Operation Repo - Season 10

truTV (ended 2014)


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Episode Guide

  • Roll the Dice
    Episode 26
    When Ronnie takes the fall for losing their previous repo, Carlos tries to make amends. Lou and Carlos go after an airport shuttle, but have to contend with angry passengers who are less than thrilled about missing their flights. And a final repo goes terribly wrong when a professional gambler gives chase and his bodyguards drag Lou and Ronnie into a violent shootout. Will it all go south before Carlos is able to make things right?moreless
  • A Vengeful Streak
    Episode 25
    After being denied a raise, Carlos goes after Ronnie's reputation in a vengeful act of spite. Matt and Ronnie repo a Porsche from a maniac whose drastic approach to save his car sends Matt running for the hills, and when an unexpected guest arrives at Ronnie and Froy's repo they're scrambling to uncover her true identity. And when Carlos and Ronnie come face to face on a final repo, will their personal problems result in a catastrophic loss??moreless
  • 11/28/12
    Ronnie's gotten a raise and a promotion, and Carlos's jealousy sends him looking for more appreciation.? But when his quest for glory goes wrong, will it turn the entire team against him?? Matt and Sonia wrangle with a small business owner with some violent cargo in the back of his truck, Sonia and Froy have some hard lessons for a bratty hipster, and Froy and Carlos get in too deep with a dockworker who will destroy anything and anyone who messes with his car.moreless
  • Smut Campaign
    Episode 23
    After Ronnie suffers a near-fatal wound during an attack on the lot, he reconsiders his role in the repo business. Ronnie and Carlos try to wrestle a truck away from a storage locker auctioneer, Sonia and Ronnie try to outwit a fast-talking politician, and the repo team learns that everybody has something to hide. Will Lou be able to keep Ronnie from walking away, or will this be his final hour?moreless
  • Revenge Gone Wrong
    Episode 22
    When Matt almost gets run down by a posse of graffiti-packing gangsters, he sets into motion a plan of revenge against Lyndah. Ronnie and Carlos use their powers to tame a wild voodoo priest, and Lou and Froy are held hostage in violent robbery, but things go from bad to worse when the cops arrive. Later, when Matt's plan takes a violent turn, will the consequences be worse than he ever imagined?moreless
  • Suspicious Packages
    Episode 21
    Sonia and Froy repo a hummer from a bachelorette who is down to party, but when the cops arrive it's the repo team who is in for a shock.?After learning of their jobs on the side, Lou lays some ground rules for Matt and Froy, but Lyndah is outraged. And when things become explosive on a repo with a violent ex-con, Ronnie is nearly killed, but is there someone else to blame?moreless
  • First Class Clown
    Episode 20
    Matt and Froy are sent on a wild goose chase around L.A for a mini-van, and when they find their debtor selling contraband out of the trunk Matt is further convinced that Lyndah has been scheming against him. Sonia and Carlos repo a car from an airline pilot who is a little too tipsy to drive, let alone fly. And Lou and Sonia go after a sewage truck in a repo that stinks to high heavens.moreless
  • M.I.A. & D.E.A
    Episode 19
    When Matt and Froy go missing, Sonia is on a mission to figure out what they've got up their sleeves. Lou lets Carlos take the lead on a repo for a water truck, but when tempers flare out of control Lou has big regrets. Will Ronnie and Carlos uncover Matt and Froy's big secret, or will a borderline-legal repo that ends in a drug bust make it too late for the boys to come clean?moreless
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    Matt and Froy take on a grungy fisherman, but when he isn't afraid to damage his own boat, Froy is the one who is sinking fast. Later, Lyndah and Sonia confront a naughty nurse, and Froy Jr. tries to make things right with Lou after the break-in. But when Lou and Sonia take on the thieves for a second time, will Froy Jr. take the fall?moreless
  • Russian Roulette
    Episode 17
    Matt and Sonia take on an award winning fencing coach, but all bets are off when his students go on the offensive with real swords. A break-in at the yard rocks Lou's trust when it looks like it may have been an inside job, and when a violent Russian criminal attempts a quick get-away from Matt and Froy, it's the camera crew who risks life and limb.?moreless
  • 10/3/12
    Sonia returns, but not before putting the team on probation and laying some ground rules. Sonia and Ronnie go after a club promoter's truck, but she is suddenly the main event when forced to take down jello wrestling babes for the keys. Later, Froy calls 911 after a drug dealer's syringe sticks Sonia, and a repo goes over the edge when a trainer gets physical and his car gets destroyed.moreless
  • 9/25/12
    Lou heads to a suburb to take back a Mustang late on the payments. What he receives when he arrives at the site is a flaming cocktail bomb, thrown as he leaves the parking lot by the car's owner. While in the local hospital's burn unit, Lou starts to realize how much he cares for Sonia.moreless
  • Episode 1014
    Episode 14
    "From luxury boats and planes to expensive sports cars and tricked-out trucks, if you can\'t make your payments, the Operation Repo team will find you! When it comes to recovering property from deadbeat owners, Lou, Sonia, Matt, Froy and Lyndah will stop at nothing to get the job done.
  • Gypsy Games
    Episode 13
    "Gypsy Games" from the Tru TV series "Operation Repo" demonstrates the challenging lives of repossessing luxury goods from debtors. This episode highlights the infighting within the repo teams when Rusty wastes Sonia and Ronnie's time on a pointless chase, which finally forces Sonia to make an ultimatum to the owner, Lou.moreless
  • Up in Flames
    Episode 12
    "A jazz musician sets off Sonia and punches are thrown as Ronnie tries to manage the mayhem, and Matt and Sonia wrestle to bring deluded actors back to reality. Then Matt and Froy repo from a disgruntled prop master who uses his pyrotechnic skills as a ploy to keep his car, but when his explosives land in Rusty\'s hands will the entire office go up in flames?moreless
  • Episode 11
    Episode 11
    Gypsy Barbeque is episode 11 from season 10 of the truTV reality series Operation Repo. This episode originally aired on August 15, 2012 and featured the further adventures of Matt and Froy. Collecting a car from a man attending an anger management meeting proves difficult and dangerous for Froy and Matt takes a medically induced nap while trying to repossess a medical supply van.moreless
  • The Gypsy Hunter
    Episode 10
    The Gypsy Hunter, from the show Operation Repo, is an Americano television series that follows determined debt collectors and vehicle repossession agents. During episode 10 Lou is recovering from a previous shoot out and seeks revenge. Rusty 'The Gypsy Hunter' is introduced to the team and despite their troubled history Matt and Carlos try to work together.moreless
  • Revenge
    Episode 9
    Many of the pickups get chaotic as the Operation Repo team has to do a pickup at a car wash and deal with tipsy customers. Matt and Froy also plan out their revenge on their buddies Ronnie and Carlos. Later, the company has to deal with a mad debtor, who has had his vehicle towed and is looking for a fight.moreless
  • Knife Week
    Episode 8
    Matt and Froy head to Texas to clear Froy's name, but things take a turn for the worse and Froy finds himself in more trouble than he can handle. Back in LA, Lou and Lyndah repo a car from a deceptive charity worker, and Lou is left to protect the girls from two knife wielding debtors who will go to any lengths to keep their vehicles.moreless
  • 7/17/12
    Doggin' and Draggin' is episode 7 from season 10 of truTV's reality series Operation Repo. The episode originally aired on July 18, 2012 and features appearances from Froy, Matt, Carlos and Ronnie. In this episode Carlos and Ronnie search for a hidden vehicle, practical jokes within the team end with possible legal ramifications, and things heat up when the team deals with a hot dog vendor.moreless
  • Insane Clown Posse
    Episode 6
    "Insane Clown Posse" from the Tru TV show "Operation Repo" has Froy and Matt wrangling with some angry clowns when they try to repossess a bouncy castle, while Ronnie and Carlos try to take credit for the work. Meanwhile, Lou and Sonia lose patience with a debtor who tries to use his eco-friendly work as leverage.moreless
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  • Traffic Jammin'
    Episode 4
    From luxury boats and planes to expensive sports cars and tricked-out trucks, if you can't make your payments, the Operation Repo team will find you! When it comes to recovering property from deadbeat owners, Lou, Sonia, Matt, Froy and Lyndah will stop at nothing to get the job done.
  • Deep Dish Disaster
    Episode 3
    Matt and Sonia try to outsmart a pizza delivery guy, but the joke is on them when Matt is forced to call in his mom as back-up. After Matt and Carlos almost come to blows, Matt takes his aggression out on a debtor and her bratty children, but does he cross the line? And finally, Lyndah and Froy narrowly escape a nun-chuck slinging body guard, but when he shows up at the yard Carlos loses control defending their turf.moreless
  • 6/5/12
    Lou plans an elaborate sting operation to infiltrate a cult, but everything goes awry when the new guys aren't prepared and Matt is left picking up the pieces. When Lyndah takes over the office Sonia heads out with Matt to repo a car from a debtor who turns out to be blind, but that isn't the only surprise waiting for them. And Ronnie joins Froy on a shopping cart truck repo, but Ronnie's inexperience becomes his downfall as chaos erupts and he loses control.moreless
  • Monumental Changes
    Episode 1
    On this premiere of Operation Repo's brand new season, Lou takes his new guys on their very first repo, but when the debtors attack with chainsaws Ronnie and Carlos are left to fend for themselves. Matt and Froy get taken for a ride when a driving school instructor convinces his student to give chase, and Lou and Sonia fend off a debtor who is armed with medicine balls and deadly aim. Then, Lou rallies the team together to introduce Ronnie and Carlos, but he has even bigger changes to announce that will jeopardize life as they know it.moreless