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  • They take it too far


    There have been episodes where Sonia got in physical fights with people when it's completely uncalled for. There was one episode where she said "Maybe I shouldn't have put her in achoke hold, but she was getting on my nerves." That's not considered self defense, and that's the only time it's legal. Nobody is above the law.

    More recently, people were standing in front of a car that was repossessed, and Lyndah just tried running them over. Also illegal, even if it's self defense.

    Matt flipped a BMW back in 2008 and got fired for it. Why is he not in jail for it? Why does he have his job back now?

    They could just do the show at night and get the job done easily, avoid the angry people, and this review wouldn't exist. "But some cars we can't repossess with our truck." That's why flatbeds exist. "It would damage the transmission." If they didn't make the payments, they deserve it.