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  • Strange

    The show is a little strange for me. There is so much stuff in it that dosent make any sense. Like why people vote??? It give nothing overall... Put someone 24h by himself is NOTHING!

    If people will have vote to change the team or be able to vote someone off for a challenge, that will have been cool, or someone to be in a challenge. That will have make sense for people to vote...

    Also, all except one challenge was physical... Dont talk to me about those little puzzle, they are nothing. Meaning, the biggest badest guy will always win challenge... Why even bother then??? They need to put a lots of mental challenge and lets people choose for a physical or mental challenge.... So that can make a big joe not the best at everything in the game.
  • donna

    I like it but survivor still has my heart!
  • Good show, but not quite there yet . . .

    Love the idea of the show. Just a bit more tweaking and it will rival Big Brother and Survivor.

    Challenges are not quite "challenging" enough and too few of them.

    The host talks too much; asks too many dumb questions.

    Need better way of eliminating players; competitions so far have been lop-sided and predictable.

    Like I said - almost there, but not quite yet.
  • I like it but it needs more challenges !

    So far I watched all the episodes and I like it. However there have too little competition. Its one competition per episode and the rest is just talking, The host asking the same questions again and again. Most of Survivor and Big brother episodes have 2 challenges at least.

    Worst thing is that because the elimination is not based on these guys voting among themselves which makes the talking even more pointless.
  • This show has plenty of potential

    I've enjoyed this show thus far and can't wait to tune in for more. I think this show is the attempt to get all those people who tweeted about Sharknado to watch their channel. I like the dynamic of the audience having partial control but when it comes to elimination the contestants life is in their hands. This gives the villain(a vital part of any reality show) to stay.
  • Impoverished Man's Survivor

    This show has some merit and I don't care about the low budget sets or the cheeky host but there is no way this show gets a 2nd season. It's nice the audience gets to participate, but BECAUSE the audience determines the outcome as much as they do, a lot of the game play dynamics get lost. Add to that there's really nothing for them to do (especially team Epoch, the cavemen) between challenges, it really lacks the intrigue you get from Survivor between immunity challenges.

    The ONLY thing I can pick out from this show I like better than Survivor (other than Frank hucking those tomatoes, Survivor needs those for some challenges) is one side getting to set a matchup. This should however be done in a reward challenge NOT in an immunity one like OW is doing.

    Watch it if you have some time to kill, or don't mind FF through much of the episode (esp. is not close to as good as Survivor, it's not even as good as that wanna-be Survivor they did with Pirates and it isn't even as good as the Syfy show of yesterday, that had those "different" people on, the Witch, the nudist named Avocado, the Vampire guy etc..
  • New and creative!

    I don't know why there is that much of negative comments, but in my opinion it's very entertaining reality show, the idea is different, jealousy is a dangerous weapon here! it can get better, but it's just the first season guy, I find it very good for a first season.

    I give it 9
  • VERY Excited

    I am very excited what's going to happen next because its just so excited who's going to win 100,000$ and very excited if the past and the future groups are going be focus on taking care of their team members and helping each other out. I know this battle/game is going to be very scary as well as exciting as well. I wish the past and the future would have a great time while facing the challenges as you guys go through the game as well. Be BRAVE!!!!!!
  • it was are right

    the cave man days had meat to not just fruits and veggies plus two people got hurt there needs to be more penalties for people who don't flow the rules right now I wouldn't recommend it to friends yet