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  • It's OK at Best.

    Had Oobi been set in a world of puppets instead of literal hand characters with googly eyes, and I would have probably liked the show more. There's also how they talk to the audience, I'd rather prefer them to sound a bit more sophisticated with how they spoke.

    It may have sounded like I thought the show is strange for being in the world of hands instead of puppets or something, but at the same time, they do have their originality in that category.

    Regardless of those two nitpicks, the show is relatively charming and harmless compared to most other kid shows.

    2.5/4 Stars
  • What the fuck happened?

    The most memeworthy thing on the planet next to LazyTown.

    If Spongebob is a meme farm, Oobi is an untapped meme PARADISE waiting to happen. I've seen a lot of Oobi meme shitposting on Instagram, but none of them have potential. We need real memelords to step up and create the next great Oobi hand meme. WHO'S WITH ME??? (But in all seriousness, Oobi is an addictive show. I watched the Playdate one and I couldn't stop laughing)
  • Let me tell y'all bout Oobi...

    All my friends practically worshipped this show when they were little kids, so whenever it comes up in a conversation, they beg me to watch it. They finally got me to watch one on Youtube, where Oobi tells the other Oobies a story about some hand-asaurs who help another hand-asaur find her house. It was so mf stupid, but these Oobies are hilarious. Recommended for easily amused toddlers and anyone who's stoned af.
  • Noggin...

    I decided to take a trip down memory lane yesterday and watch a bunch of old Noggin/Nick Junior shows... This and Lazy Town were my favorites. That one guy with the hat and Grampu (Grandpu?) were the best.
  • Weird in a good way.

    Whatever happened to kiddie shows that weren't made just to sell toys? I remember getting a pair of goggle eyes and pretending that my hand was Oobi. That's hours of entertainment right there.
  • Kids' TV favorite

    Back when my son was in preschool, he loved Oobi. Now he's in college, but when I came across an image of this show, it brought me back. It's a shame Nickelodeon did away with Noggin, because today's youth aren't given the chances to watch quality programming like this anymore. In fact, I can't think of a single puppet program currently on the air! I've always thought going back to the basics of storytelling (including the use of puppetry) is the best way to tell stories.
  • I hate this show!!!

    I don't understand why people like this show. It's not fun to watch, it's not creative. It's disturbing, senseless, stupid, and all the characters do is nothing but talk all weird. What kind of names are Oobi, Uma, Grampu, Kako, and Inka. Do these characters talk like . Baboon from I am Weasel?? I HATE OOBI!!!!
  • My Childhood!

    Brings back some great childhood memories.
  • Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid!!!

    WTH is this piece of green poop?? The characters are so frickin ugly!
  • I have a question for all u 'moms' that think this is 'creative'...

    ok, so what is so creative about hands that have eyes glued onto them that speak like hulk and don't teach anything??? hmm???????!!!

    (i still watch it with my friends to laugh at its stupidity and make fun of it though)
  • What the heck is this?

    I'm guessing somebody was finding missing pieces from a Mr. Potato Head one day, put the eyes between the middle and ring finger, and thought this was a good idea for a kids show. This show was also made by Josh Selig, who makes tolerable or mediocre kids shows. This is one of the more mediocre ones. The plots are just basic. They aren't that appealing. The grammar in this show is terrible! I mean, the hand people sound more like The Hulk compared to the audience! "Oobi hit ball with this stick!" "You help Oobi?" Geez, did they hire a little kid to write the script? I'm pretty sure that's illegal, but whatever.
  • Lovely

    I recommend this show for preschoolers and kindergartners. The story is about hand puppets (Literally hands with eyes) going on adventures, usually with their imaginations. The characters go by the names of Oobi, Uma, Keiko, and Grampu. The show uses simple language for younger audiences to learn. Now I may only be 12, but I loved this show very much when I was littler. 8.5/10
  • Stupio

    This show is a Pile of crap and should never be watched I even hated it when I was a kid.1/10 abysmal
  • Haters...go away...

    Our house loves Oobi. It's a constant in our lives. I have a 9 year old son with Autism who adores Oobi. He's constantly doing Oobi "hand puppets" and we are looking to purchase a second set of Oobi eyes for upcoming Christmas for him. He wore out his last ones that he got when he was 4. This show makes him laugh (which can be hard to do) and encourages his speech. We have even gotten through difficult times, transitions, and meltdowns by doing Oobi "conversations." I'm looking all over for DVDs but they are hard to find. So even if it's not your cup of tea, don't diss it totally because there ARE kids out there that love it and can even benefit from it. My 4 year old loves it as well!
  • AHHHHH I hate this!

    This is horrible can people just make something normal.Lately people have being trying too hard at making shows different why can't people make something that will interest children.PLEASE CANCEL THIS!!!
  • Oobie ---I wish they had a reuion show as High school kids! :}

    Whats wrong with all of you Oobie Haters? You waste your words & berate it . Some of you even comment on it being / looking CHEAP! Hello? Since when is cheap a way to rate programming! You know what ? Turn the Channel.--if you don't like it--

    I like Oobie--My son is 4 he use to watch it & I appreciated the simplicity of it all. The basic stories are just little pieces of everyday life. Obviously if your children are so advanced intellectually , turn the dang channel. Ok I can understand how some of you have a problem with the way they talk. I think it is useful to young ones that are reluctant to talk or shy etc. I believe the basic speech they use is to encourage little ones. They always have Uma mispronouncing or misunderstanding things--because thats a part of their everyday lives so many children can relate too-- or sometimes they feel proud because they are saying things better than the characters. So relax & at least enjoy the simplicity of it. I remember when i was little I had to watch what was on-- because there wasn;t all these channels & choices just for children. Lets not be so critical!!!
  • It was one of my favorite shows growing up.

    Nowadays, I probably can't watch Oobi for five seconds without being annoyed and ultimately changing the channel, but it was great growing up when I was a toddler in preschool. Despite the horrible grammar used by the "characters" with their fragments and all, and how talking hands will probably freak any given person out, it was enjoyable, silly and had its great moments. Since it's a kids show, at least none of the characters were jerks!
  • Really Nick Jr. This is the best you can do?!

    This show is hard to understand and put it to words. Well i can say this is the stupidest show show that's not still airing on Nick jr.. OK now there are some good kids shows, but just because its made for kids doesn't mean you have to make it bad. Now my 2 year old cousin (who is now 8) Hated this show when it aired. So i saw how bad it was and all that was going through my mind was What the crap?!?! I mean this show is so pointless. Anyway do not watch this show even with your brother or sister or even alone. It's so pointless and stupid. Overall 1/10.
  • We love it! How can you not enjoy simplicity and fun? It handles meeting someone who's different, too much TV and other issues we as kids and parents face!

    My two year old and I can't live without this show. At first it was strange but before I knew it I was sucked in. I guess the real question is why didn't anybody think of this before. The real joy is that my daughter and I can keep pretending with "Oobi" even when it's not on TV. It becomes a great in the car game we play! I'm ready for a ton of more episodes and especially DVD's so it's there any time we need it!
  • Great show for toddlers.

    My 18 month old daughter LOVES this show. She even uses her hands as puppets while she sings along with the theme song. This is a great show for toddlers. Keeps her intrested throughout the whole show. I recomend this show for toddlers. I only wish they had it available on DVD.

  • Brain draining television. Why when there are so many smarter shows for preschoolers out there this is on the air is beyond me

    Brain draining television. Why when there are so many smarter shows for preschoolers out there this is on the air is beyond me. Yes I know that it is not meant for adults but neither are most other preschooler oriented programs. With Oobi however you can actually feel your intelligence decrease as you watch it. And the way they talk it makes you feel like they are trying to make the kids dumber. A definite no for any intelligent parent who does not want their child's, as well as their own intelligence insulted. It is a degrading piece of trash that should be cancelled.
  • What...the...heck?

    Ok...I watched it and was like "What on earth is this?" Its a show about these people with eyes glued to their hand like puppets! Obviously a wannabe puppeteer who cant afford real puppets. I mean, who thought of this?

    Although, I gotta give the guy credit. He was enough of a genious to make a most likley very low budget kids show and make millions on it! I bet its more popular amoung younger kids, not older people like us.

    Well, despite the fact it is completely strange and just awkward to watch, Its a nice show for the toddlers/babies/young children.
  • People don't understand the complexity of Oobi. It chronicles the story of a hand being and his little friends. The things Oobi does are beyond human comprehension.

    Oobi is the most complex and hard to understand children's show on television right now. Oobi and his friends do many things that are beyond human comprehension...like go to the bathroom without cleaning themselves afterwads. >.> Oobi is so hard to understand becuase...whats the point ot Oobi? What does it show us? That its okay to do number two infront of your friend and right afterwards hug said friend? The things Oobi does seem weird to us..but maybe...just maybe there is something there...something of meaning.....Oobi....Oobi is the most retarted piece of sh!t to hit television screens near your. xD
  • This has to got to be the most cheapest piece of junk I have seen in my entire life.

    Noggin once again made another terrible educational show that has got to be their worst show yet. Oobi is about a boy named well,Oobi and he goes on adventures with his sister Uma,his friend Keiko and his grandpa,Grandpu. It does sound terrible by the minute you hear about,and when you see in 1 second,you hate it. First off,all of the characters are hands. No,I am not kidding,they are all hands. Was someone cheap enough to not buy puppets? I guess so. Not only are they hands with eyeballs,they are also morons. Oobi himself is stupid and sucks at making art. Uma is more annoying than Oobi,and is the worst character. She always yells a lot,never shuts up,and thinks she knows a lot about chickens when she doesn't know nothing about them. She even called herself fancy because of her barrette,which looks like a Ring Pop. Keiko is OK,but is annoying at times and not to mention his annoying catchphrase "Perfecto". Grandpu is a terrible parent and...Wait a minute,his name is GrandPU?! Who made up his name? Either someone misspelled it,or a little kid wrote the show. I mean,Grandad from The Boondocks is way better than him,and he abuses children. And just like Keiko,he also has a annoying catchphrase "Lovely". But I just got started,here is the main problem with the show:the writing. Oh,my,god. This show has the worst writing of all time. It sounds like a 3 year old wrote this,the grammar is bad and everyone talks like a drunk caveman. Seriously,it's like if I talked like them. Oobi Show sucks. Woahwoah not like Oobi. You see,that's what it's like. Also,there are barely any education in this show at all. It just teaches kids to talk like them and have bad grammar. And there are also musical numbers in this show,and they suck too. At the end,they play a game with the audience like a math game,a shape game,a memory game,a rhyme game and a dance game. Now let's see the worst one,the dance game. How is dancing a game? I know it can be a game at times,but seriously their dance games are not even a game. The questions are so easy to answer,that a caveman can answer them. Also,where are these characters parents. Are they dead? Or did they realize that they were too stupid to take care of? It's just like the question in Max and Ruby about their parents. However,it's now canceled and it has ended. Thank god,Noggin must have realized that this is messing with everyone's Noggin. This,along with Wow!Wow!Wubbzy! and The Upside Down show,are their worst shows to date.
  • I can't believe this show is still on!

    This is the worst show ever! They speak in uncomplete sentences. I stopped letting my 4 year old watch it when he started using one word to ask for things ... if he wanted a snack he would just say "hungry". So annoying! Had to put a stop to that real fast. This show is supposed to teach kids things but it's only teaching bad habits. There are so many better shows to have your children watch. I don't understand how with all of the really great shows they have on this channel they let this one slip in. The worst!
  • Oobi....

    Oobi show on TV. Oobi and friends talk like this all the time. In-Correct like Oobi. Oobi Nice TV Show. Oobi and friends talk funny. No One Fooled By Cheap Puppets. Oobi hand. Ooma Hand. All Hands. Why make cheap puppets?? Not Good. But Oobi talk funny.

    ( Oobi is a fun show on TV. Actually, The best part is the way they talk. It is sooooooooOOOOOoOOoOOooooo funny how they talk and they only have to use as few words as possible and they have only have to say the only words that they need to say and I guess it can help kids learn how to speak, and also anybody that doesn't know English that well, since they use little words and ANYBODY can understand them... )
  • My daughter LOVES this show!

    OObi is always a guaranteed hit with the under-two year old in my house. The simple language is aimed at toddlers just learning language, so she gets more out of this than she would out of something aimed at kids who are speaking full sentences. The actual hands (as opposed to puppets) are a body part she recognizes and will mimic on her own. And the overall themes of the series and lessons of the episodes are at best educational, and at worst innocuous... even if she doesn't understand exactly what's going on, there's no violence to speak of for her to potentially imitate.
  • My three year old daughter enjoys Oobi. I, on the other hand, can't stand it.

    My three year old daughter enjoys Oobi. I, on the other hand, can't stand it. The language is horrendous because it is infantile. My very verbal daughter started imitating Ooma. We put a stop to that very quickly. Also, everything is out of propotion. The "puppets" are hands but they live in full size houses. There is never an explanation of why the "children" are living with Grandpu and not their parents, either. The only saving graces are the songs and the themes but there are so many shows out there exploring the same themes in better ways. Here's hoping that Noggin decides to fill their schedule with something better very soon!
  • Stupid and cheap!

    This has to be one of the most stupidest and the most cheapest shows that I've ever seen in my entire life! I mean who ever heard of a talking hand with an arm for a body? What's next a show about a talking foot?! And anyway anyone can turn their hand into a so called puppet so it's so unoriginal! Where is the true creativity? Also the way they speak to each other makes children sound as if they are slow learners! I do however think that hand hand puppets is something fun that a parent could do with their kids but it should not be put on a TV show, that only brings out the stupidity of life.
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