Operation Petticoat

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • This show was given a bad rap, so I was surprised when I saw an episode and actually found it funny.

    I could have done without the constant bleeping whenever the engineer cursed, but other than that the show had potential.

    I found it pretty funny. I\'ve only seen a few episodes from the second season, but what I saw was pretty good. I don\'t think it could hold water today (no pun intended), but it had a nice cast and some good lines.

    One of my favorite episodes involved the Japanese pilot who is put into the torpedo tube, which had been made into an iron lung. The Captain sees a Japanese ship approaching, and he orders the crew to fire a torpedo. When he is reminded that the Japanese prisoner is in the tube with the line, \"unless you want to fire the pilot, sir....\" The Captain bursts into laughter. It\'s just hard to describe the scene, but it looked spontaneous. He jokes, \"Fire the pilot.\" I thought it was a funny moment.