Open All Hours - Season 2

BBC (ended 1985)


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Episode Guide

  • St Albert's Day
    St Albert's Day
    Episode 7
    Arkwright invents a Saint's day so that Granville can check the pockets of a foreign visitor who he suspects of shoplifting.
  • Shedding At The Wedding
    Arkwright goes to a wedding with Nurse Gladys Emmanuel. His suit smells of mothballs and he has to hang his trousers out of Gladys' car to air them. After his trousers are blown away and run over by a tractor, he has to borrow her trousers!
  • Arkwright's Mobile Store
    In a bid to prove to Nurse Gladys Emmanuel that he means to expand his business, he buys a van so that Arkwright's Stores can have a mobile store.
  • The New Suit
    The New Suit
    Episode 4
    Arkwright has to buy a new suit - on Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's say so.
  • Fig Biscuits and Inspirational Toilet Rolls

    Arkwright once again is struggling to sell goods that no-one wants to buy. He therefore tries a special promotion to get rid of the goods, namely fig biscuits and toilet rolls with messages printed on them.

  • The Reluctant Traveller
    Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and Arkwright are finally going to spend the night away at a hotel. Little does she know that the hotel is round the block! Whilst they are away, Granville is entertaining the milk-woman. Arkwright also has a problem with an over-tight money belt!
  • Laundry Blues
    Laundry Blues
    Episode 1
    Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, having seen Granville struggling with the washing, tells Arkwright that he must buy a new washing machine. Arkwright has to come up with a plan so that she thinks he has done as she requests. He gets Neville to drop off a new machine, sneak round the back of the shop and take it away again, leaving behind a second-hand machine instead!moreless