Operation Repo - Season 6

truTV (ended 2014)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 613
    Episode 613
    Episode 13
    First, Lou and Matt have to deal with a big-time player and his gang of bodyguards when they repo his car from a Brazilian restaurant. Later, Sonia and Lyndah a debtor at a yard sale when they repo her car that wasn't originally up for sale. Finally, the entire team is needed when several ATV's need to be taken from a gang of knife-wielding beach goers.moreless
  • Episode 612
    Episode 612
    Episode 12
    First, Matt and Froy break several ethics in their job when they repo a car by actually stealing it. Later, Sonia and Matt find a van up for repo that is investigating a highly toxic solution. Finally, Matt disguises himself as a valet to repo a car from a diner and his date.moreless
  • Episode 611
    Episode 611
    Episode 11
    First, Matt, Froy, and Lou have to repo a car from a woman whose boyfriend has a history for beating up repo agents. Later, Lou and Matt put a hold on an international tour when they repo the tour bus. Finally, Sonia and Froy interrupt the promotion of an energy drink when they repo the marketing truck.moreless
  • Episode 610
    Episode 610
    Episode 10
    First, Lou and Froy repo a vehicle in a dangerous part of town and someone will get a hit right in the face. Later, Sonia and Lyndah disturb a tennis match to repo a vehicle. Finally, Matt and Froy have to deal with a movie director that is angry when the repo crew interrupts his movie.moreless
  • Episode 609
    Episode 609
    Episode 9
    First, Sonia and Matt find a truck up for repo that is being used for more than just driving. Later, Lou and Sonia repo a catering van that was on its way to deliver food. Finally, Froy, Lyndah, and Matt find themselves in the middle of a gang dispute when they attempt to repo a lowrider from gang territory.moreless
  • Episode 608
    Episode 608
    Episode 8
    First, Matt, Lou, and Lyndah attempt to repo a car and the owner decides to throw a few punches at everyone. Later, Matt and Lou are placed in danger when the vehicle they need to repo is filled with bees. Finally, Sonia and Froy repo a truck that is being used in a radio broadcast stunt.moreless
  • Episode 607
    Episode 607
    Episode 7
    First, Sonia and Lyndah try to end a driving test when they repo the car that the student is using. Later, Lou, Matt, and Froy find themselves handling more than they bargained for when they come upon an import/export deal at the docks. Finally, Lou and Matt find themselves in the crossfire when a debtor decides to set off some heavy weaponry that's in the trunk of his car.moreless
  • Episode 606
    Episode 606
    Episode 6
    First, Matt and Froy repo a vehicle while the man is inside getting a tattoo. Later, Sonia and Lyndah are in an uncomfortable situation when they find a couple engaging in role playing while they repo their car. Finally, Lou and Matt are in the middle of a gang of hockey players while they repo their car.moreless
  • Episode 605
    Episode 605
    Episode 5
    First, Matt and Froy come in the middle of a comedian's practice to repo his car. Later, Lyndah and Sonia sabotage a paparazzi's picture when they have to repo his car. Finally, Lou and Matt have to repo a van from a marching band on their way to a convention and find out they really have no talent.moreless
  • Episode 604
    Episode 604
    Episode 4
    First, Sonia and Froy get a tip about a car up for repo, but they wind up in the middle of a fight between two drunk girls. Later, a croquet party is stopped when Matt and Lou repossess the car of the players. Finally, Matt and Sonia repo a stolen limousine from a parking garage and find a group of partiers are still in the back.moreless
  • Episode 603
    Episode 603
    Episode 3
    First, Sonia and Froy travel into a bikini shoot to repossess a car from a European photographer. Later, Lou and Matt come upon a lover's quarrel when they repo their car. Finally, Lyndah and Sonia are covered in coffee after they repo a car from a waitress.
  • Episode 602
    Episode 602
    Episode 2
    First, Froy and Sonia track down a car outside of state lines and confront a mad cowboy and his female sidekick. Later, Matt and Sonia repo a car from a delusional nerd that thinks they are all in an imaginary world. Finally, Lou and Lyndah almost lose their heads when they repo a car from a man with a chainsaw.moreless
  • Episode 601
    Episode 601
    Episode 1
    First, Matt and Froy repossess a car from a man, and then find out that his long-distance girlfriend is visiting and in a rage. Later, Lou, Lyndah, and Matt travel to a trailer park to find a drunk debtor that has a bad attitude. Finally, Sonia and Lyndah arrive at a yoga instructor's house to repo her car in the cover of the night.moreless