Operation Good Guys

BBC Two (ended 2000)


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  • Season 1
    • The Informant
      The Informant
      Episode 1
      Operation Good Guys has been set up catch notorious villain Smiler McCarthy. Led by DI Beach the group of officers assigned to Operation Good Guys are the most inept bunch of coppers imaginable. When a possible informant on Smiler McCarthy's next move comes forward the men are forced to sit though a session with a punk hair dresser to get the time and place of Smiler's next job. They are told that shoot has been organised and the man involved is a major player. Thinking this could be Smiler McCarthy the Good Guys lie in wait for him to arrive the venue they have been given by the informant. A car arrives and the Good Guys descend on its occupants who turn out to include footballer David Seaman (the major player) who has turned up for a photo shoot. Beach soon finds himself facing a lawsuit from Seaman's solicitors. De Sade meanwhile discovers that the so-called informant is in fact a one Lennie McCarthy, Smiler's cousin. The incident leaves Seaman unable to play in the World Cup and England do very badly without him.moreless
    • Radio Silence
      Radio Silence
      Episode 2
      Beach decides to set up a drugs exchange with two men believed to be connected with Smiler McCarthy. Despite Bones protests, Beach assigns Mark Kemp (the commissioners' nephew) to be the bait and hand over the money. Roy Leyton grudgingly gives Beach the £2000 needed for the exchange despite the fact that funds are low. Mark waits with the money whilst being watched by Bones and Strings who are stationed in the flat of an old lady who rather likes Strings guitar playing (though Bones finds it a pain). Ash meanwhile is lying behind a wall and de Sade and his gang are squashed in a saloon car with the film crew. The two guys arrive and Mark gives them the money despite the fact that Bones told him to ask to see the merchandise before paying up. They now have no drugs and have lost £2000. Bones is furious and demands that he meet the men on the second attempt. Beach agrees but insists that Mark accompany. Bones demands another two grand off Leyton who agrees to meet him with the money at the rendezvous. Again the Good Guys station themselves around the area, Ash in the boot of the saloon car, de Sade and his gang plus the film crew squeezed into a mini. The time is ticking by and Leyton has not arrived with the dough. At the station Leyton reveals to Beach he's lost it. The men arrive and Bones tries to keep them talking but they are interrupted when they hear Ash having a panic attack in the boot of the car. Beach decides to try once more this time he obtains the two grand from his mother's bank account. Again they fail when de Sade sets off a tear gas bomb in the mini and the men who have come for the cash realise they've been set up. They run for it taking Mrs Beach's two grand. DI Beach has a lot of explaining to do.moreless
    • Frisk 'em
      Frisk 'em
      Episode 3
      Beach has decided to enlist the help of US cop Lou "Frisk 'em" Ferrino in their latest attempt to nab Smiler McCarthy. When Ferrino arrives he is quick to mock The Good Guys efforts and much to Beach's anger proceeds to take over. He sets up an exchange with Smiler McCarthy of $500,000 for £2,000,000 of counterfeit money. He has placed the money in a bag, which is rigged with aluminium dye, which will explode over Smiler as soon as he opens the bag thereby marking him and pinning this job on him (thus creating grounds for an arrest). The plan backfires when Mark Kemp decides he wants to see half a million dollars as he'll never get the chance again. He opens the bag and covers all the Good Guys (apart from Beach who is in his office telling Ferrino that they are the best in the force). They are forced to use new tactics. They send Gary Barwick rigged with a camera into a pub to meet one of Smiler's men to find out when McCarthy will be taking the fake money. Instead Gary gets drunk and fails. Ferrino angrily storms into the pub and demands the info off the guy at gunpoint. With the information acquired the Good Guys wait outside Smiler McCarthy's house. When no one turns up Ferrino goes mad and goes and takes McCarthy at gunpoint. When Beach goes to talk to him Ferrino takes him hostage too. The Good Guys try to negotiate with Ferrino for Beach's release and even send over a drugged Pizza, which Beach ends up eating. Things are later resolved when they discover Ferrino's gun is empty. Ferrino is taken away whilst McCarthy sues the police.moreless
    • Holiday
      Episode 4
      After the problems of the last couple of weeks and everything that has happened, Beach decides to give the Good Guys the day off to recoup. De Sade and the ART decide to give Mark Kemp some training in armed policing. Kim Finch goes out on the pull with her friends and ends up getting arrested. Bones spends most of the day waiting to see a doctor about what turns out to be a double hernia. Gary goes home to deal with his domestic problems with his wife only to get thrown out and find she's killed his fish. Strings goes home to relax and play his guitar and ends up having the police round to charge him with disturbing the peace. Beach and Ash meanwhile decide to have a day out on the town together to take their mind off work and all the stress of Operation Good Guys. Of all the Good Guys de Sade is the most reluctant to let the film crew come home with him. When they later turn up un-announced they find de Sade, Mark and a couple of girls involved in some kinky sex games.moreless
    • Safe as Houses
      Safe as Houses
      Episode 5
      Funding for Operation Good Guys hits an all time low. Things are so desperate that the electricity has been cut off at the office. Meanwhile a key witness on Smiler McCarthy has decided to come forward and expose McCarthy on national TV in exchange for police protection. The witness is none other than Mad Frankie Frazer. The Good Guys take him to a safe house or to be more accurate, Kim Finch's house, as they can't get a proper safe house. However his arrival is not much of a secret when the Good Guys put on a welcome party for him. Then later Mark brings his family round to meet Frankie despite the fact no one must know he's there. Back at the office meanwhile Ash is trying in vain to get the electricity going with a portable generator in time for the broadcast. Kim is getting more irritated by the Good Guys constant presence in her house especially because Strings keeps putting his feet on her sofa and Bones keeps blocking up the toilet. This also angers Frankie when Bones offers him a sandwich after he's had his hand down the toilet. A further breach of security occurs when Gary's wife turns up accusing Gary of having an affair with Kim (which he has been but he doesn't admit). The day of the broadcast arrives and power at the office is still down. The crew use their own generator to light Frankie so only his silhouette can be seen. Disaster strikes when during Frankie's live broadcast Ash finally gets the other generator going at last and the main power in the office comes back on and reveals Frankie to the nation and Smiler McCarthy.moreless
    • Open Day
      Open Day
      Episode 6
      In an attempt to persuade the Commissioner to give Operation Good Guys more funding Beach organises an Open Day at the office and enlists Christopher Biggins to help them. Biggins puts together a musical performance by Roy Leyton and Kim Finch (although Strings tries to interfere). Strings meanwhile organises a display of de Sade's Armed Response team by staging a fake hold up where he takes Gary and Kim hostage and de Sade and his team step in to save the day. Ash sets up a Smiler McCarthy shire where you throw balls at little cut outs of Smiler McCarthy. Beach and Ash them make cakes for the Open Day and Beach gives a Keith Floyd-like demonstration on how to make a prefect Fairy Cake. Everything seems to be going well until Mark decides to do a display of dog handling with his uncle's (the commissioner's) dog Sherlock. He enlists Bones to help him. Whilst Mark is all for keeping the display simple Bones wants it to be spectacular. They decide to try leaping through a flaming hoop. Unfortunately Sherlock catches on fire and is killed. The Open Day arrives and the Commissioner has a great time he wins a prize on the Smiler McCarthy shire (Sherlock wrapped in black sack) and enjoys the display by de Sade and the ART (despite Gary's wife turning up begging him to come home). Later however, Beach gets a call from the Commissioner. He's NOT happy.moreless
    • Sylvia La Plage
      Sylvia La Plage
      Episode 7
      The funds have gone, the Commissioner has refused to give them further funding. Operation Good Guys has been cancelled. Beach is devastated and at first refuses to accept it. Meanwhile the answer of the dwindling funds is answered when a postcard arrives from Spain. It's from Roy Leyton. He's taken all the funds from Operation Good Guys and done a runner. All the Good Guys are furious. Also Gary is still having problems with his wife whom he has promised Kim he will leave. Beach gives the Good Guys their final debriefing and invites them all out for a drink later. He tells them he has taught them all to be honest with one another and tonight he intends to be fully honest with them. At the Pub that night the Good Guys wait for Beach to arrive when Ash announces the entertainment for the evening, Sylvia la Plage. Out steps a large blonde lady who turns out to be none other than Beach himself - Beach is a cross dresser and he has decided to come clean and be honest about it. He and Ray do a couple of songs together and Beach does some himself. Meanwhile Gary's wife turns up and begins talking about her and Gary's future together. Kim is furious. Gary is forced to admit he has no intention to leave his wife and Kim is forced to admit she's pregnant. Operation Good Guys itself might be over but the Good Guys will return....moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3