Open All Hours

BBC (ended 1985)


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  • Season 4
    • The Mystical Boudoir of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel

      Arkwright tries all manner of things in order to get himself into Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's bedroom, including the use of a ladder and a box of chocolates. Meanwhile Granville takes to wearing tights on his head.

    • Happy Birthday Arkwright
      Arkwright is on the alert after Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and Granville tell him that a man from the "Good Shop Guide" is visiting shops in the area. It is only a ruse by Granville and Nurse Gladys to teach Arkwright a lesson in good manners. Nurse Gladys dresses up as a man and is on the receiving end of some very polite behaviour from Arkwright.moreless
    • The Errand Boy Executive
      Granville takes a fancy to Stephanie ("with a p-h") who works in a boutique. He pretends that he is a young executive and that Arkwright is his assistant. Needless to say, Arkwright does not agree with this role-reversal.
    • The Housekeeper Caper
      Arkwright decides that to make Nurse Gladys Emmanuel jealous, he will advertise in the local paper for a live-in housekeeper. Unfortunately he is not prepared for Mrs Delphine Featherstone applying for the position!
    • Horse-Trading
      Episode 2
      Arkwright smugly offloads a lot of clothes-horses to an rival Asian shopkeeper. However, when his rival starts making large profits using the clothes-horses as bait for customers, he makes Granville dress up as an Asian woman so that he can buy the clothes-horses back.
    • Soulmate Wanted
      Soulmate Wanted
      Episode 1
      Granville advertises for female company and ends up with more than he can handle.
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