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  • Just giving for that million dollars?

    This is an okay show I guess. What I like about this show is that it can influence people to give, give, and give. Here are some of the things I like about the show.
    -I loved how the contestants compete without knowing that there will be any surprise at the end. -I loved the see how they raised the money and their creativity.
    - How much work they put into it.

    Here are some of the things that I think isn't good about the show:
    - People would want a reward for giving.
    - You should naturally give.

    Overall, an okay show. Just like any other show from Oprah Winfrey.
  • Strange concept, but somehow very captivating.

    At first, when I heard about this show, I thought it wouldn't be very good. But, then I watched it, and even though it's kind of stupid that they're competing through giving, I love to see the reactions on the faces of these people when they get something. Just earlier tonight, I watched an episode for the second time, and I got a thrill out of it. They were able to grant the wish of playing in Carnegie Hall to a woman who's terminally ill and pay off the mortgage of an unhappy family with a father suffering from cancer. It also projects a good idea, and it's about time that television shows some good news happening.
  • Its one of the best shows I have ever watched!

    I love the show the cast and everything about the show I love how Oprah is always behind things like this! I just love it I never miss the show and maybe one day I will get the chance of being on it or getting some of the big give showed my way! I so feel all these peoples problems and feelings about people never getting anything handed to them! These people are really shocked and you can tell that they feel it from there hearts when the get these gifts from the givers it just really touches my heart and if I was in a position where I could give it forward I would love to but as of now I'm not but some day some where there will be someone and I will as they say PAY IT FORWARD!
  • You like it or not this show should inspire everybody to help each other.

    OK Folks. Some of you may have not liked the concept of this show. Yes me too, I don't like it, if the contestants are not nice to each other. Yes, I don't like all the decisions of the judges, but in which show you do. For me giving big or small is the same worth. If you have watched episode 103, you might have seen the shining eyes of the children, when they were receiving their christmas presents. And I think this is what is all about in this show; to make us think about helping each other.
    So thank you Big Give! Thank You, Oprah.
  • Has far as I am concern I feel the wrong one was sent home if you start out leaving half team back in the dark you will have arguements. I found the one left on the show was very rude cutting people off. Nothing gets done properly I feel their was .

    I feel their was discrimation going on last night . Because even the young man on that team was shock on who was sent home review your tapes . Her comment is she felt she did everything on the show last night was discussing . I thought the work last night was to be a team player. Not a one person show lack of communitcation on anyones part.
    I have watch this show sent it started and I believe in the Big Give Ideal my mother & I have been helping give to a special little girl it willbe ten years this Friday.
  • Not sure if i will be watching anymore episodes

    Okay, it started off alright while they were interviewing the contestance, but when it came down to Oprah giving the challange, I was completely lost. So they just get an evenlope with a picture in it??? I think they should have done a beeter job in explaining what show was all about. It seemed like the contestance were getting money left and right from different organizations but $50,000 in five day...yeah right. Thats like me going out and asking some high roller for x amount of money and getting it...it just aint going to happen. Oprah means well I'm sure but its going to have to get better before I start watching it again.
  • Why do they make this a competition? I just don't get it.

    I mean it's great that they give all this money and stuff to needy people but why did this have to be made into a competition? The real title should be The next best Money Giver or something, I ,mean really, what were the creators thinking? What was Oprah thinking? Actually I can believe that Oprah could do this. It's just another way to show how generous she is and how much money she has. This show just makes me sick. It's got three judges just like every other stinking reality show out there, and of course there's an obnoxious British gy.....as always. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. They judge people on how good a giver they were? Sheesh. Change the Channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Oprah! How could you sell your soul like this?!

    This show looked good in the first 10-15 mins when the contestants were introduced as well as the first people they had to help. Then it all came crashing down when I saw the "coming up" preview for the first commercial break. Sorry but there is no way you can combine something inspirational like "EM:HE" with the annoying competitive drama of every other reality tv show in existence.

    Such a shame because I know Oprah means well. She is the ultimate TV icon symbol of giving back to others but now she is turning it into a cruel competition where you are not only judge by how much you give but HOW you give by an actual panel of judges who decides to eliminate someone every week! What a terrible lesson to teach people! Werent we taught that even the smallest gift could make the biggest difference? Cuz this show says that if we dont give big we dont give at all. And to reward the biggest giver with $1 Million?! Thank god theyre keeping that secret from the competitors who I dunno why would go on this show to begin with. Giving shouldnt be about gaining attention. The best giving is when you just give. That is what it should be about, not the attention or the amount, but the fact that the smallest bit of giving means you still care. Oprah shames me with this show. God how I hate reality TV!!!!
  • Just another feather in Oprah's overinflated ego/cap

    Why I even tuned in I have no idea because I can't stand to watch her original talk show. Oprah is out of control. She has developed a serious god complex. Sadly, there are plenty of lemmings out there ready to hurl themselves off the latest of Oprah cliffs. Oprah's Big Give does nothing for tv and nothing for the people it is supposedly helping. Amy Grant couldn't make it work with 3 Wishes. The only thing this show has going for it is that apparently whatever Oprah touches turns to gold. I find it particularly disgusting that a woman who could easily finance these BIG GIVES with her own money is finding corporate sponsors. She isn't really giving anything. It is completely self promoting. If she were to actually make some personal sacrifices, it might actually be a worthy show.
  • I only expect excellence from anything Orpah and Hapro.

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