Open All Hours

BBC (ended 1985)


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  • Season 1
    • Open All Hours
      Open All Hours
      Episode 1
      Arkwright is overcome with jealousy when he finds out from Granville that Nurse Gladys Emmanuel had been parking her car outside another man's house. No knowing what she is up to, he feigns an injury to his arm in order that Nurse Gladys can treat him. Nurse Gladys realises that he is pretending and gives him a taste of nasty medicine. All becomes clear when Nurse Gladys explains that she has to park her car outside another man's house because there is no room to park outside her sister's house. Granville meanwhile, takes a shine to a young lady who works at a service station.moreless
    • Full of Mysterious Promise

      Arkwright buys a load of damaged goods. The snag with them is that they are tinned goods without labels! He then tries to foist them off onto his customers.

    • A Mattress On Wheels
      Granville is fed up with having to do his rounds on his bike and tries to talk Arkwright into buying a van. Granville hopes that a mattress in the back of it will help his love life - and maybe Arkwright's, too!
    • A Nice Cosy Little Disease
      Arkwright tries to find the perfect disease to pretend to go down with in order to get the attention of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel who he feels has been neglecting him.
    • Beware of the Dog

      After a bungled burglary on his premises, Arkwright decided the time is right for a guard dog for the shop. However, instead of a real dog, he tries to fool everyone with just the sound of a dog! Meanwhile, Granville thinks he could be the father of Maureen's baby, Eric!

    • Well Catered Funeral
      Parslow, an old friend of Arkwright dies and Arkwright handles the catering for the funeral, hopefully with a large profit coming his way!
    • Apples and Self Service

      Arkwright starts a sales drive to try and get rid of a large stock of apples that he had over-ordered.

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