Oprah Presents Master Class

Sunday 10:00 PM on OWN Premiered Jan 01, 2011 In Season


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  • Review of Oprah's Master Class: Part 1

    "I never thought my life would be like this." – Oprah

    Everybody has a story…and lessons to teach. This week, Oprah tells her own story on her OWN Master Class. In part one of this series with Oprah, we get to hear her story along with her divine lessons. Each part of her story is like Oprah reaching out and teaching us what we most need to learn. For us, her viewers – her students – we listen carefully, taking away what we most need to take away. This is Oprah's Master Class…

    "These years with you, our viewers, have enriched my life beyond measure…" Oprah tells us. I wonder if she knows how much she has enriched ours. Do you Oprah? These are notes taken carefully….on what has been learned from this Master Teacher…and from Oprah Winfrey's Master Class.

    Know Yourself…

    ■Embrace your own extraordinary story – "The fact that I could be born at that time and now do what I do, am who I am, and live where I live is the most extraordinary story," Oprah says. "The chances of coming out of Mississippi in 1954…" Oprah starts. The most racist state in the United States…no regard for your humanity…didn't even think you were human." Know and embrace YOUR OWN story…and feel your extraordinary-ness.
    ■Listen to your voices – "Who I am was defined for me at a very early age. At four…watching my grandmother boiling clothes…hanging clothes….we had no running water or electricity." Oprah says she remember her grandmother talking with a mouth full of clothespins saying, "Oprah Gayle, you'd better watch me now because one day you are going to have to do this for yourself," and a voice inside her saying, "No grandma ma…I know that this will not be my life." Oprah tells us, "Their dream for me was that I would be like them – my grandmother, mother and aunts were maids" and that I would find some "good white folks…" to work for. MORE over at thedailyOWN.com