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  • Oobie ---I wish they had a reuion show as High school kids! :}

    Whats wrong with all of you Oobie Haters? You waste your words & berate it . Some of you even comment on it being / looking CHEAP! Hello? Since when is cheap a way to rate programming! You know what ? Turn the Channel.--if you don't like it--

    I like Oobie--My son is 4 he use to watch it & I appreciated the simplicity of it all. The basic stories are just little pieces of everyday life. Obviously if your children are so advanced intellectually , turn the dang channel. Ok I can understand how some of you have a problem with the way they talk. I think it is useful to young ones that are reluctant to talk or shy etc. I believe the basic speech they use is to encourage little ones. They always have Uma mispronouncing or misunderstanding things--because thats a part of their everyday lives so many children can relate too-- or sometimes they feel proud because they are saying things better than the characters. So relax & at least enjoy the simplicity of it. I remember when i was little I had to watch what was on-- because there wasn;t all these channels & choices just for children. Lets not be so critical!!!
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