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  • some show!! what's next, BUTTS?

    yep. nick jr did it again, made a stupid show that doesn't even teach! it's called Oobi. there is Oobi, a boy, Grampu, a grandpa with a harry arm, and a sister, Uma. the characters are HANDS. are they too cheap for puppets? apparently. they don't talk in complete sentences, and in one episode, there were feet! it's called, Oobi Frieda friend. they kiss!!! heck i have a picture i got when i paused it of them kissing!!! on lips, but they are brother and sister! my friend and i were having a sleepover, and we turned it to nick JR to make fun of something. and OOBI was on. it was called clean up. the sound is so bad, when they said oobi clean, we thought they said booby clean, and we were recording it!!!! when i was little i played a drawing game, but never liked the show. it stopped little while after, and now it's back on!!! why did they brig it back??? it never improved. UNLESS... it was once worse then this!!!!! it is stupid, it messes with my mind. thats why when it's on, i record it and make fun of it. it's called oobi, with hands with eyes in a grandma's house. BYE!
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