Operation Repo

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Operation Repo

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This show follows a highly-trained team in the San Fernando Valley as they give us an inside look at the business behind auto repossession.

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  • Scripted SHow

    This show is scripted. It is re enactments. Watch the disclaimer at the start of the show.
  • Don't forget the keys

    You idiots are constantly leaving the keys in the tow truck and that is why you all get locked out or they take their cars back. Why don't you take your keys with you when you get out. We love your show but man use the brain God gave you.
  • Op Repo has lousy acting

    I want to comment on this so called bounty hunter Rusty) that Lou supposedly brought in. The episode last night was the absolutely worst acting I have ever seen. First of all, a bounty hunter is NOT ALLOWED to carry a gun so we know that was fake and secondly, it was the worst acting I have ever seen. Having a bounty hunter going on a supposed repo, NOT...and Sonia needs make-up lessons. She looks like a clown. The only 2 I like now are Matt & Froy. This show is getting too far fetched and we all know that repos don't go down in that manner 99.9% of the time. you might have an irate person but rarely is there vilolence. I have never missed an episode but ever since Matt was arrested in Mexica when He & Froy went on their own, there have been lousy actors on the show. It used to be somewhat believable. Just sayi..Thanks, Karen Connollymoreless
  • The whole team is disgusting but Sonia is the most.

    Forget about everything else, does this woman called Sonia think she looks like a decent human being? I have never seen as disgusting woman as she is a low class act.
  • im looking at it.....

    looking at is and all i can say is damn shes fat i mean really really really fat like damn sit ups run some eat right thats it come on i feel sorry for the other guy that used to date her i mean i know he ca do better WAY WAY WAAAAYYY better shit i could hook him up wit a girl thats freakin god compared ta the way that thing looks like i mean wow .... did he need a car jack to get in it .... maybe she lifted the second tummy for him ???? i mean eewwwwmoreless
  • Season 11 Finale
    Let's start up these forums :) What exactly did they mean by saying that "your boy's a con man" or something like that after the ...

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