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Monday 10:00 PM on E! Premiered Jul 09, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • STOP with reality

    with reality tv Suzanne K
  • Im looking forward to being on show

    My name is Bobby Gugliuzza a singer/songwriter and I just found out about this TV show. Im so glad that the focus is on opening acts. I want to be on this show so bad and open for a national act. I have opened up for national acts in the past and would love to do it again given the opprotunity. Im working on some new songs and I believe that with some great production and a nice touring manager I can get on the road and share my music with the world. For the time being I am playing bass for the Tribute to Journey Odyssey Road band. It is a long way to the top even to the opening slot. I will keep plugging away..I am looking forward to watching this show and maybe even being apart of its succses. look me up Bobby Gugliuzza