Opposite Sex

FOX (ended 2000)





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  • An original idea, unfortunately short-lived

    It has been a very long time since i've heard a thing about this show, let alone seen it. Re-runs aren't even played, and that's very unfortunate.

    The plot is original: Three high school guys transfer into an all-girls school as "pioneers" (in an attempt to make the school co-ed)

    All three of the characters are caught up in much highschool drama, including sex, academics and all the other good and bad things we all remember from highschool. That is definitely one of the show's intrigues, is the fact that anyone from fourteen up can relate to whatever is going on the episode. We all know that some of the weirdest things in life happen in high school.

    What's also great is the fact that this show was one of Milo Ventimiglia's (of "Heroes" fame) first big roles (save a couple of movie credits dating back to the late 90s). It's great if you want to see where the main character of one of the best current shows came from (acting-wise).

    It sure is a pity that this show met an unfortunately quick demise, for it was filled with humour, gorgeous women and often-great plotlines.

    If you get a chance, don't skip it!