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  • you have got to be kidding

    They're all candidates for "The Biggest Loser" in every sense. I'd rather watch paint dry. It's one of the most idiotic shows to date. I can't believe people watch it and believe it's true. Another shitty show in a long list of so called reality tv shows.
  • Matt you thing your tough

    Matt you think your tough going around taking people shit and getting paid for it I would like to see you try and come to new Zealand and do it here you white trash mother fucker kiss my ass Matt bringing your gang and I will bring mine and we settle this on the streets you white piece of shit kunt mother fucker
  • Bunkum, I don't believe them!

    At first I thought yeah ok, but the more I watch the show the less I believe them! I just watched an episode where the Mexican repo bloke gets cut with a broken bottle but the shirt isn't cut? there is what appears to be blood but the shirt is in tact! and he say's just give me the keys and I won't call the cop's? Then in the same episode Old mate with the bald head gets stabbed in the leg with a hypodermic needle when trying to repo a van that delivers medical supplies, But African American old mate, picks him up and loads him into the truck, he calls the office and saying he's going to take hi, to the hospital? If it really happened wouldn't he call 911? or wouldn't he at least be driving faster? I say to the operation repo team, Bar Humbug! I was only ever an extra and I act better when I'm asleep!
  • is this for real?

    is this for real? is the American government really hiring standover men to go around bashing up threatening and degrading people who are 10 times smaller then them? taking their possessions for a profit when they're doin it hard? I mean if this was in Australia I would know this show was full of shit, cause if a stand over team turned up bashing on little people they would not make it back out of town, but this show is in America and it seems the smaller the people are the tougher the repo team gets and the little guy gets bashed more, but the bigger the guy is, and the less chance the repo team has of bashing him up, the louder the repo team squeals for the police to help them. I just find it hard to understand that a repo team can go around bashing up little people with the protection of the police and make a tv show about it.
  • Scripted SHow

    This show is scripted. It is re enactments. Watch the disclaimer at the start of the show.
  • Don't forget the keys

    You idiots are constantly leaving the keys in the tow truck and that is why you all get locked out or they take their cars back. Why don't you take your keys with you when you get out. We love your show but man use the brain God gave you.
  • Op Repo has lousy acting

    I want to comment on this so called bounty hunter Rusty) that Lou supposedly brought in. The episode last night was the absolutely worst acting I have ever seen. First of all, a bounty hunter is NOT ALLOWED to carry a gun so we know that was fake and secondly, it was the worst acting I have ever seen. Having a bounty hunter going on a supposed repo, NOT...and Sonia needs make-up lessons. She looks like a clown. The only 2 I like now are Matt & Froy. This show is getting too far fetched and we all know that repos don't go down in that manner 99.9% of the time. you might have an irate person but rarely is there vilolence. I have never missed an episode but ever since Matt was arrested in Mexica when He & Froy went on their own, there have been lousy actors on the show. It used to be somewhat believable. Just sayi..Thanks, Karen Connolly
  • The whole team is disgusting but Sonia is the most.

    Forget about everything else, does this woman called Sonia think she looks like a decent human being? I have never seen as disgusting woman as she is a low class act.
  • im looking at it.....

    looking at is and all i can say is damn shes fat i mean really really really fat like damn sit ups run some eat right thats it come on i feel sorry for the other guy that used to date her i mean i know he ca do better WAY WAY WAAAAYYY better shit i could hook him up wit a girl thats freakin god compared ta the way that thing looks like i mean wow .... did he need a car jack to get in it .... maybe she lifted the second tummy for him ???? i mean eewwww
  • operation Repo

    This show absolutely sucks, watched a couple of shows just to confirm my first impression of Sonja, absolutely the most disgusting woman alive and just when I thought she couldn't get worse, she did. She just hasn't put her hoofs on the right person, bc when that happens she'll get her a$$ stomped. lol
  • Tru Tv = Fake Tv?

    I cannot stand this show, I think that Matt is a stuck up little..... and is a perfect example of roid rage. Its quite obvious this show is fake like almost all the other reality shows on tru tv. Lets see the way that these guys fight all the time is not deffense its complete fighting so if this was really happening they would probably be out of business. I think the whole family are jerks and take everything way too far, the only one I like is Froy. Thats another thing, the reason they act like so is because it creates "drama."
  • They take it too far


    There have been episodes where Sonia got in physical fights with people when it's completely uncalled for. There was one episode where she said "Maybe I shouldn't have put her in achoke hold, but she was getting on my nerves." That's not considered self defense, and that's the only time it's legal. Nobody is above the law.

    More recently, people were standing in front of a car that was repossessed, and Lyndah just tried running them over. Also illegal, even if it's self defense.

    Matt flipped a BMW back in 2008 and got fired for it. Why is he not in jail for it? Why does he have his job back now?

    They could just do the show at night and get the job done easily, avoid the angry people, and this review wouldn't exist. "But some cars we can't repossess with our truck." That's why flatbeds exist. "It would damage the transmission." If they didn't make the payments, they deserve it.

  • This show is great and i love it.

    This show is unpredictable and can be funny at times and it is a show about people who reposes cars and the people get all worked up because they say that they paid it off but then they do something stupid but it is still a cool show and it is not for kids because it can cuss a lot. One of the dislikes to this show is that it is all just acting and nothing is real about it but I ain't hating on this show because I watch it every day and i love it especially the big buff dude that kicks everyones a$$
    and this is my first reveiw and tell me how I did and don't forget to read my brothers reveiws too hes tigerdude22.
  • Ya know its so funny how ppl on here wanna bash this show when they have no clue how hard it is to deal with deadbeat ppl in sociaty... Pay your bills and you wont have the problem of getting your car towed! Brilliant sugesstion huh?

    I really respect the work these ppl do on a daly basis. I think ppl need to take into accout how dangerouse this type of work really is. But for the show I enjoy watching a show thats not scripted and its real! All the bashing that I see on here must be someone who's just like the ppl on there that can't afford to make there car payment... really? Who is anyone to judge these people for doing there job? I love how there respectful and only when there givin a hard time is when things are handeled!Love it!
  • This show is horrible!

    So so so so so fake ... and has really really really bad acting. Tru TV sucks major balls (except when they play cops).

    The fat chick really gets on my nerves. . . ..I hope this show gets canceled A S A P! Reality TV is bad enough . . .but when it is FAKE, it reaches a whole new level of crappy - ness.

    REALLY? Why would anyone ever watch this show on a normal basis ?

    Anyway, I gave it a 1 star rating because is is an abysmal excuse for a TV show.

    May the force be with you.

  • So what's to hate?

    Operation Repo may have been blasted by many a "critic", but to me it is 1 of the better Reality TV series that are currently on TV, especially the TruTV Channel.

    For those not in the know, Operation Repo follows the day-to-day adventures (for lack of a better term) of a family-run auto reposession outfit in Los Angeles. Basically, it's just a look at what entails when a vehicle, no matter what size or type is being reposessed because the owner has failed to keep up with their payments toward said vehicle. Sometimes, their missions can be tinged with humor while other times they face danger.

    So regardless of what some people might think of Operation Repo, i'd rather see people get their cars repo'd that skeletal models, time-wasting talent searches or any other brainrot that passes for "Reality TV"!
  • Bad acting much?

    I have to wonder if this show is done with actors? I know most reality shows do have scripts, but they're still somewhat real. Watching some of the episodes I get the feeling of "Wow, he's a really bad actor." (I'm mostly referring to Frankie.) Not only that but the people on this show and DTBH are very similar lol. Otherwise, I think this show can be incredibly funny at times, I am the former co-owner of a car lot so I know all about repossessing vehicles. LOL. Nonetheless if there is nothing better on it's good to watch.
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