Open House (1989)

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Open House (1989)

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Open House is a pseudo-spin-off from one of FOX's original 9 shows, Duet. It picks off at the end of Duet, with one of the leading characters, Laura Kelly (Mary Page Keller), becoming a supporting character. At the same time, supporting characters Linda and Richard Phillips (Alison LaPlaca and Chris Lemmon) are now lead characters. Linda works at Juan Verde, a real estate office, with friend Laura, and generally quibbles with equally competitive Ted (Philip Charles MacKennzie). Rounding out the office are oddball Margo (Ellen DeGeneres, in her first TV appearance), goofball Scott (Danny Gans), and boss Roger McSwain (Nick Tate). Dave Hayes (Ray Buktenica) was a perrenially frustrated client of Ted's, who could never seem to find the right home for him. Richard Phillips played piano at bar frequented by the Juan Verde staff, but disappeared halfway through the show's run when he and Linda split.
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  • I loved this show.

    Ellen was the best thing about this show! I just wonder why I had such a hard time finding it on the internet! Why does all her info. say nothing about it at all? It was her best work, in my opinion.
  • Show was forgettable but Ellen DeGeneres was an amazing comedienne - a modern day Jean Harlow.

    The plot of this program was a real estate firm specializing in high cost properties. The characters came in and went out of the office without making much impression. The main character was an agent who become more unpleasant and less sympathetic as the series moved on. The only really interesting actor was Ellen DeGeneres. Her part was usually small, apparently intended to be only a comic foil, but actually the only appealing character in the show. She was young, cute, and funny. Sort of a cross between Eve Arden and Jean Harlow. I was sad when they took it off, as I was always hoping the main characters would get a life.moreless