and talk about what it means to be a head, Yuuma fights alongside Souma and the others against Shoukaku and his Yondaiten-empowered Shikigami.
    • Fierce Attack of the Yondaiten
      Masaomi/Gasshin meets with Riku and reveals everything that has happened in the past.
    • Farewell, Yakumo
      Farewell, Yakumo
      Episode 20
      Yakumo and Masaomi/Gasshin fight once again. For Yakumo and his five Shikigami, it will be their last battle.
    • Burn Up! Souma
      Burn Up! Souma
      Episode 19
      Souma goes off on his own to rescue the kidnapped Nazuna.
    • Red Trap
      Red Trap
      Episode 18
      Riku and Yuuma face one Jin-ryuu trap after another. Divine punishment from 1000 years occur. Masaomi/Gasshin's sister Usubeni is revived.
    • Dirtied Savior
      Dirtied Savior
      Episode 17
      After fighting Masaomi/Gasshin and Kibachiyo, Riku and Yuuma have to work together as they try to find and confront Utsuho.
    • Awakening of the Blue
      Youkai flood the city, people turn into stone, and Masaomi/Gasshin reappears in front of Riku.
    • Utsuho Revives
      Utsuho Revives
      Episode 15
      Things have quieted down until Yuuma and Rangetsu challenge Riku and Kogenta again. But they will soon learn that a greater evil is upon them.
    • Master Drive, Byakko Reborn
      Riku and Yuuma use their new Master Drives to fight the Itsumu-possessed Mikazuchi.
    • Climatic Battle! Ten and Chi
      The Heads of the Ten-ryuu and Chi-ryuu, Riku and Yuuma, fight Mikazuchi in one gigantic battle.
    • Falling Stars Of Calamity
      Riku and Kogenta discover the truth about Masaomi and Kibachiyo and hear what Masaomi says about Kogenta. Yuuma and Rangetsu take on Taizan and Onishiba. Yakumo and his 5 Shikigami battle Shukaku and Yatarou once more.
    • Broken Trust
      Broken Trust
      Episode 11
      Relationships are put to the test as Mikazuchi tells Yuuma to confront Taizan and as Riku and Kogenta face the Chi-ryuu's Kureyama and his Shikigami, Enoki no Kongou.
    • Stray Shikigami Koroku's Ordeal
      Riku and Kogenta meet a Shikigami named Genbu no Koroku, who knows of a way to repair the Kotetsu sword. Riku and Kogenta also find one of the Chi-ryuu's Shikimon. While Riku's friends work with Koroku repairing the sword, Riku and Kogenta fight the Chi-ryuu's Oosumi and her Shikigami, Kanro no Miyuki.moreless
    • The Price of Power
      Yuuma returns from the Fukumaden. He is offered to become in charge of the Daikimon, but he declines. Now, Yuuma and Rangetsu will have to deal with Mikazuchi and his Shikigami, Akagane no Itsumu. Elsewhere, Riku's boat tournament takes place. However, the Chi-ryuu's Mutsuki returns and attacks Riku. Mutsuki also has a new partner, Madoka (Shikigami - Uzubimi no Koufuku).moreless
    • Dragon and Tiger, Again
      Yuuma and Mizuki reach an exit from the Fukumaden, but then Masaomi appears and blocks their escape. So, Yuuma and Rangetsu will have to fight Masaomi and Kibachiyo once more.
    • A Reunion That Transcends Time
      Taizan has one of his subordinates, Murasame (Shikigami - Shirogane no Chiyorozu), set a trap for Riku, saying that his parents have been found in the Fukumaden. The trap was meant to make Riku lose his fighting spirit, but it actually made Riku so angry that he uses the Daikoujin and has Kogenta destroy everything in the Fukumaden.moreless
    • Gold Rush at the Beach
      Teru needs help from Riku and the gang at the beach. There is a dangerous Youkai that eats humans, two of which are a baby's mom and dad. Since Teru is close to the parents, he grows angry. His madness is even scarier than the Youkai!
    • Built-up Emotions
      Yuuma must protect Mizuki while fending off against two Toujinshi of the Jin-ryuu, Shoukaku (Shikigami - Oobi no Yatarou) and Zenjou (Shikigami - Tsubaki no Kantarou). Also, Souma reveals the tragedy of the Asuka family.
    • A Man Racing to the 4 Kimon
      Following Taizan and Onishiba into a Kimon portal, Riku and Kogenta end up in Tousa of Shikoku, where a local village's crops have been growing immensely. But the only crops worth of value are the mandarin oranges, which are owned by the Mikazuchi Group. Riku and Kogenta then fight the Chi-ryuu Daikimon Construction Head, the elderly Nankai, and his Shikigami, Shuusui no Namazubou. Will Riku and Kogenta be able to defeat Nankai's 30-year bond with Namazubou?moreless
    • Invitation to Enemy Territory
      Yakumo is attacked by Shoukaku, a Toujinshi of the Jin-ryuu, and his Shikigami, Oobi no Yatarou. Yakumo fends off the attackers and discovers what the Jin-ryuu are planning. Masaomi gives Riku information about the Chi-ryuu's 4 Kimon. While on their way to one of those 4 Kimon, Riku, Souma, and Nazuna meet an kind-hearted, inexperienced Chi-ryuu Toujinshi named Subaru and his Shikigami, Tsubaki no Houshun. When Riku and the gang befriend Subaru, Houshun is destroyed by the Ten-ryuu Suppression Department Chief of the Chi-ryuu, Taizan, and his Shikigami, Souka no Onishiba.moreless
    • Quickening of the Seal
      It's summer, but it's snowing! The strange weather is due to the Daikimon that the Chi-ryuu opened. Speaking of the Chi-ryuu, they have initiated more of their plans by opening the 4 Kimon. Mikazuchi takes advantage of the abnormal weather change by announcing that he and the Mikazuchi group will care for the public by lowering the prices for vegetables, despite the cold weather. The Mikazuchi Group's stocks go up. By controlling the food, they will control the country's government. Also, since resources are scarce because of the cold climate, Mikazuchi's oil reserves will give the Mikazuchi Group control over energy maintenance and casting board. Teru comes back and reports that there are Youkai terrorizing people. As Head of the Ten-ryuu, Riku leads a Youkai extermination.moreless
    • End of the Season Madness
      Riku feels that there is no use in fighting Mikazuchi right now, so he and Souma head back to Tenjinchou on a bus. The ride home gets disrupted by a giant spider Youkai known as Tsuchigumo. Riku, Souma, and their Shikigami manage to destroy the Tsuchigumo and continue their ride home. But the ride gets disrupted again by a large Youkai. This time, however, Momo and Rina join the fight and summon their Shikigami, Houjou no Nene and Iyashibi no Hiyoshino. Huh?!moreless
  • Season 1