Operation Repo - Season 7

truTV (ended 2014)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 713
    Episode 713
    Episode 13
    First, Lyndah and Matt deal with a debtor that is quick to pull out a knife of the team. Later, Lou and Lyndah crash a seaside party to repo a motorboat from some youths. Finally, Lou, Froy, and Sonia arrive at the dirt track to repo a car. The owner is compliant, but the monster truck-driving brother is the one that the team ends up having a problem with.moreless
  • Episode 712
    Episode 712
    Episode 12
    First, Sonia and Lyndah repo a hot tub from a group of partiers. Later, Lou and Matt have to negotiate with enraged parade floaters. Finally, Lou and Lyndah try to repo a car from the real grumpy old men.
  • Episode 711
    Episode 711
    Episode 11
    First, Lou and Lyndah attempt to retrieve keys from a group of drunken outdoorsmen. Later, Froy and Lyndah repo a vehicle from a guitarist that plays not so nice tunes. Finally, Froy and Sonia bite off more than they are able to chew when they attempt to repo a SUV from a gang of former football players.moreless
  • Episode 710
    Episode 710
    Episode 10
    First, Lou and Lyndah repo a riding mower from a housewife and her husband that can't keep his hands to himself. Later, Sonia and Matt repo a car on one of the hottest afternoons from geriatric debtors. Finally, Sonia and Lyndah are left speechless when they find an embarrassing secret in the backseat of the repossessed vehicle.moreless
  • Episode 709
    Episode 709
    Episode 9
    First, Lou and Froy distract a security guard to repo his car, but he catches them and pulls out his pepper spray. Later, Matt and Lou disturb a wedding to repo a car from a DJ, but the DJ turns the partiers on them. Finally, Lou and Froy confront bikers in a back alley and find themselves at the mercy of bats and chains.moreless
  • Episode 708
    Episode 708
    Episode 8
    First, Lou and Matt become players in a scheme perpetrated by a cheating husband with his mistress. Later, Matt and Lou repo a vehicle from a drunken debtor that can't even agree to give his car up freely. Finally, Froy and Sonia attempt to repo a limousine away from the shotgun-wielding driver and two passengers.moreless
  • Episode 707
    Episode 707
    Episode 7
    First, Froy and Sonia repo a truck from an equestrian who risks her life to save her prize in the back seat. Later, Lou and Sonia find themselves in the middle of a dispute between a flower lady and her unhappy client when they repo the flower cart. Finally, Sonia and Froy repo a golf cart from a golfer that thinks he doesn't have to pay his bills.moreless
  • Episode 706
    Episode 706
    Episode 6
    First, Matt and Sonia try to repo a car from cleaver-wielding cooks. Later, Matt and Froy repo a beach-scene-on wheels that is filled with supermodels that aren't happy to give up their ride. Finally, Sonia and Matt become outmatched by armed gang members and their leader.
  • Episode 705
    Episode 705
    Episode 5
    First, Lou and Sonia are in the middle of a marital argument that involves a man, his wife, and an unfaithful yoga instructor. Later, Sonia and Lyndah travel to the fashion district to repo a van from a designer. Finally, Matt and Froy go to a carwash to repo a vehicle from a gang of sorority girls.moreless
  • Episode 704
    Episode 704
    Episode 4
    First, Lou and Froy track an upper class debtor to a fancy restaurant to repo their car. Later, Lyndah and Froy repo a van that contains stolen electronics. Finally, Matt and Froy repo a dune buggy from a gang of off-roaders.
  • Episode 703
    Episode 703
    Episode 3
    First, Lou and Froy pose as reality TV stars to try and repo a dirt bike from an amateur daredevil. Later, Sonia and Matt arrive in the business district to repo a luxury tanning bed. Finally, Lou and Matt set up a sting operation to repo a tow-truck, but their plans might go up in smoke before they even make their move.moreless
  • Episode 702
    Episode 702
    Episode 2
    First, Sonia and Lou repo a car from an angry doctor that Sonia has already run across in the past. Later, a friendly teacher and an assistant principal are close to fighting when the repo team come to take their vehicles. Finally, Lou and Froy repo a van from a minister that turns out not to be so holy after all.moreless
  • Episode 701
    Episode 701
    Episode 1
    First, Matt and Froy find out that the car up for repo is owned by bat wielding gang bangers. Later, Sonia, Matt, and Lyndah have to go undercover at a college to repo a bicycle from an athlete. Finally, the tow truck breaks down after they repo the car and Lou, Matt, and Froy are stuck when a dispute breaks out between neighbors that involves a gun being fired.moreless